I honestly don’t know how many people I will reach with this, or how far my voice goes, but any amount that I can help I want to. For those of you that reside in the US, beware. The national guard is being deployed in several cities (Boston and Philidelphia have been specifically named), and they have been cleared to use live ammunition. The police have already been inciting conflicts by being the first to begin firing, attacking, arresting, etc of peaceful protest,*obHsRJxMNv_yYfsxB7oyJw#gid=0 

Please, whatever you do, if you are joining protest tonight or going forward, please be careful. Lives are on the line, and because of that I won’t ask any of you join the protest (though you should show your support in any way that you can). Because lives are on the line however I will be joining the protest in my city from tonight onward. I cannot sit idly by while the people meant to be protecting us completely ignore constitutional, civil, and basic human rights in an attempt to silence us by force. Things have escalated past the point where I am capable of doing so any longer.

If you do decide to join the protest, please come as protected as you can. I’m personally going in a full set of motorcycle gear as well as a full helmet, bringing as much water as I can both to keep people hydrated and help wash peoples eyes in the event of teargas, and bringing along additional battery-packs so I can make sure if anything goes down I can keep it documented. Many people have composed guides on what to bring, what to do, and what to study up on before you join the protest. I urge you to read them. My personal advice is: do not assume safety. In several situations, police have begun opening fire on people attempting to give medical care to those that have been shot or injured.

Let me close by saying again, please be careful out there. There is still a pandemic on the loose, so do what you can to remain healthy as well. Oh! And please, whatever you do, keep the protest peaceful.

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The Forgotten Journey CH.2 The second chapter of my new series just went live on

This release slot was supposed to be for Maou the Yuusha, but things got a bit chaotic around here and it’s prevented me from being able to write. Thankfully I had the second chapter for this already lined up and ready, so I figured I would go ahead and give you guys this instead of making you wait.

Here is hoping you are all staying safe out there, especially with everything going on in the US lately.

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The Forgotten Journey CH.1

The first chapter of my new fantasy Sci-fi series is now live on Neoread at Please go read it, and give me feedback both on Neoread and here. I have put a lot of effort into it, and tried to utilize all that I’ve learnt since starting Maou the Yuusha to make something hopefully quite fresh and polished.


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MTY: Chapter 143

Reluctantly following the summons of the King, I arrive at the specified time. As I walk through the door to the court that I met the King in last time, I am surprised to see some familiar faces.

“What in the world are you doing here?” I ask Juire, who is standing close to a quivering guard with a smug look

“Why else would I be here, but to accept the winnings of my little wager.” He says as he notices me enter and walks away from the guard

The look on the guard’s face is conflicted. He seems to be grateful for what I did, but he clearly doesn’t want to show it.

“I didn’t think he would schedule it for the same day. My understanding is that this ceremony is a public showing. I figured him giving you your prize would be a lot more under the table.” I explain as I scan the room

Several well-dressed people are sitting in various chairs lined up to view the center of the court. From the position we are standing in it is easy to feel as though their gazes are judging us, though I imagine that was the intent of the design. The illusion is somewhat broken however since half of the seats, dotted randomly amongst the crowd, remain empty. I guess calling the entire court during this situation isn’t all that easy.

“Oh, he lost his chance for that already. I waited patiently for quite a while already for him to hand me my bounty behind closed doors. Since he has waited this long he clearly must want to present us our rewards together, wouldn’t you agree?” Juire says with a wicked smile

“You weren’t invited were you?” I ask with a snicker

This really shouldn’t be cheering me up, but something about Juire’s attitude is a bit refreshing.

“What an accusation! Clearly, my invitation simply got lost in the post, after all when I arrived the guards were all too ready to make way for me to enter.” He responded with a chuckle of his own

“Um, Mano-san? Who is your friend here?” Anata says as she slowly approaches us

I’m somewhat surprised to see her here. Both she and the mage from the Yuusha’s party were requested, but she seems to dread interaction with her father even more than I do. With Juire here I can’t tell if that is going to make matters better or worse.

