I cant decide on what to make my icon image. Does anybody have an idea of what might be good? I plan to update it with art of the series first chance i get, but i’m still coordinating with an illustrator to see about art for the series. If anybody wants to submit fan-art or wants to do some basic illustrations feel free. I havent stopped smiling since someone put me on the recommended online light novel list at https://bato.to/forums/topic/19625-where-can-i-find-recommendations/ so thanks a ton to everybody involved. I’m reading a few more that i have found off of the list myself to get ideas for the series so i suggest checking out the list if you haven’t already. Someone joked about translating the novel into Japanese, since it was written into English, earlier today. I had a laugh but i don’t think its a terrible idea, what do you guys think? Keep in mind i don’t know how to write Japanese myself so i would be getting somebody else to help me out if i did.

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4 Responses to Jazzed.

  1. bigfatcat says:

    NOOOOO I FOUND THIS TOO LATE!! You probably already have an illustrator now! CURSES~!


  2. darrell says:

    I really love your work! please keep writting! i..er we miss you


  3. MangoLion says:

    hehe, I actually found your work due to that rec list^^


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