Chapter 23: An Over-Appreciated Maou

It didn’t take long for everybody to get prepared to leave. With nothing but the gear we obtained yesterday to worry about, we left the goblin camp.

I wanted a bit of time to relax after the constant chain of incidents these past few days, so I suggested we have a peaceful walk while Kurobe pulls an empty cart.

“So Mano-san, where are we headed after this?” Kiel asks after we walk for a short time

Hmm, I hadn’t thought that far ahead yet. I suppose the next step would be to become an adventurer. Adventurers usually get benefits in fantasy worlds, don’t they? If nothing else I’m pretty sure that I will receive more information regarding the hunt for the Maou this way.

“How do you feel about becoming an adventurer?” I ask in response

“…I didn’t really think I had what it took a couple days ago honestly… but after seeing what you can do, and how these guys fight… I can do it!” Kiel says excitedly turning and walking backwards to look over us

“Kera?” I ask

“Hmm, it’s not really my thing… Meh, what the heck? It’ll be fun I’m sure! Nothin’ to it!” She says with a big smile showing off her biceps

“So what is an adventurer in this world then?” I ask


Kiel who was still walking backward trips and falls.

“How can you get us all excited if you don’t even know what you’re talking about?!” He rebukes

What? I thought it was a legitimate question? Adventurers hold different roles in different games. Sometimes adventurers aren’t looked well upon until they are needed, and sometimes they are heroes even in times of peace. What’s so weird about trying to find out what kind of role they play?

“Let me take this one. I think I’m beginning to understand her.” Kera say with one hand on her forehead and the other held out

? I’m going to get angry if you’re insulting me, you realize this, don’t you?

“Adventurers are a paid type of free-lancer, who can typically complete jobs not handled by normal people. There are quite a few ranks dividing adventurers, and we would likely start at the lowest rank first.” She says with a look of triumph on her face

So, for the most part, they are glorified mercenaries? Don’t misunderstand, I have no complaints about this, but I’m not very fond of mindlessly killing every species of monsters around. I’m glad that those with the power to fight monster are glorified. Some monsters can be quite dangerous, and ostracizing the people who can handle them would only make the job shadier. People who can handle swords and magic shouldn’t feel like those they are meant to protect are their enemies. Speaking strictly though, I do wish they would question what they were protecting people from a bit more often.

“Is there just one adventurer’s guild or is it handled country by country?” I continue

Kera pumps her fist in success before staring at Kiel to brag… I’m going to get angry you know?

“The guilds aren’t anything so grand. Each town has its own branch, and they handle membership and rank separately. Occasionally near large cities, or areas that are all governed by a single authority, the guilds will consolidate though. The guilds usually handle request from the locals, so it’s really a matter of distance and ease of movement between cities that decides the level of cooperation usually.” Kera continues happily

They handle rank separately? What’s the point in ranking up then? I suppose rank might have more meaning to those who have set up a more permanent residence near a certain guild and want to make a name for themselves. Since my plan is to be traveling around though… maybe being an adventurer wouldn’t be the best move. I suppose I have plenty of time to decide though, no need to rush.

“Hmph! Humans pride yourselves on your cooperation and coordination, and yet you sound so disorganized.” Kurobe says scoffing at the concept

““““It talks?!”””” Kiel, Bik, Mak, and Kay yell in unison

Oh yeah… I forgot to tell them about that whole incident. Did they just think he came with the cart?

“I’m glad you are entertained by such a simple trick, please allow myself to further entertain you,” Kurobe says in a sarcastic tone as he looks forward and continues walking

“…What can I say? I certainly don’t think it will be difficult making a name for ourselves…” Kiel says as he stares in amazement at me and Kurobe

From that point, we spent much of our journey back in silence. Gero still hasn’t made an appearance again, but I don’t feel I need to worry much about him. Nearly two hours have passed since we started walking, and I was really beginning to enjoy the peace.

“…aa.a…” I hear in the distance faintly

“What is that?” I ask

I first direct my question towards Kiel… but after a moment of thought I turn to Kera instead.

“Don’t ask me. Just sounds like a weird guy yelling to me.” Kera says shrugging

“aaaAa…aa.AAa” The sound seems to get closer and closer quickly

“It’s annoying.” I get out before the origin of the sounds arrive

“AGGHHHH! Help!” A young male yells running towards us from the direction we were heading

On the young males head is a slime that looks identical to the ones that I dealt with earlier. His entire head is enveloped… which makes me curious as to how he can still yell so loudly.

“AGHAGHAAAAAHHH Why won’t it release me?! This isn’t fair!” The male yells as he grows closer

It’s about this time that it becomes apparent that he hasn’t noticed us. It seems he can’t open his eyes inside the slime. As such he looks like he is about to run straight into the cart Kurobe is pulling, unable to see it. I prepare to tell Kurobe to move out of the way before-

“Aren’t slimes supposed to be weak?!” The young man yells

In response to this, the slime arrogantly jerks wildly to mock him.


Something feels like it snaps in my head and I reach for my sword unconsciously. I quickly stab forward, lunging my sword into the rapidly approaching slime. Upon contact, the slime and the male both shake violently and fall to the ground. After a few moments, the slime loses its shape and falls into a runny liquid form on the ground.

