Unedited Poll

I’m easily influenced, and i was half considering it anyways, so i pose the question: Should i just post the chapters unedited and have people in the comments point out the errors?
Keep in mind that I tend to be too busy to properly proof read the chapters so many blatant and obvious errors will show up.
With that in mind here’s a poll!

If i do post them unedited I plan to post them today with the prefix [Unedited] in front of the title for those wanting to receive the chapter in it’s polished form. I suggest that those wanting the final version of the chapter wait until the [Unedited] prefix is dropped.

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3 Responses to Unedited Poll

  1. VaanCruze says:

    In an hour i will decide whether to post or not based on the poll results. In case I need to do anything like this in the future though, i’ll keep the poll open. If the poll results flip later on then I will change my method of dealing with this along with it.


  2. falinmer says:

    Like I said on the previous one, we can have fun with it, make it a small challenge each week for those who want it early, and this would all but guarantee it being partially ready for release on release day. You could also release the unedited one slightly earlier after the locked version for everyone else who wants to get a quick look at it can see it a day or 2 before the regular release.


    • VaanCruze says:

      The only reason for my hesitation on the matter is the possibility of spoiler errors. If i forget to remove something that I decided retroactively was no longer the path i wanted to take, it could also be left in and confuse people later or it could unintentionally give away something i decided to push to a later date. Aside from those two points I’m precisely the kind of person that would want my favorite writers to do this.
      Personally i think that just a few chapters around this point shouldn’t hurt too much, but this scheduled chapter is rather exposition heavy so i could swing both ways.


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