Imps side story

“Hey hey, bet I can run faster than you”

“No, I’m faster!”

I listen to my brothers bicker as I try to find a way back to our master. While traversing this dungeon, we were separated by a trap. I need to find my way back to her side.

“Ready? Go!” Mak yells before dashing ahead

“Wait!” I yell, using magic to blink in front of him

“If you run off like that we will be even more separated!” I lecture as both Mak and Kay looked at me with disapproval

“Bik no fun.”

“Ya ya Bik bad captain!”

They mock, running around me in circles

“I don’t need to be ‘fun’. Maou-sama assigned me to be your leader to make sure that we could all properly serve her, and that you two wouldn’t get into any trouble.” I say, turning my nose up

A leader has to show confidence and dignity! I must show them that Maou-sama did not make a mistake in promoting me.

“But Bik is no fun?”

“Does Maou not like fun?”

They ask with inquisitive looks.

“Maou doesn’t like fun? Surely that can’t be true. She seems to have a fair amount of fun when she uses her magic.” I speak aloud as I think about it

“Maou has tons of fun then!”

“Maou has lots of magic!”

They respond back angrily

“Maou likes fun! Bik bad leader!”

“Ya! Be more fun for Maou!”

They say as a weird glimmer appears in their eyes

“What are you?!-” I let out as they lunge at me

“Whahahaha! Stop it! Wahahohoha! I order you! Wahohoho!” I laugh uncontrollably as they both tickle me mercilessly

Caught off guard, I quickly run out of breath and the two show no signs of stopping

“There!” I say as I find an opening and blink away

“Enough! If you do not listen to instructions how can you be of use to Maou-sama?!” I angrily yell as I regain my breath

“…No use?”

“Maou doesn’t need us?”

They ask again with inquisitive looks. There seems to be something else mixed in. They seem to be lacking energy suddenly.

“If you don’t shape up then, you will not be of use to Maou. Even if you become strong, if you cannot follow instructions as demons, then you are not needed in Maou’s army!” I say putting my chest out

This is a moment where a leader must show his worth! I must lead by example!

“Not needed…”

“We aren’t good demons… “

It seems it sunk in! Good! Maybe I can get them to help me find a way to reunite with Maou-sama now!




They both suddenly start wailing, tears streaming down their faces

“Wait, did I do something wrong? Why are you crying?” I ask as I check their bodies for injuries


While I’m checking them though, they both suddenly disappear.

“Where?!” I let out as I look around the room

That was “Blink” for sure. When did they become able to use their magic so well? Imps of their level should take months of training to be able to use such magic, even with the Maou’s influence. Before that though, where did they go?!

I look around trying to find any trace of them. Blink is instant and powerful, and it can be used consecutively as well if you have enough mana, but you still need to be able to see your target to teleport to it. Even if they can use Blink, if I can find their trail I should be able to catch them since I can use it more times without having to rest!

“Aha!” I let out as I find their trail

It’s not easy to follow an imp’s trail, but it’s no problem for another imp!

I quickly blink forward following the tracks of my brothers through the caves. I expect to find them around every corner out of breath and resting, but somehow the trail continues.

How much mana do they have?


I hear a loud slamming sound from behind me, and a cold gust quickly accompanies it. One of the trap doors triggered behind me.

How did they manage to not set that off? Have they learned the trick to it? Or is it just luck?

As I ask myself these question I begin to tire.

I’m not sure how much longer I can keep this up! If I don’t stop soon my life will be in danger.

“Ah?” I hear from my left as I stop to catch my breath

I turn to see Mak and Kay resting around a corner

“See. Told you he would catch up.” Mak says with a disappointed look

“Can’t do much. Too much mana.” Kay agrees

They are both looking at me with obviously upset faces

“Why did you two run away like that? If you get separated you could get hurt!” I ask trying not to seem tired

Seriously though, I’m on the verge of collapsing and these two hardly look like they’ve broken a sweat. I am the more powerful imp aren’t I?

“Maou don’t need us.”

“We don’t want Maou to leave us…”

They say with the same despondent look from earlier

“What? Maou would  never leave us.” I say confused

“But we are bad demons,” Mak argues

When he does so, I realize my mistake.

“Honestly… I don’t think Maou-sama cares.” I respond

“You said Maou doesn’t need bad demons though!” Kay let outs angrily

“I’m sorry, it seems like in my anger I said the wrong thing… What would we do if Maou-sama got hurt?” I say after thinking for a few moments


“Maou hurt?”

They both ask. After a moment of thought, they both burst into tears once more.

“We would be sad!”

“Ya Maou’s nice!”

They passionately yell in response

I suppose I’m not the best at getting my thoughts across. Hopefully, with this, they will get the message.

“Then you should aim to become more able to protect her. It’s our job to protect Maou-sama! If you two don’t properly listen to what she says, in the future, it could mean serious trouble. Maou-sama is kind… it will make her sad if any of us get hurt.” I explain

I’ve got to make sure to teach them properly! One day they will make fine commanders in Maou-sama’s armies!

“I don’t want Maou to be sad.”

“Mhmm me either.”

They say looking to each other before smiling

“Ready for orders Bik captain sir!”

“Yup we ready captain Bik sir!”

They both stand and salute. Their form is sloppy, and they still don’t know the proper words… but I’m sure we can work on that.

“Then let’s go find Maou!” I say before we set off further into the tunnels

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9 Responses to Imps side story

  1. Bea says:

    Fuck this is too cute


  2. Silent Rain says:

    Hehehehe for some reason this reminds me of something silly that would happen in the old show M.A.S.H with Bik as a leader. First side-story was amazing. Thanks again for your hard work! I’m catching up hehe. Just started reading this today but I tend to binge read when I find things I like. So be ready to see me moving up!!!!! 😁


  3. Liptongirl says:

    “A leader has to show confidence and dignity! I must show them that Maou-sama did not make a in mistake promoting me.”… a in mistake?

    Also, thanks for the side story!


  4. even demons have there problems


  5. GonZ555 says:

    “Ya Maou’s nice!”
    Thank you for the chapter 🙂


  6. midoriha says:

    Aww, they’re so cute! Yes, with different people, there are different ways of convincing them…

    Liked by 1 person

  7. carmenhoot says:

    Snifff……. imma have to get the tissue cause those imps are making me go through a whole spin of emotions. DONT CRY MY BABIES MAMA IS HERE FOR U


  8. Belkar says:

    Thank you!


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