Maou the Yuusha

I’m going to start writing a story on here. I’m not quite sure what I want to do with it but first and foremost I want to know whether my stuff is entertaining. I’m going to post about the first 6 chapters, and I’ll continue based on the response I get. If someone would like to help me edit the story and make sure its all proper English and correct spelling I will happily accept. I’m also hoping that from this experience somebody with skill in art can help with making some character models to accompany the story. Before anybody ask, yes this story is loosely based on the multitude of “Game life” type light-novels, animes, and video games that have come out recently. Two of my favorite genres are the rpg hero, and demon lord stuff, and the rpg game like stories. I wanted to write something I found fun for my first project.  The title will be “Maou the Yuusha”

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