Maou the Yuusha Chapter list


Chapter 1: A Maou is Born

Chapter 2: A Disobedient Maou

Chapter 3: A Maou’s Journey

Chapter 4: A Maou Fights

Chapter 5: A Poor Maou

Chapter 6: A Maou’s First Quest

Chapter 7: A Maou Goes Shopping

Chapter 8: An Overzealous Maou

Chapter 9: A Maou’s Mistake

Chapter 10: A Maou Sleeps

Chapter 11: A Lucky Maou

Chapter 12: A Maou’s Power

Chapter 13: A Maou Hunts

Chapter 14: A Talkative Maou

Chapter 15: A Maou’s Decision

Chapter 16: A Maou Persuades

Chapter 17: A Controversial Maou

Chapter 18: A Maou’s Dinner

Chapter 19: A Maou Gets a Pet

Chapter 20: An Injured Maou

Chapter 21: A Maou’s New Friend

Chapter 22: A Maou Observes

Chapter 23: An Over-Appreciated Maou

Chapter 24: A Maou’s Friend

Chapter 25: A Maou Naps

Chapter 26: A Sneaky Maou

Chapter 27: A Maou’s Endeavor

Chapter 28: A Maou Listens

Chapter 29: An Adventurous Maou

Chapter 30: A Maou’s Trial

Chapter 31: A Maou Cheats

Chapter 32: A Bored Maou

Chapter 33: A Maou’s Worry

Chapter 34: A Maou Descends

Chapter 35: A Frightened Maou

Chapter 36: A Maou’s Song

Chapter 37: A Maou Coerces

Chapter 38: An Easily Manipulated Maou

Chapter 39: A Maou’s Imouto

Chapter 40: A Maou Plays

Chapter 41: A Decisive Maou

Chapter 42: A Maou’s New Companion

Chapter 43: A Maou Waits

Chapter 44: A Maou’s Hunger

Chapter 45: A Maou Consumes

Imps side story

Chapter 46: A Worried Maou

Chapter 47: A Maou’s Worry

Chapter 48: A Maou Investigates

Chapter 49: An Intimidated Maou

Chapter 50: A Maou’s contract

Chapter 51: A Maou Plots

Chapter 52: An Ambushed Maou

Chapter 53: A Maou’s Friend

Chapter 54: A Maou Cooks

Chapter 55: A Talented Maou

[Unedited] Christmas Special

Chapter 56: A Maou’s Night

Chapter 57: A Maou Commits

Chapter 58: A Defeated Maou

Chapter 59: A Maou’s Utter Defeat

Chapter 60: A Maou Reconsiders

Chapter 61: An embarrased Maou

Chapter 62: A Maou’s Rules

Chapter 63: A Maou Registers

Chapter 64: A Busy Maou

Chapter 65: A Maou’s Crowd

Chapter 66: A Maou Regrets

Chapter 67: A Defeated Maou

Chapter 68: A Maou’s folly

Chapter 69: A Maou Burns

Chapter 70: A Maou’s Reception

Chapter 71: A Maou Is Rewarded

Chapter 72: An unfailing Maou

Chapter 73: A Maou’s Stroll

Chapter 74: A Maou Accepts

Chapter 75: A Hindered Maou

Chapter 76: A Maou’s Weakness

Chapter 77: A Maou Escapes

Chapter 78: A Repulsed Maou

Chapter 79: A Maou’s Training

Chapter 80: A Maou Gathers

Chapter 81: A Curious Maou

Chapter 82: A Maou’s Second

Chapter 83: A Maou Doubts

Chapter 84: A Tired Maou

Chapter 85: A Maou’s Companion

Chapter 86: A Maou Stagnates

Chapter 87: A Creative Maou

Chapter 88: A Maou’s Plan

Chapter 89: A Maou Studies

Chapter 90: A Distrusting Maou

Chapter 91: A Merchant’s Tale

Chapter 92: A Maou’s Seal

Chapter 93: A Crafty Maou

Chapter 94: A Maou’s Burden

Chapter 95: A Maou Transmutes

Chapter 96: A Maou’s Potential

Chapter 97: A Maou Dashes

Chapter 98: An Unskilled Maou

Chapter 99: A Maou’s Challenge

Chapter 100: A Maou’s Competition

 Chapter 101: A Bored Maou

Chapter 102: A Maou’s Opponent

Chapter 103: A Maou Flies

Chapter 104: An Irritated Maou

MTY: Chapter 105

MTY: Chapter 106

MTY: Chapter 107

MTY: Chapter 108

MTY: Chapter 109

MTY: Chapter 110

MTY: Chapter 111

MTY: Chapter 112

MTY: Chapter 113

MTY: Chapter 114

MTT: Chapter 115

MTY: Chapter 116

MTY: Chapter 117



15 Responses to Maou the Yuusha Chapter list

  1. Niereal says:

    Can you give us a summary/synopsis?


    • VaanCruze says:

      There is a summary in the about page, but seeing as you didn’t find that dynamically I should probably either make a unique page for summaries or relabel it to be more clear.


  2. Megzie says:

    Honestly this is really good!


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  4. Aqua Heartia says:

    A synopsis please?


  5. Afraz Ahmed says:

    is this MAOYUU MAOU YUUSHA or something else?


  6. Hapeiron says:

    This looks interesting 🙂


  7. ShiroShiro says:



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