Chapter 2: A Disobedient Maou

“So I have summoned some monsters, what do the other Maou typically do past this point?” I say pointing my attention back towards Gero.

gero “Typically they send out parties of their monsters to hunt demons, absorbing them after they become strong enough”

So there are demons out there I don’t control? Man the Maou sure seems to get a bad rap for a lot of nothing, all I can do is power up like the Yuusha it seems.

“I can absorb the monsters back into me? Can I absorb other demons as well?”

I don’t really like the idea of absorbing monsters, but I am in a bit of a bind if that Yuusha fights me right now since I am at 80% strength.

gero gero gero “There are no recorded incidents of other Maou having been able to do so in the past”

This time when Gero responds his head cocks and twitches once.

“So the Maou typically levels by making an army of demons gain experience, then absorbs there power after they level up? The Yuusha on the other hand gets a few select allies and levels up by himself with those allies? It really does seem to follow typical RPGs.” I respond, half talking to myself.

Man I really hope I am not one of those bosses that has three transformations. I can’t even cope with protruding horns, how in the world could I handle turning into a giant bat thing?!

gero gero ge…ko “Two Maou have used terms such as those in the past, would you like me to apply the knowledge I received about those terms to my explanations?” Gero says… He freaks me out when he is thinking.

It seems some of the other Maou also come from my world… or maybe just similar worlds. Oh well if you got something might as well use it.

“Please do” I respond

I can’t figure out if he feels futuristic or ancient. He reminds me of a robot, but he gives off a steam-punk vibe.

geroThe Yuusha gains levels slowly by forming parties and going on quest for gear, whilst the Maou gains levels quickly by sending out armies to grind, taking the gear off of adventurers and bandits they kill! Obviously I am going to win! “ Gero says in what is obviously not his voice, but that of an 18 year old guy.

“This was the statement after the explanation about absorbing demons, from the 8th Maou” Gero finishes in his own voice.

“How many instances have the Maou won in the past?” I ask out of curiosity of the man’s fate.

gero gero gero “There are no recorded incidents of other Maou having been able to do so in the past”

… Well I guess I know how that guy’s plan went.

“In that case how many Maou have attempted to level up like the Yuusha does?” I continue

gero gero gero “There are no recorded incidents of other Maou having been able to do so in the past” Gero responds…

He seems to like that phrase.

“In that case I know what my plan is” I say as I stand again

“We will happily be absorbed to assist your reign Maou-sama!” Bik says as he bows, followed by the other two who seem less noble in the way they bow.

What happened to him? A couple minutes ago he was acting like he couldn’t care less. All of a sudden he is acting like a loyal vassal.

“No, you don’t need to worry about that… I am not actually fond of the idea of absorbing any of you. Hey Gero where are some gear for me and the imps?”

geko! “Maou-sama! I must insist that you revoke that policy! These imps carry a large portion of you, if you do not recover it once it has become stronger than you will forever fight without that portion of your power!”

Gero seems adamant about this… but my policy stands.

“Gero I understand your concern but this is a policy of mine and I will not have you arguing with it… it was by my hand these three were given life, and as I don’t feel right about taking it away, I will bear the consequence of that action. Now take me and these imps to get armored immediately” I command at Gero

…For some reason I am quite used to giving commands and orders. It feels… Natural, comforting, pleasing even. I sure hope this Maou thing hasn’t turned me into a sadist.

gero gero “…Understood, right this way Maou-sama”

Gero lead us down a long hallway plastered in large portraits. None of them seem to look like demons, Yuusha, or Maou. As we walk two peon imps are riding on parts of Gero, and Bik is walking slightly behind me to my side at the same pace as me. He seems… way too formal.

“Bik why are you acting so formal?” I say, this seems to surprise him.

“Maou-sama has been so kind as to give me a title, and allowed me to name myself. I will make myself worthy of the kindness I was shown. I would be honored to be absorbed by Maou-sama” Bik says as he regains his composure walking again like he was a noble

“Fool! If I absorbed you then both my giving you a title and your name would both be forgotten. Would you have my kindness wasted so half-heatedly? Stop acting so formal as well, I am not your commander I am your friend”

When I say this Bik all but has a heart attack. He then stops and prostrates himself.

He then yells “Maou-sama I beg you to take that back! I could never hope to live up to that much kindness!”

We all stop and turn to him.


“Yes Maou-sama!”

“You are a part of me and yet you say you can’t live up to something as small as the kindness of being made my friend?! This act of disrespect will not be forgiven! Your punishment is that from here forward you are never allowed to act formal in my presence without my command to do so.” I say before turning back and continuing to walk with Gero

“Y-yes Maou-sama” Bik says before standing up and sprinting to catch up with us.

