Not a chapter

Unfortunately chapter 46 will be delayed for the moment. My editor Enosashimi has been in an accident and has injured his dominant hand, so he will not be able to edit for the series for a while. I hope to find someone to fill in for him until he is able to do so again as soon as possible.

I appreciate your patience on the subject and hope to have the chapter out by next week if at all possible.

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7 Responses to Not a chapter

  1. Milanin says:

    No fair, you guys didn’t even jab at my comment and just straight out fixed the post.


  2. SUNOFA says:

    Where did I put my healing potion…


  3. I hope he gets better


  4. carmenhoot says:

    Hope editor recovers. Sending positive energy


  5. Milanin says:

    We do appreciate the patient (don’t know where you got plural ones though, were you hurt too?) and I think most people will show patience


  6. midoriha says:

    Thanks for the update! Oh dear, poor editor. Hope he recovers soon! Hm, i’m not much of an editor, but i can do proofreading.


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