Chapter 70: A Maou’s Reception

With the orc mostly taken care of, we decided to head back. Kurobe was quite displeased that I buried his meal after cooking it. I offered to dig it up, but it seems like some kind of pride prevented him from eating it at that point, so I just offered to buy him something to eat with the money we get from the reward.

The walk back to town was a bit more awkward than the trip out. I suppose they are still a bit mad at me for being reckless. It would have been a trip in complete silence, but Mana spent the entire time asking me questions about my magic. It seems that the overbearing clown had been the only entity to use magic around her for the most part.

It was sundown by the time we reached town.

Yawn “Well that is all the energy I’m going to let you lot monopolize for one day. I’m going to sleep like a log!” Kera announced as she walked away stretching one of her arms

“I’m rather tired as well,” Kiel said as well with a pale expression

It seems that his motion sickness really got to him. I hope he’s not doing too badly. Maybe I should look for a medicine that can help.

“I’m going to the guild hall to turn this quest in,” I say leaving Kiel with the rest of the group

I plan to sleep like a log tonight, but first, there is business to do. I’ll let the others go ahead and rest before me.

I slowly meander through town for a while, appreciating the golden glow that basks the main streets as the sun sets on the horizon. I enjoy the calm atmosphere as I take my evening stroll to my destination.


Yet, somehow, I’m not surprised when it suddenly gets interrupted. A large crashing sound can be heard resonating from nearby. In my curiosity, I look around to see if I can spot the source, and what I find is a pillar of smoke coming from a few blocks over.

murmer murmer

“…That’s the opposite direction from the inn… In other words, it has nothing to do with me.” I say to myself as I turn to ignore it

Positives of not being the Yuusha? I’m not responsible for handling every explosion or catastrophe that crosses my path. It’s my privilege to ignore those kinds of things, and I plan to use it.

Although I hear a few more crashes from the same direction nothing really interrupts my trip and I arrive at the guild hall in good time. I spend no time gawking around this time and head straight for the desk I had been to earlier. The same receptionist is there but has her back turned to put away what looks like files.

“I want to report a finished quest,” I say to get her attention

“Eiii?! Oh sorry, I didn’t know anybody was stan- You?!” She yelps in surprise before turning to apologize

Her tone quickly shifts when she realizes who called her out. A mixture of anger and surprise color her face.

“Why are you back here? Did you chicken out or something?” She asks in a goading manner

“Of course not. I already finished your quest. I expect you to pay me my reward in full.” I say with an annoyed tone

Judging by the look of surprise still on her face it’s rather obvious that she really didn’t expect me to return. She really did send me out expecting it to be a suicide mission, didn’t she?

“Huh?! You can’t be serious! Clean up alone would take most people a week!” She yells out in disbelief

She winces back a bit and looks guilty when the receptionists around her give her glares.

“I have my own method. It’s burned and buried. A consultant of mine on monsters said that should suffice. I have pieces of the orcs hide and other identifying parts if you would me to prove it.” I explain keeping out the big details

If they catch wind of the fact that I wasn’t the one that killed the monster than they would probably take away the reward. The entire point was that it was an unregistered quest and I would get the reward for happening upon and slaying the monster. Considering someone else entirely did that I can expect them to give all the reward money to that small girl from earlier. I don’t feel totally okay with taking someone else’s reward, but she didn’t seem all too interested and I was the one to clean it up either way.


“Don’t click your tongue at me! Listen I already figured out that you didn’t expect me to be coming back which is all the more reason you should pay me my reward!” I yell in a whisper at her

“I don’t follow your logic.” She says looking away and attempting to play dumb

“You made a mistake, and then attempted to get a tournament contestant killed to cover it up. From where I stand that looks like a pretty good reason for the guild to fire you. The king himself is very involved with this tournament so maybe even an exile from the kingdom…” I explain with an evil grin


“Stop doing that!” I quietly yell again

“Listen, this kind of thing isn’t handled by us. We are too low tier to go handing out the guilds money over non-requested accomplishments. I can help you TRY to get a reward, but if I do you shut up about this whole thing. Got it?!” She explains in an angry and annoyed fashion

“What do you mean ‘try’ to get my reward?” I ask

“I’ll tell the guild leader that an adventurer claimed to have defeated the orc causing trouble nearby, and he will likely call you into his chambers to talk to you about compensation. I’ll put in a good word best I can. That’s all I can really do.” She explains in the same tone

“What?! So there is a chance it won’t even be enough to pay for my card?! That wasn’t the deal!” I say angrily

“Ya, I lied. Deal with it. I just tried to get you to fight a monster I thought you had no chance against. You really think lying is below me?” She says walking away from the counter

I feel like smacking her for being so unbelievably infuriating, but the bars prevent me from doing so and she disappears around a corner quickly. Every time I come here I become more and more understanding of the person that installed these bars.

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8 Responses to Chapter 70: A Maou’s Reception

  1. I don’t understand why she left the dungeon without conquering it. She killed a couple of the low level creatures outside and her level skyrocketed, why would you leave the dungeon that could guarantee your life and the safety of your friends? No one has reached the bottom before? That only means that doing so will make you stronger than everyone. She should break the system before she ends up being broken. Otherwise she is just a normal adventurer that is easily stepped on, even by guild receptionists. Why must we suffer through her stupidity? She is so worried about everyone’s opinions, all she really needs is enough power to disregard them. If you have the power to destroy all of humanity yet you don’t bother to exercise it in that way, no one can claim that to be your desire. If someone dares to plot out your death you can ensure that they will meet their own… and I’m not talking about killing them, I’m saying that they would be killed by the populous as an apology to you. Hero or villain doesn’t really matter, the fact that she cares about such things proves her to be both naïve and unremarkably good. Here’s a question for you, what is a good character in a world that is filled and governed by bad people? If everyone becomes your enemy, what does it matter who is bad and who is good? The best thing the main character should do is be true to themselves and hold true to what they believe.


  2. SUNOFA says:

    If I were in Mano’s position and had her stats, right then and there, I would pry those bars right off the counter right in front of that receptionist while glaring at her. I mean, Mano clearly has the strength to do it, right?


  3. Oak says:

    thanks for the chapter,
    please let something bad happen to that receptionist, like becoming part of the heroes party!


  4. GonZ555 says:

    Meatbun Delivery~
    thank you for the chapter 🙂

    *goes to a restaurant to eat*
    Boom! Boom!
    ooh~ pretty lights! ..oh well~ *goes back to eating again*


  5. anarchydev says:

    Kill the bitch girl receptionist…

    Thanks for the chapter


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