Chapter 67: A Defeated Maou

I’m immediately caught off guard by the orc’s speed! The sheer distance it covers with each stride would be impressive, if not terrifying.

“OI! WHAT’S HAPPENING?!” I hear Kera yell over the com stone as it drops from my hand

I have no time to explain the situation. Hopefully, they can lend me support when they notice the sudden commotion.

“KERYI!” It shrieks as it brings it’s fist down still several meters away

At first, I simply believe it to have missed, unfortunately, I realize it’s true aim far too late. The strike is so powerful that the ground around me begins to crack and grow uneven. Caught off guard, I attempt to regain my balance and look away. When I jerk back my head a moment, later my entire field of vision is dominated by the creature’s fist.


I fly almost entirely horizontally from the point of impact, at a speed that causes my body to whistle through the air. My flight is only stopped by several trees that now lay in shambles. A severe pain courses through my body as I attempt to lift myself from the debris.

“GRYAAAAH!” I shamefully let out in reaction to it

This is absolute torture! This doesn’t even compare to when Kurobe bit into my arm! With every breath, it feels like my insides are being stabbed with a dozen knives.

“Te-GAH! Tei-La, gasp, Tei-La-Tu Restore!” I scream out to fight through the pain

Every time I begin to speak the pain surfaces again and breaks my concentration. For some reason every time it did, the auto-pilot that governs my mouth when I try to use a skill just stops. Thankfully, as the spell begins to take effect, the pain begins to fade and I can think more clearly. I look around for the immediate threat and notice that the orc is looking around for something.

Did it lose me when it knocked me away? In any case, it doesn’t seem to be coming after me at this very moment so I need to take this time to regroup and escape if possible. Is this really an enemy that humans are supposed to be able to handle? I thought that if the other candidates were supposed to be able to handle it that I for sure could do so. Was that receptionist just trying to take care of her blackmail another way? If I live through this she is going to regret it!

For now, I should focus on finding a way to escape though. Even if it’s lost sight of me for the moment, I doubt something this aggressive will just let me go just like that. It’s something of a risk because of the intense mana drain, but perhaps I should couple “Clear” and “Haste” together and make a break for it. Wait… everybody is probably gathering here to help me fight this thing! I’ve got to stop them!

As my Restore spell finishes its work restoring both me and my equipment that was damaged by the blow, I begin to stand.

What should I do?! I didn’t set up any kind of signal to retreat! If I send a giant fireball into the sky will they get the picture? If I did that, the orc would have no problem finding me though. Perhaps if I make it-

My thoughts are interrupted by a change in the orc’s behavior. The orc ceases it’s searching and directs it’s vision, not at me, but at a point in the clearing that is clearly out of place. When I strain my eyes to see what the object, is a chill goes down my spine. There, inexplicably, in front of that horrid monster is a girl that looks to be no older than 10 walking towards it slowly.

“Ai-Meta-Ei Haste, Forward rush, Long run!” I fire off one after the other

Before I have time to comprehend the situation, my feet have already begun charging towards the orc. My head never really catches up with me, but my resolve to make sure this girl is safe is all I really need to keep my pace up.

Forward rush! Forward rush!” I repeatedly yell out

Forward rush seems to be like a propelled lunge. Whenever I use it, it launches me forward at a high speed and then stops entirely. To continue getting the boost from it I’m forced to use it repeatedly.

“Fal-Su-Feir Fireball!” I yell out

When I do, three green fireballs appear above me, their flames flickering strongly against the rushing winds.


One by one they connect with the orc’s face. They do no damage, however, and the only real effect seems to be it changing its focus back to me with increased anger.

“That’s fine! Come at-”


The words get lost in my mouth, and my sprint slows to a walk of disbelief as I stare at what used to be an atrocious, powerful monster. What now stands in front of me is a massive decapitated corpse, it’s ugly head crashing into the ground beside it.

I find my mouth hanging open as I fail to comprehend the scene in front of me. I might have spent several minutes looking in shock and possible disappointment. I am finally brought back to reality by the sight of the small girl who I was rushing to save walking up to me.

“Thank… you. You… distracted.” She says with a small bow after stopping in front of me

“You?! You took that thing down?! Who are you?!” I let out in my obvious surprise

“I’m… this… contestant.” She says holding up a guild card

Name: AfeuroATK:4751



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9 Responses to Chapter 67: A Defeated Maou

  1. Dragrath says:

    Mano really needs a combat teacher… fast that tournament will not end well if she is this weak. Power is not everything seems to be an important lesson for her.
    Well thanks for the chapter!


  2. GonZ555 says:

    Meatbun late Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter 😁


  3. Oak says:

    thanks for the chapter


  4. carmenhoot says:

    Maou sama……..


  5. AFlappyTeddyBird says:

    But the Maou has much higher stats! Why does she lose so horribly?!


    • gianoria7 says:

      Lack of techniques?
      She doesn’t know how to fight properly after all.
      Untill now, she won everything by sheer strength alone. And you saw how badly she lost against the old man before because of her lack of techniques.


  6. Zarakynel says:

    Maou beats Afeuro in stats entirely everywhere, i wonder why shes so weak


  7. Belkar says:

    Thank you!


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