Chapter 52: An Ambushed Maou

After walking for some time, we arrive at an inn that is somewhat hidden by the surrounding buildings. Between two large buildings with flashy signs, it is recessed far enough that it’s shrouded in darkness. If you were passing by on the street, you would not think to find a building there.

“This is it! The Hogbods Inn!  I stayed here for a while myself when I first came to the capital. The owner is the nicest guy, and he really loves adventurers.” Jorge explains as we walk in the front door

The interior is almost refreshingly not surprising. The front is set up like any other tavern, with many tables and chairs between the front door and the bar. A large staircase to the left leads to what I’m sure must be the rooms they rent out. The entire place looks worn but well taken care of.

“Well, I should probably get going now. My superiors won’t be happy to know that I’ve slacked off almost all day while the checkpoint is still lacking in personnel.” Jorge says with a dumb smile while scratching his head

“I thought you received permission or something! We wouldn’t have kept you this long if we knew that you were supposed to be working.” I spout surprised

Not a good way to make a first impression with the city guard by commandeering one of their soldiers on my arrival. More so, considering how busy they are right now.

“Don’t worry about it. I kind of took advantage of the situation to goof off with you guys today! I’m sure my commander will understand if I explain the royal seal to him. I might not have a job to save if I wait too much longer though!” Jorge explains on the verge of laughter

Is he messed up in the head? Wouldn’t one usually be a bit worried right now?

“Go then! Jeez, you realize how bad this makes me look, right?” I say scratching my head

“Ha ha, okay, okay, I’ll catch up with you guys later. I hope you enjoy the inn!” Jorge says while leaving

“You don’t have to go every day you know! Can’t we just go and- Ah!” I hear in a familiar voice from the staircase

“AH!” I let out while pointing at the source of my surprise

Coming down the staircase were none other than the princess and the Yuusha. The princess was standing in the same surprised pose that I was.

“Hey, it’s swordsman lady!” The Yuusha yells recognizing me and running over to me

A pang of head pain hits me as I remember his personality.

I swiftly turn my head to curse Jorge for bringing me here. When I do, I see he is just about to turn the corner, but he is looking in my direction as well.

“You’re. Wel. Come” He seems to mouth out before giving a wink

You bastaaaaard! He did this on purpose! Does he know? No, he couldn’t possibly know, right? Did he think that I wanted this? What in the world could have given him that impression?

“I’m so glad we met here!” The princess yells as she runs up and hugs me

“Wha?!” I let out surprised

“I never got your name before we parted! I was so worried that we wouldn’t meet again!” The princess says in near tears as she draws away

“You can really be a klutz, Anata!” The Yuusha lets out with a smile

“You’re the last person I want to hear that from!” She yells, turning towards him and throwing her arms down to pout

“It’s um… good to see you two again.” I say still somewhat flustered

It’s not to say that I didn’t imagine meeting them here in the capital, but I certainly didn’t expect to see them so soon. I certainly hope there isn’t some kind of fate bringing us together. Don’t I already have it hard enough without having to periodically meet my worst nightmare?

Ahem “Let’s start over! My name is Anata Anstatia, I’m the fourth princess of the royal family.” The princess says with a bow

Even her bow shines with incredible elegance. She gently lifts the sides of the skirt she is wearing, and her form seems impeccable, once again reminding me of a doll. If she were one then surely she would be the treasure of whoever owned it.

“Hm? Is there something wrong?” She asks bringing her face closer to mine

I suddenly realize that I had simply been staring at her for several seconds. Her question snaps me back to my senses.

“Oh, ya, um… My name is Mano. I am an… adventurer?” I say trying to copy her introduction and bow

It seems incredibly difficult when I try it myself. Thankfully, my stumbling about made the lack of information in my introduction seem a little more natural at least.

“Name’s Hark! I don’t know much else though. I like good food and fighting monsters!” The Yuusha chimes in with an obnoxious smile

I stifle the urge to say “get lost, I don’t care.”

