Chapter 36: A Maou’s Song

I look forward into the dimly lit path in front of me. Pairs of eyes begin to faintly shine from beyond the reach of the lights. It is not long after that I find myself surrounded by many strange creatures. They look similar to a fox or a hound except for one major trait. Each of them has thick spiraling horns jutting out from behind their ears. They move together, their eyes never looking away from me. Slowly they encroach on me, leaving no gaps in their formation.

Status” I say looking between them

Name: None
Species: Yamahan
Level: 22
Battle analysis
Night vision

Level 22? Isn’t the incline in levels a bit steep? Most of the monsters on the last floor had an average level of about 14. Even the golems that the clown statue summoned to try to get rid of me when he thought I was going to be trouble were still only level 20. At this rate, the next floor looks like it could be quite dangerous.


Once I’ve seen their levels I relax my body a fair amount, which seems to have antagonized them. They seemed quite confident about their victory at first, but now they look angry and nervous. I still pay them little mind and continue to use “Status” on each of them to try and gain more skills.

The knowledge of others fills you
New skill learned: Night vision
New skill learned: Ram

I only end up learning these two skills after observing every Yamahan in sight. Only one of them seems to have much use, unfortunately.

I guess I should clear these guys out and keep moving.

I shift my stance slightly; however, the Yamahan all suddenly look as if they were staring at a demon. I look around to make sure that their looks are indeed intended for me.

Why are they suddenly acting so fearful?

“Who?!” I hear suddenly bellow loudly from the path in front of me

The voice is deep, and I don’t recognize it. The Yamahan don’t react to this at all.

“Who has the guts to show their bloodlust around me?!” It continues, accompanied by heavy footsteps that sound as if they are growing closer

Bloodlust? Was I giving off anything so sinister?

“One such as this is the source?” A gigantic Yamahan asks as his form emerges from the darkness

He is giving off quite a Boss-like feeling. If he’s talking, does that mean that this species is intelligent?

“I apologize, it seems like I offended you all somehow. Why are you preparing to attack me?” I ask sheathing my sword

I remember the goblins attacked me initially as well. Having the appearance of a human may be a benefit, but I suppose it also means that I will have to deal with any messes they have made along the way.

“…Amazing, to be able to turn on and off such bloodlust as if it were a simple faucet… You will prove to be formidable no doubt!” He says as he too takes up a position to attack

“Wait! Can’t you understand me?! I don’t mean you any harm!” I say as I back up slowly

I know doing so is futile considering I have a wall behind me, but I don’t want to reach for my sword and set them off.

“Of course I can. The human tongue is not foreign to me.” He says proudly

The rest of the Yamahan all seem to gain back their confidence as the conversation continues.

“Then why do you prepare to attack?” I ask as I slowly begin to reach again for my blade

I regret putting it away greatly. I did so as a gesture of trust and good faith, but I suppose such a gesture comes at a risk.

“Is it not in your nature to feed on those weaker than you? Is it not in your nature to sharpen your fangs on those stronger than you? Do I need a reason to fight?” He continues

Many of the Yamahan begin moving inward again. The distance between me and the leading few is becoming dangerously close. If I don’t keep my guard up I don’t think this will end well. Can I even beat this boss-Yamahan?

Status!” I state with authority hoping to scare back some of the weaker ones

Name: Yama
Species: Handon
Level: 28
Battlefield overlook
Advanced battle analysis
Night vision
The knowledge of others fills you
New skill learned: Battlefield overlook
New skill learned: Sharpen

The fact that I received two new skills simply from observing him is a testament to his strength. I might be in a bit of trouble here.

“Is there nothing I could say to make you leave us be?” I ask as I draw my sword

At this point, there is no point worrying about antagonizing them.

“A question suited for a coward’s death. I will be troubled if you do not make your last words more dignified.” He answers

“Oh? Why’s that?” I ask partially out of curiosity and partial to stall as I try to get into a good stance

“I will likely not leave this fight without grave wounds even if I am victorious. If the last words of the one who caused me such injury were the words of a coward, the ridicule would last a lifetime.” He says

“There is no reason to worry about that unless your race has a habit of ridiculing the dead,” I say after I become confident of my stance

“Do you intend to mock me? To say such grand words with such an ominous pressure, and yet you take up the stance of a child playing hero?” He says with a snarl

“Huh, what’s wrong with it? I thought I was finally getting the hang of this.” I say as I look at my feet to see what the issue is

I think I read somewhere that you have to keep a wide low stance, but it’s hard to thrust my sword if I bend my knees too much. Do I really need to go lower?

