MTY: Chapter 138

“What an incredible counter-attack by the Yuusha! This match has life in it yet!” The announcer excitedly comments as the undead flood into the arena

Even if the audience is fooled into thinking this is an attack by the Yuusha, there is no doubt in my mind that the light in the distance is the Wisp I made before. The damnable thing is openly broadcasting that it’s looking for the one that birthed it as well! The Yuusha is at my mercy, but if I don’t stop that thing soon then I will be outed for sure!

As I stand there looking between the two, my heart rate begins to skyrocket. I understand fully that I now have to choose between an inevitable death, and giving up the chance at having a life.

Either the wisp makes me into the enemy of all of humanity or I let the man that will one day kill me go, only to grow even stronger than he already is.

If I were to take care of the wisp here, my chances would be higher than 0%. I would at least have a time before I was outed to try and find a solution. Logically it is the better choice, but having only just witnessed the fearsomeness of this creature that lies helpless before me, it is hard to make the logical choice.

Would I really be able to live like that? Knowing that this nightmare was ever-looming, ever-growing closer? I don’t even know if I will live a year at this rate, the risk of being exposed seems to grow greater by the day.

…One attack, it would take only a moment.

As I look at the Yuusha I can only feel a combination of hatred and fear, something about even this weak appearance makes my very core shake. This feeling of vile disgust feels ready to overwhelm me. I draw back my weapon with resolution.

I will slit his throat with one slice, then rush to handle the wisp! That is the only way!

I grasp my sword hard enough I fear that either the handle or my hand itself might shatter under the pressure, and I swing the blade down with all my might.

BZZzt! “PRINCESS?! Where are you?! We need backup out here!”

As that familiar voice played over the com-stone in my inventory, it felt as though the fog cleared from my head. The sounds that I didn’t even notice going dull around me I could suddenly hear.

The cries of fear ringing out all around me.

“Everyone evacuate! This is not part of the fight, a high-level subjugation target has entered the city! I repeat-” The announcer was desperately trying to empty the arena

The people around me had long noticed that this wasn’t an attack by the Yuusha if I had followed through it would have been simple murder. My opportunity was already gone, the fight was over, and I hadn’t even noticed.

What was that? Was I really so scared of him that I could ignore all of this around me? It simply doesn’t feel…right.


Without another moment of hesitation, I dashed towards the horde at full speed. Why had I wasted so much time thinking about this? Screw being ousted, the others are on the other side of this fighting for their lives! This is my mess to clean up.

“W-what is this?! Contestant Mano is dashing straight into the heart of the storm! Perhaps she can hold them off!” The announcer joyously called out

“What are you cheering her on for you fool! The match is over! Focus on evacuating the citizens!” The king jeered in response

“S-sorry sire, just a habit.” The announcer said back in a small voice

Black lightening” I said calmly as I pointed my sword at the horde

The dark current shot from my sword into the undead, burning the closest ones to a crisp. At first, it seems to affect the entire lot, but as the first few rows fall to the ground in a cindered mass those behind them continue their march. Shambling slowly over the remains of those in front of them.

“W-wow, she really managed to take out quite a few of them there. Maybe she has a chance at winning?” The announcer says in a surprised tone

“So she is useful for something other than threatening to murder humanities only hope, fantastic. She should keep that up until we are all gone.” The king responds

This isn’t going to work, I don’t know how many there are, but my mana won’t last forever and I’ve only just finished fighting the Yuusha. Between restoring my wounds and my feeble attempts at damaging him I haven’t exactly got a full tank to burn.