“Mano is such a pretty name! I’ve not heard it before! Is it foreign?” The princess asks ignoring the Yuusha to an extent

“Well, it’s um…” I say trying to think of a good excuse

“You’re really nailing it there,” Kera says as she pats me on the back and gives a condescending look

Don’t smack her. Don’t smack her. Don’t smack her.

“Hm? Don’t I know you? I can’t quite recall from where though…” The princess says looking hard at Kera

“Must be thinkin’ of someone else,” Kera says with a suddenly more serious face before walking away

That… wasn’t normal right? It’s hard to tell with Kera. She’s not that easy to predict.

“I’m sorry… Did I say something to offend her?” The princess asks with a worried look

“No, I’m sure she is just tired. We haven’t had a chance to rest in a while.” I say without confidence

I’m not quite sure why she is acting like that.

“Really?! That’s perfect then! Why don’t we share a room?” The princess excitedly asks as she grabs my hands and puts them between hers

“Huh?” I let out

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9 Responses to Chapter 52: An Ambushed Maou

  1. Sack says:



  2. carmenhoot says:

    Cough…… MANA SMACK THAT YUSHA AND KICK THE PRINCESS IN V MAKE IT HURT. I have this hatred towards them, can’t remember why… but…. ty for ch


  3. GonZ555 says:

    i have a hunch that that princess already knows about mano.. she wants to be a damsel in distress and have Hark save her in shining armor 😀
    or she’s into yur..i mean big sister ;D
    Thank you for the chapter~


  4. Namorax says:

    Even if she’s the she’s the 4th daugther, she is still royalty… why would someone with such a family background behave that way? She behaves like a random farmgirl that is traveling around with a friend, trying to make more/new friends.
    It’s really hard to believe that someone like that is royalty if she behaves in a totally unroyal way. One explanation would be that she’s acting to further her goals (something one would expect of a royal princess).

    More importantly, why would her parents allow someone like her to run around unsupervised?
    I’m really expecting the obligatory supervisor ninja/knight/nanny to pop up soon, the one whose only task is to make sure the kingdom isn’t embarassed by the behavior of princess&hero.


    • xacual says:

      She’s the 4th princess like you said which means there could be any number of kids older than her as long as only three of them are girls. She’s super low on the totem pole for any kind of authority so sending her off with the young hero would probably be a net gain since she has no value at the castle. It might even be possible that her abilities are actually really strong since we’ve already gotten hints that the hero isn’t.


      • Namorax says:

        So… just because she’s “Child D”, her parents don’t care about her safety, or what she is doing? From everything we have seen, the “hero” is a not-so-bright country bumpkin who ditches/looses her quite often. Totally a person you entrust the safety of your daughter, right? I don’t know how much political intrigue our author plans to add, but this is usually where it comes in… after all, if one has the hero who slew the Maou on his/her side, one would have quite a bit of influence over the masses. Or a powerful one-man (one-idiot?) army.
        It would be quite believable if one of her siblings tries to replace the 4th princess as the one pointing the hero at the “bad guys”.

        If her parents have no objections to her daughter travelling without any supervision/guides/guards, they either have a lot of trust in that… hero, or they sent someone secretly to keep an eye on her.
        I mean, imagine what would happen of she falls into the hands of the Maou?


  5. gianoria7 says:

    Mano is going to sleep in the same room as the princess?
    As long as nobody touch Mana, and that the retard dies at the end, I’m okay 😀


  6. AFlappyTeddyBird says:

    Is there something forcing her to be polite? I’m sure she could tell the idiot and the princess to bugger off…


    • Milanin says:

      /me smacks Flappy with a stick
      Maybe the whole she’s the Maou, he’s the Yuusha, she’s the princess that gave her the ring that helped her in a few situations?
      P.S. *smacks one more time* Hello


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