Updated about page

Some time back I was given some advise that it might be good to either add a donations tab, or to update the about page with info on the different methods you can contribute to the series if you felt like doing so. I decided to put it off until i could properly get one off donations working, which i finally managed to do despite all the trouble it gave me. This is just a quick heads up to go check out the changes. As always the story will remain free to read, and all contribution options are entirely optional. On a side note i’m having such a great time writing these upcoming chapters for some reason. Chapter sizes might increase for a while during this next arc or so. If i can keep up this pace hopefully they will go up permanently.

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6 Responses to Updated about page

  1. BigFatCat says:

    Okay I’m really sorry about this kind of comment but I’ve been trying today to make a site with wordpress here and I’m dumb. How do I edit the site?! Or add the tab pages, like About and stuff. T-T I searched up this kind of question and haven’t found a straightforward answer, and there’s no freaking tutorial, and I’m just HELP.


    • VaanCruze says:

      Don’t worry about it, I had precisely the same issue. Problem is that i’m having issues remembering what i did to solve that. Mind giving me a little bit to look through my admin tab and see if i can figure it out again?


    • VaanCruze says:

      For now try to go into the WPadmin button to the left of your stats page. Once your there find the “Pages” button on the left and see what happens when you add something new. Most of the rest you should be able to find in the appearance section i believe.


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