Chapter 55: A Talented Maou

“See? I told you that I could cook!” I gloat as I place my food in front of the group

“This? How did she…” The Yuusha lets out in stunned disbelief at my skill

It wasn’t easy to make something good, the princess didn’t bring any ingredients similar to those from my world. I had to taste test nearly everything, and I almost went into another frenzy when I bit into an especially delicious fruit. Considering the effect it had on me, I decided to use a fair amount of it.

“It looks like a monster,” Mana says, examining closely

How rude! Just because it’s a bit purple, it doesn’t mean that it looks like a monster.

“I’ve finished as well!” The princess cheers out as she brings out her food

It looks good for sure, but it seems a little bland compared to the masterpiece I brought out.

“A saint has descended!” Kiel yells, out throwing his fist into the air

I shoot him a glare. His reaction to hers was a lot better, wasn’t it? Oh! He must have been speechless since he thought I wasn’t good at cooking.

“The food from Mano-san’s country is certainly quite unique! I never would have thought to add many of those ingredients to one another. I look forward to trying it!” The princess says as she attempts to take a piece of food off of my platter

“Wait!” The Yuusha yells suddenly

Following his command, the princess’ hand freezes in place.

“I… um… I want to try it first!” He says with an odd expression

Is that his normal complexion? It seems a little blue.

“Is he okay? He looks sick.” Mana asks Kiel with a tug on his sleeve

“There’s something to be said about the Yuusha’s bravery,” Kiel says, giving a few sharp nods

Is that being brave? It just sounds like he’s being a glutton to me. He better leave some for everybody.

“Hm… It seems… inviting?” The Yuusha says as he brings my food closer to his mouth

“More like ominous…” Kiel replies

“Oi! If you think it’s going to taste bad, then you don’t get to have any!” I protest

I bring out something that looks this good and yet, he is still being a jerk about it?

“Hurk!” The Yuusha lets out after quickly shoving the food into his mouth

“How is it?” The princess asks in anticipation

“It’s *cough* it’s so good that I can’t share it!” The Yuusha lets out with a skewed smile

“What?! Don’t be selfish! I know it’s good, but let everybody have some!” I yell out in frustration

Just how self-centered can this guy get?! Aside from the instant fame, wealth, and power, he also gets a companion as nice as the princess. He doesn’t even share his food!

“No! This is just so *cough* good!” He yells out before digging into the plate

He is ripping through it pretty quickly. I rush over and try to pry him away from the meal, but I can’t seem to get him to release it. He is holding onto it like his life depends on it!

“It’s… no good. I can’t…. continue!” He mutters as his face turns completely blue and he falls backward

“Hark!… We will remember you, the bravest of us all.” Kiel says in a small prayer at the collapsed Yuusha

Mana walks over and begins to poke him with a stick repeatedly.

Ha! That’s what you get! He was in such a hurry to take all the food that he must have eaten too quickly! I’m sure he will be fine… but just in case I think I’m going to pretend like I didn’t see anything.

“So princess, do you want to try?” I say, ignoring the collapsed Yuusha

“Huh? But what about Hark? Is he okay?” She asks, leaning around me to get a better look at him.

“Oh, he’s fine I’m sure,” I say, waving it off

“No… Please… you can’t… let… heeeer~ urk.” The Yuusha utters before collapsing again

He held his hand out to Kiel in a plead.

“I will carry on your spirit!” Kiel cries out as he charges into the food

“Oi! I said you couldn’t have any!” I scold him

Nobody can say I’m a bad cook now though. Look at how excited people are to eat my food!

“Is he really okay? They are acting a little dramatic aren’t they?” The princess asks in concern

“They are just idiots, ignore them,” I say, once again waving them off

“Oh god! My insides hurt so badly! How can you do this with food!” Kiel cries out as he writhes in fake pain

“Again with that?! Are you so selfish that you want to eat my food and insult it!” I yell out, snapping slightly

These two are so incredibly rude! I can’t even believe them!

“Did you even taste it yet?! If you think it’s so good, why don’t you give it a shot!” He argues fervently

“Fine! If it’ll make you shut up about it, then I will!” I exclaim, picking up a utensil

I need to be careful; otherwise, I’ll go into an eating frenzy.

I scoop one of the more textured parts of my meal out with the utensil and take a large bite.

“Mmm!” My eyes widen at the surprising flavor

“See?! Even you don’t like it!” Kiel yells out victoriously

“Are you kidding?! This is the best thing I’ve had since I came here in the first place!” I blurt out only half paying attention to him

Who cares about going into a frenzy? This food is good enough to die for!

“Eh?” Kiel lets out as the look of victory flushes from his face

I quickly go on to take another bite and another! I’m not sure why I’m not losing my reasoning and becoming engulfed with hunger; this food feels like it could possibly drive any normal person mad. Something must be wrong with their tongues if they don’t appreciate food as good as this!

“You’re really eating it?…” Kiel asks with a worried look as I continue to shovel the food into my mouth

“No fair Mano-san! Leave some for me! Why am I the only person who doesn’t get a taste?!” The princess pouts loudly

“That’s not true, Mana doesn’t get any either.” Mana pouts along with her

When I reach the bottom of my plate, I feel something that I haven’t really felt since arriving. Truly and totally satisfied. That food was so amazing, and it filled me up so completely. I should cook more often, that can easily become addictive.

Everybody else ate the princess’ food aside from Kiel and the Yuusha who were still faking stomach pains. I noticed during this meal, that the imps ate very little. Each one of them ate half as much food as a serving meant for a child. Kurobe, on the other hand, ate everybody’s leftovers to the last scrap. It was overall a very enjoyable dinner aside from the two morons who insulted my food. The princess made me promise to give her some next time.

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10 Responses to Chapter 55: A Talented Maou

  1. Lacerus says:

    Somehow the bad cooking reminds me of Fools, Tests, And Summoned Beasts.


  2. GonZ555 says:

    Thank you for the meal~
    *sneaks a bite on Mano’s dish* nomnomnom…
    somehow.. it’s delicious yet.. it’s..*passed out*


  3. dragunir says:

    They are 2 different species, humans and demon, they probably have different taste buds. To Maou its delicious, to humans its bad.


  4. Well…. thats…. quite a unique type of food… especially made for Mao`s huh…? Well poor Yuusha…. even if he is how he is… he didn`t deserve to end like this… Kiel you had that one coming! HA!

    Thanks for the chapter xD


  5. jarjarthinks says:

    >This is the best this I’ve had since I came here in the first place!
    Should be:
    >This is the best thing I’ve had since I came here in the first place!

    Aaaand now I’m hungry.


  6. carmenhoot says:

    Lol a complete idiot…… ty for ch


  7. Sack says:

    Well, whatever.
    Thank ye kindly!


  8. Belkar says:

    Thank you!


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