“Wah?! Wooh! I’m free!” The male says touching his face to confirm the slimes disappearance

“You must be an incredible swordsman to stab to confidently with my head being in the middle!” He says quickly jumping to his feet and running over to grab my hand

Actually… For a moment there I kind of forgot he was in there. Also if you could see the whole time, then you shouldn’t have been running at us like you were going to hit us.

“Such an incredible swordsman, do you want to join my party?!” The male says excitedly

My answer would have been instant, but I unconsciously took a moment to look at him in disgust first.

“No.” I say releasing my hand from his

“Huh?! But I could certainly use your help in taking down the nearby goblin camp! It sounds like the villagers might have been underestimating them!” The male says invading my personal space

“Ah. You don’t need to worry about that, I just got done taking care of them.” I say backing away best I can

“What?! You did?! By yourself?! That’s amazing!” The male says excitedly

The energy of this guy is pissing me off a bit. I’m beginning to think the slime was doing people a favor. Also what part of this seems like I did it by myself? I’m traveling with two other humans, and three imps. Not even counting the large canine most would simply assume is our mount.

“I must have you in my party now!” The male continues

Though I unconsciously look at him with disgust again, there is little hesitation in my actions this time.

“Let’s go guys; I want to get there soon,” I say walking past the male

“Whaaaat? C’mooon! Why won’t you join?” The male asks following me

“You’re annoying,” I say in response without stopping

“So blunt!… Oh! I get it, you’re a tom-boy aren’t you?” The boy says with a sly smile

Does this world use that term as well? That’s odd.

“Oh ya! I was told to mention this when I recruited people ‘I’m the Yaasha’” He says as if he’s sounding out the words

I freeze in my tracks

“Do you mean the ‘Yuusha’?” I ask with fear

“Ya, ya that thing! I don’t understand it very well, but it sounds like some kind of hero! They summoned me to help them and everything!” He continues happily

He’s here! 3 days! I didn’t even get 3 days of peace!

“So will you join me and help me beat the ‘Mow’?” He asks in a somewhat sincere voice

Somehow being called the “Mow” irritates me.

“…No. I have more important things to do.” I say as I continue to walk

“Huh?! They told me that was a sure thing! C’moooon your friend looks like she’s okay with it!” He says begging me further

Confused at his statement I look back at everybody else. Kera is beat red in the face with both hands over her mouth holding back laughter, and Kiel is blue in the face walking in an incredibly stiff manner. Bik, Mak, and Kay are all in a battle stance with weapons drawn. I give them all a strong glare and return my gaze forward

“You misunderstand, now please leave.” I continue

“Leave? Where should I go? Hey c’mon join won’t you?” He pesters

I will save you the next hour where he continued to follow and pester me further. On several occasions I considered getting on the cart and making a break for it, but every time I looked at Kurobe, but he just seemed to return with a look that seemed to be snickering at me. I’m going to punish all of them later.

“Hey, hey, c’mon we’re almost in tooown. Won’t you answer me?” he says as we approach town

“I already did… multiple times. No.” I say rubbing my head

He has given me a rather bad headache

“Say ‘Yes!’” He yells in response

So you won’t hear an answer unless it’s the answer you want huh? How am I going to get rid of this guy? For some reason, a lot of my fear of the Yuusha has disappeared, though I’m still staying cautious. Why is he even here anyway? I figured I would have heard about him coming through that town because of Tea.

“Listen, I have things to do, so after we get into town can you leave me alone already?” I say stopping right before the town’s entrance.

“Whaaa? Why do you want me to leave? I’ll leave if you’ll come with me!” He says with a proud look

…Does he think he’s going to trick me with that? Even if I went “Fine, fine, leave then” what reason would I have to actually follow?

“No. Leave,” I say crossing into town

I suppose I should go ahead and report to the merchants before they send anybody else to the goblin camp.

“Whaaaat? Oh! I get it! You’re going to go fight the Mow too! So you want me to follow you? That’s not how the guys at the church told me to do it… but it could work!” He says excitedly following me


I turn and wave off my companions. I’m sure they are getting just as tired of listening to this guy’s constant pestering. Though, they were lucky that he never once turned his attention away from pestering me.

“I’m going to go take care of some business if you’re going to follow me then stay quiet,” I say looking back at him in defeat

I don’t really care how you twist it, becoming a party member of the Yuusha has no benefit for me. I can already see the big reveal where they all turn on me and claim “She was trying to gain the Yuusha’s trust before betraying him!” I have no intention of leaving behind my current companions either.

“Haaah? That’s boring! Can’t we talk about monsters or something?” The male asks as he practically bounces around me


Something feels like it snaps again… but I manage to will myself not to stab him.

“Hark! I know you’re around here Hark!” I hear a woman yelling nearby

If only to distract myself from the menace behind me, I turn to look at her. She is a beautiful woman, with a demeanor that is completely different from those around her. Her clothes are extravagant, and her hair is an odd shade of pink.

“Ah? Oh, hey princess!” The male yells waving at the beautiful woman

…I’m stunned for a moment but quickly brought back into the moment by the pangs of an ever increasing headache.

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