Chapter 22: A Maou Observes

sigh “Did you manage to get the com-stones you mentioned before?” I ask

“Indeed. However I left them with the blacksmiths in an attempt to make something useful, so, unfortunately, we only have 5 undamaged stones left.” The chief says pulling the stones out of a pouch he carries on his back

Hmm… As far as I know, the stones can only be used in pairs of two. Should I bring the last one with me to see if I can sell it? I ask myself that question enough lately to think I may have a bit of a hoarding issue.

“In that case, I’ll have Kera link two sets. One set will be for you and the merchants to communicate.” I say placing the stones in my inventory.

Unlike the linked stones they all stack in my inventory.

“Hmm? I thought you meant to mediate the deal between us and the merchants?” The chief asks skeptically

“I will get the deal started, but there is no way for me to order everything necessary for your camp. I still have other matters that I need to take care of, so I’m setting up the deal to have you lead the exchange for the goblins.” I say turning my attention to the chief and staring earnestly at him

I thought about how I would arrange this deal a lot, and this is the best plan I could come up with. I feel it’s necessary for their human relations to improve. Even if I were to stick around and mediate for them, they would simply go to war with the humans as soon as they didn’t need my help anymore.

“…I will be calling for your assistance if this doesn’t work. Are you prepared to fight the humans if necessary?” The chief asks with a curt glare

I really don’t want to be taking sides between the humans and the goblins…

“I’ll try and keep in touch as much as I can, with both the merchants and you. Keep the conversation simple, and don’t attempt to bargain. I will tell them that you are a simple servant of my estate, and that I will regularly review the transactions myself. Make sure to report anything strange to me okay?” I say

The merchants I dealt with at the village seemed bright. I need to be careful not to make this lie too convoluted or I will be in trouble.

“I plan to head back soon, is there anything else that we need to discuss?” I ask looking around

“There is one thing. I prepared a present when your friend asked for an Ina. I figured it would do little good without a cart for it to pull. I got our best carpenter to create a cart for you to take on your journey.” The chief says waving his hand to someone behind me

Obviously prepared, someone immediately brings the cart around the corner and stops it in front of me. It is a very well made cart, at least compared to the one from the castle. It has no designs or anything fancy at all about it, but it looks strong and dependable.

“It is made from a wood reserved for nobles. It was one of the first and most valuable shipments we “acquired” from the gracious merchants that travel this road.” The chief says with a proud smile

“Don’t you need this wood more than I do?” I ask

I don’t know much about architecture or carpentry, but strong wood like this is usually very useful isn’t it?

“Of course we do! If we didn’t it wouldn’t make for a very impressive gift now would it? Hu ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!” The chief yells enthusiastically

I’m sure that was meant to comfort me… but it only makes me feel like accepting it even less.

“Maou save us! Take!” I hear as something grasp my leg

I look down and see Learn staring up at me with angry eyes.

“Take!” Learn repeats with an unrelenting glare

sigh “If I find out that Learn being here was your doing, then you can expect trouble.” I say glaring at the chief

“Urk!” Learn lets out before letting go of my leg

… So he was responsible, wasn’t he?

“…Fine, I’ll accept.” I say placing my hand on the cart

“So Kurobe, how do you feel about pulling us around in this?” I say looking at Kurobe with mocking eyes

“Hmph! You must be joking! Why in the world would I ever do such a degrading task?” Kurobe says turning his head away in disobedience

So taming a monster doesn’t let you give orders? I figured he would have less of a choice in the matter.

“Ohh? Maybe you’re right, I don’t think you’re strong enough to pull all of us anyways. Maybe we should have one of Kera’s mounts pull the cart for us instead. That lion of hers seems rather strong.” I say looking away from Kurobe

“Again with the jokes! Of course I could pull you all! Do you intend to insult my strength?” Kurobe ask jumping in front of my view to show his anger

“Huh? Listen if you don’t think you can handle pulling us that’s fine, but don’t pretend like you can handle it if you can’t.” I say looking down at Kurobe

“Fine! If that’s how you want it then I will show you! I will pull this cart all across the land with anything you can fit in it! When I do so I expect you to bow in respect of my strength!” Kurobe says showing his fangs

…That was too easy.

“In that case, I’m going to round up my companions and head out,” I say waving goodbye to the chief and Learn

After searching for a short while some goblins told me that Kiel and the Imps left earlier this morning to go train. I sent Kurobe to get Kera, while I went to find them.

“Oi! We are headed out!” I yell attempting to find them

All I was told it that they went to the nearby forest to train. I have no real idea of where to search past that.

“Kiel! Bik! You near here?!” I yell


A hear a loud crashing sound and figure it must be them.

“Ha! Hiyah!” I hear in a familiar voice as I draw near

I find them together fighting a large boar-like creature. I begin to yell to call out for them… but stop to gaze at the strange sight in front of me.

Bik is standing side by side with Kiel wielding two axes. They have a weird design to them, with a handle that curves with the blade which is itself abnormally large. I’ve heard about them before, but is that a throwing ax? Where in the world did he get those? He must have gotten them from the goblins… did everybody ask for something? I’m beginning to feel like we took more than we gave.

Where the axes are odd, they are not the thing that made me stop to watch. The two of them look as if this fight is too important for me to interrupt.


The silence breaks as the boar squeals loudly and charges at them. Bik jumps upward towards the boar and slashes at its eyes with his double axes. Kiel holds back and crouches into a strange stance. The boar’s head flails wildly, and his charge comes to a halt turning into a blind rampage. Bik quickly backs away, but Kiel dashes forward. Keeping his stance low, he gets below the boar’s head and brings his blade upward. The boar’s rampage suddenly stops as the blade pierces up to the hilt. The boar’s muscles go limp, and he seems to rest on the blade still placed under his chin.

I stand in amazement as I watch the two cheer over their victory. Bik and Kiel are fighting together like they had done so all their lives. Is this because of the stat and growth buffs they have? That simply can’t be all there is to this. I can’t help but think this talent is theirs and theirs alone to claim.

“Good job guys! I’m glad to see that you two are so enthusiastic!” I say jokingly as I call out to them

“Maou-sama?! Please don’t sneak up on us like that! I can’t believe I showed such unrefined movements to Maou-sama!” Bik says panicking a bit

“Right?! It was pretty good wasn’t it?” Kiel says puffing his chest out

Looking at the difference in their attitude is amazing…

“We are about to head back to the village. I need you two to get ready to go right away.” I say as I search around

“Where are Mak and Kay?” I ask

““Here!”” I hear from above me

When I look up, I see two small imps falling from above.


They land directly on my face.

“Sorry Maou!”


They say as they bounce off and scamper to stand next to Bik.

“…That’s okay. Just get ready to go alright?” I say as I rub my face

They may be small… but they are a little bit too heavy.

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