Chapter 71: A Maou Is Rewarded

I waited after she left for several minutes without anything happening. Just as I began to wonder if she had actually gone to get the guild leader or simply ditched me, another receptionist came out from around the corner and got my attention.

“The guild leader has requested an audience with you. If you would follow me back this way, please.” She says with a smile as she motions for a doorway nearby the booths

I stand there memorizing her facial features for a moment before I begin to follow her.

After I get this whole guild card thing sorted out I think I’m switching my choice of receptionist this one. I don’t feel like wringing her neck in the first five seconds of talking to her.

“He’s just in here. Now, if you would excuse me.” She says as we arrive at a pristine looking doorway down a long hallway

She walks away leaving me standing in front of the door.


The door gives a loud long creak as I push it open.

None of the other doors creaked at all… I think this guy just has a flair for the dramatic. The door looks a bit too fancy as well.

“Ah, here comes out little huntress now!” An older man’s voice says as I open the door

The room is quite a bit brighter than the corridor so my eyes take a moment to adjust. When they do I am greeted with the sight of a rather comfortable looking room. The furniture is all well made, and some items even look as if they are from my world.

With enough money, you can even get stuff like this huh?

In the center of the room are three couches all facing a single round table that has several papers and a goblet of wine on it. Sitting one of these two couches is an old man with a long white braided beard and robes that have a tribal looking design to them and on the other the rude receptionist. Where the old man looks jolly enough that one might think he was drunk, the receptionist is stiff as a board with an expression that gives off the impression that she didn’t intend to stick around for this part.

“I heard that you called for me?” I ask casually not paying much mind to formality

There are times where dignity will make people take you more seriously, and times like this where it will just make people think that they can take advantage of you. I feel I will get farther acting like his status doesn’t faze me at all in this particular conversation.

“Hahaha! You fear me just about as much as you must have feared that pesky orc! All the same, thanks for taking it down. That thing was traipsing about a popular hunting ground if you would believe it! With the festival coming up you can imagine that causing a bit of distress to merchants.” He prattles off as if it were the funniest story he had ever heard

A hunting ground?! I almost got killed so some food stalls could stay stocked during a festival?!

I shoot a glare at the receptionist, but she just turns her gaze away from me with a guilty look.

“On a more serious note, however, I must scold you a bit. An unrecognized rookie taking on a monster like that is suicide in any case. I don’t care if you were the best swordsman in your village or the top of your class at your magic academy, here you are still just a child that is learning how to walk. We don’t send rookies on quest like that because we are responsible for their safety. If the quest were posted anywhere I would have your status revoked and have you banned from the guild… but it wasn’t!” He says his jovial mood disappearing from his face

Until the last moment, it seriously felt as if I were a child being lectured about breaking the rules. Just as I was beginning to feel intimidated by his presence, however, his mood shifts back to that of a drunk fool.

“Sorry if I have caused you any kind of grief, but I needed to test my strength. I heard a rumor that it was about as strong as the competitors, so I thought it was a good way to measure myself to them.” I say attempting to retain my casual vibe

Admittedly it’s quite a bit more difficult to do so after being scolded. At first, I was attempting to act like a typical adventurer, but now acting so casually just makes me feel like a child in their rebellious phase.

“No, no, not at all. You did us quite the favor actually. We were just in the middle of discussing your reward before you came in.” He says waving his hand in front of his face in rebuttal

That’s… not really true, is it? I mean I knew that the receptionist was coming to tell him about it when she left and only a few minutes passed really. I can’t imagine they had much of a discussion about it.

“So how does a rise in rank sound? We obviously can’t raise you to the rank you would need in order to be able to face monsters like that again, but this should serve as proof that you can handle yourself against at least mid-strength enemies and monsters.” He explains with just a tinge of Juries conniving face mixed into his own expression

I get it now. So that’s how he wants to play this. By doing this he will have me totally in his control. He is rewarding me by lifting the punishment and making the rules more lenient for me in the future. At the same time, however, this serves as a bit of a threat. He is trying to say something along the lines of “If you break my rules again, not only will you lose your reward but you will be punished as well.” He doesn’t even have to give me anything this way. As the leader of the guild, he can throw ranks and titles like that around as he pleases. Something he said bothers me though.

“What do you mean enemies and monsters?” I question in a more serious tone

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9 Responses to Chapter 71: A Maou Is Rewarded

  1. Milanin says:

    All them coaches. I love how 3 buses fit into a room around a table. Or, or, maybe it’s couches – sofa like things? Maybe armchair ones?. Like how one switches To this other receptionist that appeared.


  2. Oak says:

    thanks for the chapter,
    for me, the vibe of the story seems completely of recently in comparison to how she was portrayed before.


    • VaanCruze says:

      I plan to get back to that if i can. At the moment there is a lot of lore that im trying to establish and im havig trouble retaining the vibe during witch.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oak says:

        World-building is important in a story, it’s just weird seeing her being a doormat for a guild-receptionist who’s trying to cheat/kill her and her response is limited to wanting to change receptionist. Compared to when she made an entire loan-shark company “piss their pants” except for the boss (who had a severe constant incontinence issue, if we’re putting it like that).


      • Dragrath says:

        Well as she hasn’t reached her true potential yet, (as she only has the raw strength not the control needed to use it effectively) I presume these people are figures she isn’t ready to tackle yet strength wise like that old man before. That is the vibe I get from this arc, before she was a big fish in a little pond now she is seeing a deeper lake or something which will hopefully lead her to realize that raw strength isn’t everything.

        The real question is how will she develop herself now, as long as she decides to persevere and get the needed skills (likely a proper teacher?)
        well look forward to the future developments 🙂


      • The main character is irritatingly indecisive. By this point in the story I’m not just upset at the receptionist/guild master and the previous ‘had guy’ characters, I’m seriously upset by Mano. She has yet to seek out vengeance or take offense to the evil that has been directed at her. She has honestly been more exacting to her friends for embarrassing her than to the receptionist who nearly caused the death of her and those who care about her. I think it is obvious by now that the rulers are greedy lying weasels who twist the truth to cause good people to die. Why not embrace your destiny and kill all those who deserve it. Assassination. I think I would be making a list at this point… if she wants to become strong she is currently wasting her time. No one should suffer a threat, especially the main character because we all end up indirectly experiencing it vicariously through them. But the character who is supposed to stand up and crush these things are just sitting there worrying about stupid things. She should hurry up and exploit her cheat-like growth to sweep through a dungeon or something and rank up a few times. Even if she became more demonic looking, if her power out classes everyone else it’s worth it. However, if you think about the fact that ranking up would normally cause a creature to appear more human, it may be unnecessary to worry about even that.


  3. GonZ555 says:

    Meatbun delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    I’ll say my thanks first incase i fell asleep half way


  4. Belkar says:

    Thank you!


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