“Kera, I need a report, how many of them are there? What exactly are we dealing with here?” I say over the comstone

“Oh, now you respond! I’ve been trying to get in touch with you since they broke through the outer wall! They have been pouring in non-stop ever since! Most of us are by the wall trying to slow them down, but the imps are headed your way!” Kera yelled through what sounded like combat

“How is the horde even here? I thought they were a few days out and wasn’t a subjugation squad meant to be handling them?” I ask

“No clue how or why they sped up, but the subjugation squad… well let’s just say there were some familiar faces when the first wave came smashing into the city.” Kera answers with a pained tone

So, I guess there is little chance of backup. Worse, my party seems to already be chipping away at them and yet we might as well be facing different hordes all together with how many there are.

I only have one idea… and I desperately don’t like it.


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MTY: Chapter 137

…Am I still alive? I almost don’t want to look.


Well… I hear cries of agony all around me. If I’m not alive then I guess that kind of checks out actually.

I slowly open my eyes to see a pale faced Hark who has dropped to his knees, staring over me with a horified expression. A crack in the ground slowly grows from where he kneels towards my direction.

As I follow the crack I see that it has missed me by little more than a hairs bredth, and I quickly realize where the cries of agony are coming from. Right after the sight of it reaches me, the smell suddenly does as well. Iron and charred meat.

I bring myself back to my feet and draw my weapon. I slowly begin my approach towards the Yuusha while I listen intently through the screams.

“W-What a massacre! Never in tournament history have we seen so many casualties in one match! But… what’s this?! The contestant Mano has somehow survived the blast?!” The announcer yells out, finally coming to his senses

Not yet, that isn’t good enough. I need to be sure.

“What is she doing?! Surely the match is over, right?! The Yuusha has clearly shown himself to be the superior fighter! We must also attend to the survivors immediately!” The king says in true anger

That isn’t enough to make me give up either, you are going to have to try harder than that. If I let this monster live here, then he will certainly be the death of me. I won’t get a chance like this again.

I place the tip of my blade against Hark’s throat. The place where it contacts begins to sizzle, and yet Hark doesn’t react in the slightest.

“Actually, the rules of the tournament clearly state that the match doesn’t end until one contestant dies or admits defeat. If Mano chooses to continue the fight then we can’t claim she has lost yet.” The announcer explains in a nervous tone

I can only imagine how red the king’s face must be right now, but it must be nerve-wracking to tell a king that angry that he is wrong. The results of this conversation determine whether or not Hark lives. It is a trial with his life and my fate on the line. I’m counting on you announcer.

“Who cares about such trivialities?! Aren’t the lives of the audience more important?!” The king yells towards the announcer

Why hasn’t he just declared the Yuusha victorious himself yet? I was planning to take advantage of the moment the announcer claims that the fight continues, and ending Harks life before the king had a chance to, but isn’t this conversation odd? It’s almost like the king is trying to convince the announcer to do it instead. The announcer sounds too scared to say that the fight is ongoing, but also isn’t giving in to his own king.

“A-Ahem! No sire, the rules clearly state that those viewing the fights do so at their own peril! As previously established, the injury or death of an audience member does not have any bearing on the fight itself. We have yet do determine a winner-” The announcer explains, steeling himself

“No, dont!” The king desperately tries to interupt

“The fight continues!” The announcer makes his proclamation all the same, and the audience cheers with uproarious applause

“Mano, please, don’t do this!” I hear someone yell from the stand in a histerical voice

The same voice that yelled out right before the Yuusha’s attack, Anata.

This could be bad, if I murder the Yuusha here I will be making an enemy of her as well as the king. I’m fine with being hated by the royalty, I would just need to go to a different nation, but it leaves a bad taste in my mouth to be hated by her as well.

“You heard the announcer Anata! The match can only end when one of the two contestants dies or admits defeat! So tell me Hark, do you admit defeat?!” I yell out so both she and the Yuusha can hear me

The Yuusha continues to stare at the carnage, not reacting at all to me or Anata.

“You don’t have to do this! You don’t have to kill him!” She loudly weeps

“Look at the carnage around you! That attack that killed so many and inflicted so much pain? I was its target! Hark has shown his power as a warrior, and now he must show his honor as one as well. If you point your sword at others with the intent to kill, then you must be prepared to be killed as well!” I say as I draw my sword back

I won’t manage to talk my way out of this any better than that. Say goodbye you nightmare!