He seems confused and worried… well whatever its better he got used to this early.

We reach the arsenal of the castle. The imps quickly don gear, but I don’t see anything I really feel happy with.

“Is this all of our gear?” I ask Gero.

gero “Unfortunately we do not have any gear, this is just the gear that the previous owners of this castle had for their soldiers” Gero responds

“Wait, this isn’t even my castle?! I had assumed this was the previous Maou’s fortress.” I respond in surprise.

Now that I look at the imps the gear they are wearing is far too big and they are tying things together by leather straps to make them stay up.

gero gero “History shows that 80% of the time the first place that a Yuusha will search when attempting to find the Maou is the castle where the previous Maou resided”

…I honestly can’t argue with that, if I were looking for me that’s where I would look as well.

“In that case do we have any money?” I ask Gero

“We have 216,000 Odins” … I have no idea about this world’s economy

“What would that buy?” I ask trying not to seem too clueless

gero gero gero “When the previous Maou died it would be enough to have bought one country and to build a new capital city”

…………………THAT MUCH?!! I have all the money I could every want! I can buy an army! Why hasn’t any other Maou used their money if there is that much waiting for them when they get summoned? Was the last guy just a huge money hoarder or something?

“In that case let’s go buy some gear! No use in using this stuff if we have enough money to buy quality gear. What’s the nearest town Gero?”

I ask enthusiastically. I’m rich! Maybe I can just buy a villa and hide for the rest of my life!

gero “The nearest town is the town of Jin, would you like for me to prepare the wagon, Maou-sama?”

Still in the sweet bliss of being rich I raise my hand to the sky and say loudly

“Right away!”

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11 Responses to Chapter 2: A Disobedient Maou

  1. Perpetualred says:

    Looks good so far… I’m predicting some misunderstandings and op-ness.


  2. Joiss says:

    “Man I really hope I am not one of those bosses that has three transformations. I can’t even cope with protruding horns, how in the world could I handle turning into a giant bat thing?!”

    Hmm last chapter she didn’t seem to remember what she used to be but she can’t cope with protruding horns despite the only thing that seems to do is make her look less human as it doesn’t seem like they cause any discomfort or harm so it is only visual… I guess her mind still thinks of her as human despite not knowing that she used to be a human? Or maybe the horns are just that ugly or something?


  3. jacobpaige says:

    She really should remember how that one Maou was murdered by the villagers. How is she supposed to take the imps in to be fitted for armor when the townspeople will either run away or try to kill them?


  4. Brandon Heat says:

    Isn’t it obvious they didn’t do it because they’re a freaking Demon Lord?? lol
    What do you expect? “Ohh hy Maou-sama welcome to our store, we will sell you stuff so that you can defeat Yuusha-sama” ??? lol

    Ohh unless there’s demon store, then it’s all fine I guess, lol


  5. Sodemas says:

    can i post here?


    • Sodemas says:

      yes i could -.-, sry tried to post last chapter but couldnt, it was quiet a good read, realy interesting, i just began reading and think this is a good aprouch for the whole Maou vs Yuusha setting, i am going to read the rest if you dont mind o/


      • VaanCruze says:

        Its weird for somebody to say something that makes you smile then have them say “if you don’t mind” about it. Feel free to post whenever you want as well. I’m always looking for thoughts on the story. Ill look into why it wasn’t letting you post on chapter one next time I get a chance as well.


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  7. Special says:

    Love the imps but you should probably give they other two imps names at some point in time. At one point in time or other you might ask someone to help do some character designs to give the story even more life, but great job so far.


  8. shieldbro says:

    This is probably THE most enthusiastic MC I’ve ever seen 🙂

    I’m not sure whether it’s intended or not, but the imps’ crack me up 😀 I try to imagine them trying very hard… and comically patching up that over-sized gear on them xD

    I’m confused about something, or rather curious…
    After reading chapter one, I thought the MC was then brought to life (literally) because she thought:
    “So Maou isn’t my name… it’s my title.”
    If she had been summoned from another world, she’d probably already have a name and know that “Maou” is just a title.

    It was all good and all (being led by the thought that the MC had just been brought to life.)

    Now in chapter two, I read the MC talking about rpg games and stuff, making reference to this world. Does this imply that she was summoned here the same way the Hero was?

    Or I could be wrong, I AM pretty sleepy 😀
    Gonna continue chapter 3 tomorrow.

    ~go BIK!


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