Chapter 53: A Maou’s Friend

“Sharing a room?” I ask, still trying to process the question

“Yes! Won’t it be fun? I’ve never had the opportunity to have a sleepover before! If your friend wants to join us, that would be even better!” The princess says excitedly as she practically jumps with joy

“Don’t forget about Mana!” Mana says, pouting slightly

“Oh my! Sorry, sorry, you can join us too if you want.” The princess says as she pats Mana’s head with a smile

This… Is this safe? She is still a teammate of the Yuusha. What if she has ulterior motives? It’s quite possible that they have already figured out who I am. The Yuusha might have some kind of sixth sense that lets him detect the Maou. I felt a strong sense of disgust ever since I first saw his face, but he’s never shown the slightest amount of ill will towards me…

“Do you… not want to?” The princess asks, looking down dejected

Though she is noticeably upset, she doesn’t stop smiling. It’s almost as if she expected me to turn her down

“No, it seems like fun. It will be good not to have to rent another room as well.” I answer, trying to seem genuine

If she is planning something, then it would be best to try and catch her in the act. If the princess is plotting, it’s better to take her head on now instead of waiting for the situation to escalate. I’ll have Kurobe sleep outside our door to make sure the Yuusha stays at bay.

“Yay! Oh, this will be so much fun!” The princess says as she lets go of my hand

“I still need to arrange lodgings for the rest of my companions though, so why don’t we meet up later?” I ask

Hopefully without the Yuusha. He doesn’t even seem to be paying attention to us and yet I can’t help but feel uncomfortable around him.

“In that case why don’t we meet up for dinner? Our treat!” The princess exclaims, clapping her hands together as if she just had a great idea

Is it just me, or does she seem really excited for some reason? Perhaps she really is planning on trying something tonight.

“Sounds good… I had a heavy lunch though so I might just have some bread.” I say, remembering earlier today

I might have gotten away with it in front of Jorge and that enthusiastic old man, but letting myself go on another eating rampage again in front of the Yuusha would be a death sentence. Even if I survive I would have live with the fact that I showed my arch enemy my most embarrassing side.

“Really? Would you like me to bring you some stomach medicine?” She asks with a slightly worried expression

“No really I’m-“ I manage to say before Kera jumps on my back, interrupting me

I nearly fall to the ground with her sudden added weight, but I manage to stay on my feet.

“Hey, speaking of food~ You never gave us a chance to eat earlier, and I’m super tired after all that running around.” Kera says as she jabs her finger into my cheek

I want to be irritated at her… but she has a point. Nobody but me has eaten all day, and they have already had an incredible workout between restraining me and finding Mana. My anger is somewhat dwarfed by the guilt I feel.

“In that case, I suppose we should go get something to eat first,” I say to the princess, trying to keep my composure

Somehow it only feels more pathetic to keep your composure while somebody is obviously antagonizing you.

“Ah! We have to go do something too! Dinner is at sundown, we will meet you back here!” The princess yells and she grabs the Yuusha’s collar and runs off somewhere

I get the feeling that the Yuusha being summoned has made her life just as strange as it has mine.

“Hey, hey, when are we gonna go~” Kera asks and she continues to jab my cheek

Fwack krcht!

“Ah! Crap, I broke the floorboards a bit with that one. I should apologize to the Innkeeper later.” I think aloud as I regret my actions

“Why are you more concerned about the floor than the person you just hit!” Kera lets out with both of her hands nursing the bump

“Do you know any good places to eat, or should I ask the innkeeper for suggestions?” I ask Kiel

“You’re cruel!” Kera barks again

“Nah, Tea would usually pack me a few meals when I went on errands,” Kiel answers, scratching his head

“Why do you seem like you’re getting used to this!” Kera yells, grabbing onto Kiel’s shirt with tears running down her face

“Well, its… you know?” Kiel replies, looking away


In the end, we just ate at the Inn. The food was rather cheap and from what I heard, it was tasty as well. I abstained of course, for obvious reasons. This Inn is apparently especially suited for adventurers, so those with guild membership get an even bigger discount. I can see why Jorge thought this was a good Inn. I might be a bit more merciful next time I see him. Once they finished eating, I decided that now would be a good time to secure our rooms.

“So Kiel will bunk with the imps, Kurobe will sleep outside my door, and Kiri should be okay to sleep outside. What about you Kera? I would appreciate it if you would share a room with Mana and keep an eye on her.”

“Oh? Wanting a little alone time with the princess?” Kera asks with a sly smile as she jabs her elbow into my side

“What? It could be a trap, I don’t want you two getting caught up in the cross fire.” I explain, confused

“Bah! You’re no fun. You don’t have to worry your pretty little head though… I have no interest to spend any time with her. Count me out for dinner too, I’ve already got plans.” Kera says as she turns to walk away

Somehow she seems a little upset, doesn’t she? She has her reasons I’m sure. For now, I suppose that makes two rooms.

Without saying anything else, Kera left somewhere while I was paying for our rooms.

I’m a little worried about her, but I won’t pry if she doesn’t want to tell me.

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  1. arken00 says:

    thanks for the chapter 🙂


  2. Zhalfirin says:

    Hmmm, I hope we learn why Kera’s acting weird around the princess. Going by standard tropes Kera would secretly be an illegitimate child of the king who’s mother was chased off, leaving her to develop bad feelings toward the royal family.


  3. sddg97 says:

    Thanks for the chapter


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    Thank you for the chapter 🙂

    “No really I’m-“ I get out before Kera jumps on my back
    > before i get out, Kera Jumps on my back?


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