My gaze is drawn away from the Yuusha momentarily by the sound of a large explosion to the side. Perhaps due to the pain it just endured, my body puts up its guard before I even have time to think.

As I stare towards the explosion shadows begin to form in the smoke.

You’ve got to be joking…

“WHAT IS THIS?! A horde of undead has broken into the arena! Could this be a counter-attack by the Yuusha?!

Did this idiot set up some kind of large scale attack during that fight?!

The undead continue to pour in by the dozens through the hole in the wall.

There must be hundreds of them… just how far do his cheats go? But why are the entering now? He clearly isn’t giving them any commands.

Momma! Where are you?! I can feel you nearby! Momma! 

A strange voice rings out, interrupting my thoughts. The voice feels as though it’s spoken from within my own head in a staggard artificial voice.

“Huh? Who was that? Is someone in here?” I hear the announcer begin to question

The tone of the crowd turns from excitement to a confused chattering.

Did the voice speak to everybody?

In my attempts to find the origin of the voice, I look hard at the undead horde, and my heart drops into my stomach. In the smoke, I notice a faint pink glow begin to shine through.

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MTY: Chapter 136

Relax! I can’t let my panic get the better of me. This isn’t like the battles that came before this. He might be powerful but he has neither experience or strategy backing him up. If I go face to face with him in a battle of skills I will inevitably lose at this rate, so I just need to switch gears.

I don’t want to use my trump card right off the bat, so I need to find some other way to deal with those undead.

As a test I cast a barrier around one to see what it’s reaction would be. The undead simply continued walking until it hit the barrier, and then it seemed to stop where it was.

“What are you doing! Smash your way through that shield!” The Yuusha yelled out at it, but it continued to stand there motionless

On the other hand, surrounding undead turn towards the shield and start smashing their fist and heads into it.

So they respond to sound then? In that case, rather than deal with them I might have a better idea.

“Earth manipulation!” I purposefully yell out as I put up several stone walls around me

I’ve no doubt that these walls are worth less than paper to him, but it should break visibility between me and the crowd.

I press my finger on my palm, and the cheers of the crowd and the bright sun are swept away as if mere dust.

If I am going to fight the Yuusha, then I might as well take advantage of the few powers the Maou gets.

I immediately start work making an incredibly low-cost custom monster. With the idea of what I am wanting already in my head, it takes very little time to create, though it was surprisingly costly. Hopefully, it won’t be enough to turn the tide in his direction.

Done with my creation the world suddenly floods back into reality, and my creation, tiny as it is, wriggles in my open palm.

“A wall like that isn’t gonna stop me!” I hear the Yuusha yell, and I hurriedly toss the monster into my mouth

In a hurry, I smash the wall opposite that obnoxious voice and dash out of my stone sanctuary just as it crumbles into pieces. I turn to see the carnage and find the Yuusha standing on top of the ruined stone, with his undead climbing over after him. As I look at his smug face, that is so happy to be dominating the fight, I swallow.

“Hey! Attack me! Hold me down!” I yell out

The ugly smirk on his face fades instantly as I do. Perhaps more surprised than worried. That is until the undead started to turn and latch onto him of course.

As I thought, they respond to his voice rather than some kind of magical command. All I needed to do was change my voice to match his and they can’t seem to tell the difference. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any skills or magic that could do that, so I needed to improvise a bit. It seems my ability to make monsters is rather limitless, including monsters with abilities as specific as “Mimic the voice of Hark the Yuusha”. It is rather uncomfortable having it latch onto my throat like this. I hope I can remove it properly later… I think I would rather die here than spend the rest of my life with this idiots voice.

