Time for a poll!

So as some of you may know WordAds just updated and is now accepting new applicants. I am passionate about writing more, but my low income has put me in some pretty hard positions to put my full focus into the quality of the story. At the same time the absolute last thing that i want to do is sacrifice any of your experiences with my story. I want to make sure that i can continue writing my stories in a free to read format as long as possible. So I am considering adding ads to the site, but once more I value your experience over all else. I want to hear what your opinion is.

When or if I do add ads to the site feel free to block them, as i know that ads can be annoying and i don’t want to inconvenience you. If you feel like supporting me and don’t have enough to contribute to my patreon at https://www.patreon.com/MaouTheYuusha than please consider green-listing me so you can support me while you read.

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6 Responses to Time for a poll!

  1. carmenhoot says:

    Go right ahead. Honestly I dint mind u using ads and ill make sure to disable adblock when on ur website


  2. crazyh3 says:

    If you are going to use ads, the people who loathe them will use adblocker. (If they are video ads that auto load or moving ads, EVERYONE will use adblock)

    Most of us (who are poor) would rather you had some ads to help support yourself that purely relying on donations because for all we enjoy the story, we do feel slightly guilty.

    Personally I’m someone who uses adblock, but I greenlist sites that don’t have annoying ads. If they are pay per click I’ll probably click on a few whenever I read a chapter.

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