Unfortunate delay

Since about a week ago now I’ve been unable to get in contact with Enosashimi (The awesome editor that helps me on this series) and as such I don’t yet have an edited chapter ready for tomorrow. I’m currently reaching out to a few people to fill in for him until I can get in touch with him again, so by next week at least I should have a temporary fix. The chapters are still being written mind, so when I next do release chapters I will be releasing the entire backlog. I wrote a chapter this week plus a bonus Christmas themed chapter so you can expect those to launch next Wednesday along with the normally scheduled chapter.

If anybody would like to reach out and help with the series than it would be greatly appreciated as my current attempts to find a stand-in have proven somewhat fruitless.

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7 Responses to Unfortunate delay

  1. falinmer says:

    Perhaps you could make a game of it with each chapter as preparation for the next, just in case he editor is unavailable again. Hide a password or a riddle on each chapter and anyone who can figure it out has access to the next chapter unedited early, which also gives them the opportunity to help with editing, and the regular edited version is released on time as usual.


  2. carmenhoot says:

    EDITOR SAN WHERE ARE U??????? But honestly hope everything is ok 🙂


  3. crazyh3 says:

    You could just post it and ask for reader help in editing?


  4. Asian Satchel says:

    Editor? Like, proof-reading, sentence structure, general readability and flow? I can kinda do stuff like that.


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