“Hey! What are you doing?! Why are you going after me?! I didn’t say that!” He yells in a panic as the undead start to latch onto him

“Where are you looking?” I snarkily ask as I point my sword towards him

His face turns pale as black lightening shoots from my sword, and turns the undead that was grasping him to ash as it envelops him. As a pale light begins to envelop him again, and my attack fades, I understand that my attack did little damage against him.

How is he doing that?! Are all attacks that use magic useless?!

I look up at the Yuusha, expecting his next bluster or annoying comment, but something is different. His expression is stiff, and he is hardly moving.

Did I do more damage than I thought? Where did his usually insufferable attitude go?

“Aresista-veritas-augemen Increase Speed” He says softly as he returns his blade to the scabbard

I ready my sword to prepare myself, but I’m left dazed as he disappears from sight.

“That really hurt you know?” He says in a chilling voice to my side

I try to turn to look at him, but before my head can so much as twitch the world twist as I am thrown forcefully into the arena wall with a shattering pain in my side.

“Augveritas trenava beri-Quadimos ela-Feiry ka Holy Slash!” I am left crippled in pain, desperately healing my ribs out of my lungs, as he begins a chant far longer than any I’d ever heard

For the first time in memory, someone was speaking a language that I couldn’t understand, and it filled me with utter dread. I might not know the meaning of the words, but it was clear what they would do.

My heart feels as if it falls out of my chest as light begins to gather around the Yuusha, and begins to take form in his hand. Taking none other than the shape of a sword it starts to grow rapidly in front of me.

My every instinct is to get away, but every fiber of me is telling me that it’s too late. This is it, this is where I die.

As the Yuusha raises the sword of lighting into the sky, and it begins to grow to a ridiculous proportion, breaching the limits of the very arena itself, I begin to pray. Not for protection, or salvation, but to curse the incompetent god that put me in this situation.

“This is it!” The Yuusha yells as he brings his hand down

“Hark no! Please!” I hear a desperate voice yell in the distance



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Just a quick update on the new chapter. I’ve been trying to do something special with this chapter for weeks now and kept starting over because I felt like I wasn’t doing it well enough so it’s been dragging out quite a bit. Finally just accepted the fact that I don’t think my writing skills are quite up to the task of what I was trying to do with this chapter though and needed to restart again. I apologize for so many delays, especially of late, but since changing track I’ve made pretty significant progress on the chapter so it shouldn’t be too much longer now.

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MTY: Chapter 135


It’s loud, I know it is because of the pain resonating in my ears, but I can hardly hear a thing. My heartbeat is the only thing resonating in my mind as I stare across the arena at the dangerous creature standing in front of me, standing there with a dopey expression.

This is my chance, if I miss it I may never get another. At the same time, as soon as I put my plan into motion to finish him off there is no going back. Even if the chance presents itself the repercussions for following through might be fatal.

“I must admit, the challenger Mano was hardly even on my radar when the Tournament first started. I think everybody expected this dark horse to fall in the first round, but round after round she managed to surprise everybody. Again, she faces a foe that we all assume she has no chance against. Will she manage to surprise everybody yet again? Let’s ask our extra special guest, that we are honored to have with us today, KING ULRICH!” the announcer shouted out

You’ve got to be kidding me…

It’s almost as if they try to kill the tension.

“If you ask me, you all give her far too much credit. Her strength up until this point has clearly been a fluke, and even if it was genuine it cannot be compared to the Yuusha.” The shady king prattles off in a condescending tone

“Ahh, you certainly called out the elephant in the room didn’t you sire? I’m sure quite a few of our viewing audience feels the same way today. Isn’t this exactly what the tournament is about though! Anything can happen, anyone can win, someone will emerge the new champion!” The announcer responds as if trying to revive the excitement of the arena again

Wait, was it a taboo to mention the fact that the Yuusha won’t lose? It’s not like I don’t understand why most people would think that, but I didn’t expect them to avoid mentioning it just to keep the buzz going.

On the other hand, the dope standing across from me seems more excited than ever.