“If your intent was to anger me then you were successful! I hope you take responsibility and accept my wrath!” Yama says lunging forward at me

Following him, the smaller Yamahan all charge forward as well

I lower my stance a bit and swing horizontally, trying to hit as many as possible. There are far too many coming at me at once to use thrust on them individually.

As if by magic Yama manages to halt his forward lunge and juts backward slightly as I swing. Those following him were not so lucky. Nearly half of the Yamahan that initially surrounded me went down with that single swing.

Seriously? I didn’t even put that much power into it. Though, even this doesn’t seem like it would have done much to the big guy. Perhaps I should try something else

I point at the ground and focus

“Fal-Kei-Tera Earth Manipulation, Tei-Meta-Tera Golem Form” I say raising my finger as if to beckon the earth

As I do, three golems raise up before me. I open up my status menu to confirm a suspicion I had.

Good, I was worried that I would be limited to only one. Unfortunately, it seems like summoning each golem takes up a substantial amount of MP. Now that I think about it, I wanted to try to use chain skills. I’ve had an idea for one for a while now

“Fal-Kei-Tera, Tei-Va-Feir Fireball” I say placing my hand on the ground

Hmm… It just doesn’t feel the same. Maybe it’s because golem from is an actual spell, and this just using the spells I have in a different way.

“So you show your true ability? I would not have it any other way!” Yama yells as he charges forward again

Something is different about how they are charging in this time, however. They seem to have staggered their attacks making it impossible to attack them all at once. Still, their numbers are overwhelming, and their attacks come too quickly to dodge or counter them all. I jump out of the way of the first few and draw my golems towards me. They form a small defensive wall around me.

crirtchh crack


As the Yamahan charge forward their horns dig into and become stuck inside the golems. I’m left to defend myself against those fast enough to make it past them, however.

“Foolish woman, have you forgotten about me?!” Yama yells as he quickly approaches


He turns into a ball of flame several feet before me however. I confidently begin to raise a smile before I notice my error.

“Crap!” I yell as I jump to the side avoiding the hurtling clump of burning fur that I just created


A loud sound resonates throughout the area as his corpse slams into the wall behind me. Several cinders slowly fall to the ground in its wake.

“I completely forgot about his momentum, if I wasn’t paying attention that could have ended really badly” I let out as I let my muscles relax again

I’m noticing a trend here, why am I always the cause of the danger that I run into?



What’s left of the Yamahan all shake and whimper as they begin to move backward in fear.

“If you want to run, I won’t follow.” I say with authority as I put away my sword once again

Killing something intelligent has left a bad taste in my mouth. I don’t really care about leveling at the moment. According to the goblin chief, most high ranking monsters have the capability for human speech, does that mean I’m going to run into many more like Yama? I hope I have better luck convincing them to be peaceful in the future.

In reaction to me speaking, many Yamahan begin to run away immediately. The few that are left continue to cower, attempting to keep a proud look about them.

“Leave!” I state with more authority and a bit of anger

Their looks turn to one of terror before they too run in fear.

“Maaaan~ I’m already tired, should we go ahead and turn back? I don’t really feel like continuing anymore.” I say as I begin to walk down the path directly in front of me

I suppose for now I’ll just find the staircase to the next floor and meet up with the rest. Afterwards, we can all head out together using “Return”.

“I forever look outwards, yet these walls are all I see~”

As I walk forward a faint mumbled humming can be heard.

“So far yet so close, why can you never hear me?~ I yell and I sing, and yet you never listen~”

I strain my ears to listen, and I can hear the voice of a young girl. Her song is quite beautiful, yet it seems very strange. I can hear the rhythm clearly, and it flows together beautifully, yet the words don’t match it at all. It’s as if I know the song is on rhythm, but the timing of the words I can hear isn’t. Is this because it’s being sung in another language? Don’t I have the ability to hear the actual words they are saying?

“Will you ever return my love?~ Will you ever return my song?~”

I become so lost in the beautiful song, that I don’t even notice it becoming louder.

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