Week Weirdness

This weeks is going to be kind weird so i thought i would go ahead and let you all know what to expect. The chapter is out early this week because i’m going to be busy on Wednesday and i wont be able to do all the things i like to do when the chapter post (such as update the chapter list). Besides for that there may be some extra chapters coming out every so often through the next two weeks or so, due to me being ahead of schedule in writing more of the story. I would just go head and post a chapter a day until i run out, but as motivated as i have been to write and to post this, i cant get myself to edit the chapters nearly at all.

Make sure to leave feedback (positive or negative) so that i can learn my shortcomings by the way. I enjoy seeing all kinds of feedback, and i’m trying to get better at writing this and other possible stories in the future so everything helps.

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4 Responses to Week Weirdness

  1. Special says:

    finally i am no longer the lonely poster


  2. Kensei Seraph says:

    Thanks for taking the time to translate Maou the Yuusha.
    I’m enjoying the story so far and I finding your translations are clear and easily understandable.


  3. Happy Lunar New Year, ya’all~


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