Taking advantage of the deafening sound, I use Status on the Yuusha.

Name: Hark
Species: Yuusha
Level: 62
Sword Arts 2
Magic Formula Construction
EX elemental compatibility
Shield Arts 1
Raise Undead
Devine Protection
Life detection
Superhuman Strengthening
Magic Augmentation
Poison resistance 3
EXP gain boost
Dryads blessing
Summon Familiar
Knowledge from this individual is incompatible.


And again, we have information that draws up more questions than answers. First off, why is his species set as “Yuusha” rather than “Human”? I could understand if my species read something different, but shouldn’t the Yuusha be a full-blooded human? Second, where in the world did he acquire all of these odd skills from? I don’t actually know how the Yuusha acquires his skills, but it doesn’t feel like there is any consistency to these? Is he a swordsman, a mage? Heck, I could make a pretty good case for him being a lich if I looked at these skills the right way. I mean, why does the Yuusha even have the summon undead skill?

“Why are we still delaying this farce? Can we start already, I’m quite looking forward to the feast we prepared for the winner.” The king says dismissively

If I do decide to destroy humanity, I’m starting with him.

“You heard the king! Let’s get this party started everybody! Let the final round… BEGIN!” The announcer says quite suddenly

As soon as he gives his signal, both me and the Yuusha dash towards each other.

I can see the joy in his eyes as he rushes wholeheartedly towards me, fortunately, he seems a bit too focused.

“WHAa-! What in the…” Suddenly he trips and tumbles forward before we reach one another

Along with the golem that I summoned beneath his feet to trip him, I summon nearly a dozen more to grab and pile on top of him.

Just as I think that they have a proper grip on him, they all begin to crumble into dirt again. A light seems to be flowing from them into the Yuusha.

So directly attacking him with the golems is out then? Not that that really matters, I have plenty more ways I can use them.

I begin setting up my next attack when a clump of earth comes hurtling towards my face. With my concentration interrupted several of the casted golems that had yet to crumble fall to pieces releasing the Yuusha.

“Let’s see how you like fighting adds! Raise Undead! Attack!” He yells out as he brings his hand to his chest and a light begins to emanate from him

Chills ran down my spine as several boney hands begin to grasp at my legs. As I look down in a hurry I see dozens of corpses clawing their way up from underneath me. Almost on instinct I sever the hands with my sword and jump high into the air.

The hands left still on my legs still refuse to let go, and continue to squeeze as hard as they can.

“Where are you looking?” I hear suddenly from much closer than I had expected, and when I look up the Yuusha is high up in the air with me preparing a strike

“Yara-Jikanjigan-Fecilico Blazing Fist!” He begins to chant out of nowhere

As he chants his fist is covered in a blue flame.

Unable to react or dodge up in the air, all I can do is block.


I can hear the bones in my arm breaking as it intercepts the strike, if not for the pain I might have been happy that the strike threw my back to the ground.

I cast Restore on my broken arm and jump backward to create some distance between me and the Yuusha.

My mind is racing, trying to think of how to counter his skills, as he returns to the ground himself. He enthusiastically brandishes his sword as his undead army continues to surface.


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MTY: Chapter 134

“…I’m sorry. Can you repeat that?” The boy asks

The mood in the room has shifted. It was frantic and joyous just a second ago, and yet now I can feel the silence in the room as he waits for my answer.

“It can heal as well? It’s the main thing I use it for actually, though I always figured it would be useful for equipment repair.” I explain loosely in an attempt to lighten the mood

My attempts fail, however, as the mood only seems to grow more serious as the boy takes in my statement. Silence falls between us as he thinks it over. I’m almost relieved when he suddenly starts shifting around items on his desk in a brisk manner.

It’s hard to tell what exactly he is doing, however. He seems to be shifting around papers purposefully, but he doesn’t seem to be reading the contents at all.