“I guess he’s my plus one? He and your father were betting on who would win the tournament. I don’t think I need to tell you who your father was voting on.” I say jokingly and with a bit of unease

Bringing up the Yuusha around Anata is always a mixed bag, but considering the circumstance, it’s probably unavoidable. Starting things off a bit more lighthearted might soften the blow when her dad inevitably approaches the subject with zero tact.

“So… does that mean your friend here bet on you?” She asks while giving him an odd look

“What can I say? I’ve always been a good gambler.” Juire says with obvious discomfort

Anata seems entirely unaffected by Juire. Even if she shares her father’s skills, she should still seem a bit nervous around him. Does she possess a unique skill?

“Clearly you have a good eye for people! Not only did you see the potential in Mano-san, but you also managed to beat my father in the process!” She says with sparkling eyes

Is it really that rare that someone manages to win over her father? He’s not exactly a genius. I guess he must use the throne as a means to keep people away. You can’t exactly lose a battle you never took part in.

“You, uh, certainly have some interesting friends don’t you?” Juire says as he backs away from her a bit

“Oh, you don’t know the half of it,” I say slightly exasperated as I look around the room

I’m almost glad my party wasn’t invited, even if it was just a petty show of favoritism. I think I have my hands full with just these few loons.

As I am thinking such fanfare begins to play. Does he seriously do that every time he enters the room? I’ve only been here twice and it’s already gotten old.

“Humble champion of the tour- You! What are you doing here?!” The king yells out as he walks into the room and stands in front of his throne

“I’m just here to accept my prize my liege,” Juire says with a smile from ear to ear as he gives a small bow

I wonder if he is going to be lonely once he leaves the capital. I’ve never seen him happier than when he torments the king.

The king seems even more on edge than usual, as this slight provocation already has him turning a deeper shade of red. He makes a visible effort to collect himself before continuing.

sigh “Fine, then we will handle the paperwork for your prize today as well. I suppose the more I can get off my plate the better.” He says as he lowers himself onto his throne

I would commend him on his patience, but the look on his face betrays him. Rather than calming down, he simply looks too tired to remain angry. This entire disaster must have really hit him hard.

“In this time of crisis, we need now more than ever to retrieve the items from the previous Maou’s castle. I had hoped to save much of its spoils to help the Yuusha on his journey, but it seems he has… other priorities to attend to. As the winner of the tournament, you have proven yourself to be able to handle the perils of that dastardly place.” He continues

When I received this summons, I really thought that I would be the most miserable person here, but it seems I was wrong by a long shot.  If you weren’t looking closely you would think that he was being honorable, and living up to his promise. The dead look in his eyes, too tired to fight, but clearly dreading the words coming out of his mouth… I almost pity him.

Confused myself on how to feel about the sight in front of me, I look to Anata. She is frozen. Looking at her father with a look of pure surprise. I would think this would be the best-case scenario for her, but in her confusion I see no joy shining through.

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Neoread Chapter 143

Chapter 143 is now live on Neoread, and will be available May 9th for those that would like to read it on WordPress. For those that would like to read right away please head to:

The new series has hit a small delay since I decided to rewrite one of the earlier chapters in my buffer to accommodate a better idea I had for the series. (I actually wrote up a buffer before I announced it to help make sure I can keep up with the release schedule. It should be a consistent release after the first chapter launches for quite some time.)

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For those of you that would like a more convenient way to read/be updated on my story, or would just like to support me more as an author, please check out my series on They have a really great payment model for writers on their platform, where they not only give a rather generous amount of the ad-revenue to the writers but also a portion of the premium subscriptions each month based on the number of views on their chapters. I am still going to be updating here as normal, but I would greatly appreciate those that would start reading my novel on there as it will help greatly towards me being able to financially focus more on writing.

Along with all of that, I have an exciting new announcement to make! To celebrate my story launching on this new platform I decided to start releasing the fantasy sci-fi story that I have been working on for the past few months. It will be on a two-week schedule just like Maou the Yuusha, but the releases will alternate which week so you guys won’t have to wait as long between chapters. (yes I know I am bad at keeping schedules T.T)

The new series will be launching exclusively on Neoread, so please be on the lookout for “The Forgotten Journey” here soon. I will probably post the first chapter in a few days after I have gone over it once or twice more.