“Bit-aqua-tu create water” He says as he steps away from the desk

As he cast the spell a spray of water covers the documents, and even from a small distance it is clear that the ink on them has begun to run and smudge beyond recognition.

I begin to slightly panic as I watch all of this. These items belong to him as far as I’m aware, but they are clearly valuable. To watch them suddenly get destroyed is a distressing sight, to say the least.

“Please… try to use the spell on these scrolls.” He says as he motions towards the destruction he just caused

“Aren’t these papers important to you, why use them for an experiment?” I ask, still confused by his actions

“If what you are saying is correct, then learning the elements of your spell is far more important.” He says without a shred of doubt

Clearly, he seems to have noticed something absurd about the spell… I may have made a mistake showing it to him.

I ponder for a moment about wether or not I should do as he ask, and before long I raise my hand towards the papers and prepare to cast the spell.

Whether or not this is a sign of me being the Maou, I still don’t know enough about the spell to understand what is so special about it. As my primary source of healing, I can’t simply seal the spell away forever, but it would be too much of a risk to use it and risk being exposed if I don’t fully understand what it is I need to be hiding. All the same… using this spell might expose me as the Maou. If it does I will need to deal with him before he can expose me.

As a precaution, I silently cast the spell to avoid him learning the words associated.

As I do the water slowly begins to separate itself from each sheet of paper, and the ink begins to return to its former place and form clear letters. As the water lifts off of the paper it floats towards the point the boy was standing before disappearing.

“What in the world?” I ask aloud as I watch the strange scene unfolding

The boy slowly goes over each paper, feeling it for dampness. After he seems satisfied with that he moves over towards where the water floated and touches the ground beneath it.

“It’s as I thought. This is far more amazing than just a functional version of repair magic… or even an advanced form of healing magic. This seems to be a spell that reverses time on the subject.” The boy explains utterly dumbfounded

“What?! Don’t you think that’s a little bit of a leap in logic?! All it did was move around some water and ink, right? Why would you think time was reversed?” I ask frantically, both in an attempt to get some answers and place doubt in case he is correct

“There was a reason why I used this test. If it was a repair spell, even an incredibly advanced one, the water would have remained in place or been displaced slightly away from the object. Instead, it not only removed the water, and restore the papers to how they were, but it moved the water to its point of origin. Even that would be possible with an incredibly high mana usage magic formula, but there is no way that any spell along those lines could possibly return the water to mana.” The boy explains as he takes a seat and holds his head

Could… could he be right? I will admit the spell never really did seem to function like what you would expect from a healing skill, and it would explain why Afeuro’s wounds wouldn’t heal no matter how much I used it. Her wounds were days old by that point.

“Have you… ever tried to use it on the dead before?” The boy let out amongst the silence

There was guilt and shame in his voice. It felt like a question he didn’t want to ask, but felt he had to.

“Yes, as a test I used it on some recently killed monsters. It restored their corpses to their forms before death, but they remained lifeless.” I explain

I can understand his wariness. When I thought it had the potential to restore the dead I deeply considered sealing the spell away for good. It felt wrong to even test it in the first place.

“Good, so it has limits. When it restored the water to mana it did so in the air where it was cast, rather than returning it to me. With those two test, I think we can conclude that it can’t affect lifeforce directly. If it could return the mana from a spell to the caster then it would be a catastrophic discovery. No doubt an even greater tool of war than even the Yuusha.”

A power greater than the Yuusha? That’s it!

“I figured out how I can win! I’ve got to go!” I say as I bolt out the door

“Wait! We need to test fu-” Was all I could hear the boy say before I was out of earshot

Sorry, usually I would take a more cautious approach, but this isn’t an opportunity I can miss… if this works I might just be able to kill the Yuusha entirely.

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Not on Hiatus

Sorry for the delay, I’m not taking a break or anything, just taking a while to write this chapter. Life situations are making my time for writing super small, but I’m getting at it when I can. You can expect it any day now.

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