P.S: I’m still working on the new chapter. I’ve got it mostly done, but it will probably need to be a few days before that goes out as well. I will be doing nothing but working and sleeping for the next 3 days so I won’t have any time to work on it.

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MTY: Chapter 142

A few weeks have passed. The time since Anata found me has been… rough. After coming to his senses the Yuusha disappeared in the Chaos. Between the undead wave that devastated much of the city and the Yuusha’s disappearance, residence of the capital’s morale has been horrible. The previously lively streets and markets lay mostly empty, and those that can be seen wandering the streets look tired and afraid.

Even if the news of his disappearance might have been good news for me, I can understand why they would be so upset. If he doesn’t resurface before one year is up, then by everything they have been taught a horrible disaster will befall the world unabated.

“I’m back,” I say as I return to my room in my now near-permanent residence at the inn

“Welcome back! How did the relief efforts go?” Anata ask me as she finishes up brushing Mana’s hair

Anata has been staying with our party since the Yuusha’s disappearance. It seems to have hit her harder than anybody. She also wanted to take part in the disaster relief efforts that our party took up at the request of the guild.

“It went alright. I mostly helped with construction again today. For the most part, we’ve managed to clear up the rubble and tear down the buildings that need to be rebuilt entirely. I don’t know how much help I am going to be once they switch gears to repairs.” I say as I rub my head in frustration

These efforts have basically become a full-time job, and have left very little time for me to focus on growing stronger or to learn more about magic. Even with high stamina, the constant use of magic compounded on the seemingly endless amount of work has been mentally draining. Usually, I wouldn’t be making such a huge detour, but this city coming to ruin was my fault start to finish. I have to… make it right.

“I don’t think you will need to worry about that, while you were gone a royal summons got delivered. My dad has called for your entire party to attend a ceremony tomorrow at the castle.” Anata says with a faint smile

“…I guess it’s time then.” I say as I slump down on the bed

“We can only wait so long for Hark to come back. Even with things left unresolved, it was pretty clear to most people that you had the fight won. If dad doesn’t hand the prize over to you then it will drag the royal family’s name through the mud. If there is one thing he cares about, it’s appearance.” She continues, towards the end of her statement her brushing becomes a bit more aggressive

In spending more time with Anata I’ve learned a few things. The first is that she and her father are not on good terms. She largely joined the Yuusha’s party in the first place as an excuse to get away from him. The second is that she has nearly no claim to the throne. With 6 sisters that are older than her, she is almost inconsequential to the royal family. Talking about it seems to be a bit of a sore subject for her.

“I don’t personally think it matters whether he gives it to us now or later. Either way, we won’t be able to check it out until things have stabilized here.” I say as I try to think ahead to the future

I’m still not safe, not by a long shot, but with the Yuusha out of the picture I might be able to take advantage and gain a head start. Along with the relics and gear we will find at the previous Maou’s castle, there is also the support of the kingdom. If I can get them to think of me as the Yuusha’s stand-in, I might be able to learn more about their hunt for the Maou, and leverage that support to defeat the Yuusha.

“That’s not the case at all!” Anata says as she stops brushing Mana’s hair and turns to look at me

“With the relics inside the Maou’s castle, we should be able to speed up the relief effort by months! I’m sure the royal family would pay you a fortune for them right now!” She nearly pleads while looking at me

She makes a good point, but we have some conflicting interests. Magic items are by no small means a huge tactical advantage in times of conflict from what I’ve learned. Once compounded on the stats of those that fight for a living, even the smallest bonus to strength can raise someone from a danger into a catastrophe. On the other hand, simple items like those used for storage or generation of cheap resources like water can be used to streamline supply lines. Knowingly giving those kinds of things to an enemy I’m almost sure to face would be a huge mistake on my part.

On the other hand, if it would speed up the recovery effort than my obligation to stay here instead of growing stronger would disappear. It would also be unfair of me to make the people currently suffering continue to do so for much longer.

I continue to rub my head in frustration.

“Fine! I’ll go, I’ll go! Not like it was my choice anyway!” I say, finally giving up

There is something that doesn’t sit well in my stomach knowing that I am doing what the king wants. Even outside of being the Maou that just reeks of trouble.

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