Chapter 75: A Hindered Maou

“What are you doing here Tea? I thought you were waiting in Jin?” I ask

“Don’t try to change the subject! How in the world could you have treated your sword so badly! Aside from the number of scratches and dirt from not cleaning it properly, it’s warped twice! Did you try to stab a boulder or something?!” Tea rambles as he inspects the blade and begins to work on it with tools he had in his pockets

Seriously, to carry around tools for work even when he is traveling… he really is a weapon nut, isn’t he? How did the blade warp though? Was it because I was using it to thrust with all my strength on monsters? Maybe it can’t hold up unless I reign it in a bit.

“Thankfully the shock stone isn’t cracked anywhere. Maybe the metal casing wasn’t the best idea… If I were to… no, that wouldn’t work. Perhaps a stronger material… that’s the cheap way though…” He continues to mumble to himself only half paying attention to me anymore

“Is this a friend of yours?” Shishou ask with a confused expression

“Ah, he’s the one who made my sword for me. I’m still not sure why he’s here though.” I say with an equally confused expression

“Hm? Is this your grandfather miss?” Tea pauses his inspection and asks when we started talking about him

Before I have time to even respond though he is back to looking over the blade. He hardly looks like he is even listening for an answer.

sigh “This is Shishou, he’s going to be training me in sword-play.” I explain, accepting that he may not be paying attention

“Did you say ‘Shishou’? As in ‘The patient blade’ Shishou?!” Tea asks turning his full attention to Shishou

“Hmph. I thought that nickname died off years ago. Don’t go spreading that around again you hear.” Shishou says with an unpleasant expression

“It is you! In that case, you must have met Harigane the legendary swords craftsmen!” Tea gushes with practical stars in his eyes as he looks at Shishou with envy

Harigane? That name sounds rather Japanese. I doubt he is a Yuusha or Maou, but maybe he is descended from one of them. If his blades are regarded so highly it’s possible that he is using some kind of trick learned from the other world to make his blades better.

“You’ve certainly done your research haven’t you?” Shishou remarks as he back away slightly

It is quite obvious he is becoming uncomfortable with how close Tea is getting.

So even someone as composed as Shishou can’t handle him…

“You’re really lucky young miss! He is the greatest swordsmen in the country! There are legends that he is unrivaled in the entire world!” Tea continues as if he was star struck

“Tea! Back to the matter at hand. Why are you in the capital?” I ask trying to turn his attention away from Shishou

“Oh yea! Did you really manage to void my contract missy?! Someone came by my shop yesterday and told me that you entered the tournament for me! I couldn’t just sit around my shop after news like that! I had to come and thank you!” Tea says excitedly as he tightly squeezes me in a hug

I plead with my eyes to Shishou to get him to stop Tea, but he simply looks back at me with pity instead.

“What about your shop though, isn’t anybody watching it?” I ask as I push him off of me

“Who cares?! Missing the tournament boom is nothing when you can watch someone you know participate! I really want to see you use the sword I made in combat so make sure to make it past the first round!”  Tea enthusiastically prattles

Where does his endless well of energy come from?

“Wait, what do you mean? Why would I need to make it past the first round?” I ask not understanding his request

“Didn’t you know? Weapons aren’t allowed until the second round. If too many of the fighters get injured in the first round then the rest of the tournament would be rather boring after all.” Shishou explains

So I can’t even use my sword?! What am I supposed to do for the first round then? All I know is magic and some simple sword-play.

“Don’t look so worried. There is no way a disciple of mine would be allowed to lose in the first round. Your pretty much a complete novice with the sword anyway, so it’s not like your losing much from having it taken from you.” Shishou says cockily with a shrug

“Ah! Look at the time! Sorry, but I’ll be borrowing this for a while. Bye!” Tea says as he holds up my sword before dashing away

He leaves just as suddenly as he showed up and with my sword no less. I hope he plans on returning it, but I suppose I got it for free from him in the first place so I can’t really complain.

“Well, now that we have had our little rest, shall we get started again?” Shishou says in a taunting tone as he raises his fist in a new stance

“Again? It’s already getting pretty late you know.” I say as I notice the sun slowly disappearing and turning to night

“The tournament is only a week away. If you have time to sleep, then you should be spending it training!” Shishou exclaims

Sigh, I guess I can go for a while longer.

I take up the stance he took as best I could copy and we begin our hand-to-hand training.

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  1. Oak says:

    Thanks for the chapter,
    No one can handle a enthusiastic maniac


  2. Dragrath says:

    Thanks for the chapter it looks like training time is finally here! Finally she can get some skill to back up that monstrous power Looking forward to the future curious as to how this master will train Her I have high hopes…


    • ScavArmyGen says:

      and the hero that was doomed before dropped the best chance he had to live through the finals I will find it funny if he dies in a fight with that one from the woods not even getting to fight the Maou well she should have left the slime on his head and saved the world the trouble I mean come on if he is really the one and only hope that’s going to save the world I feel sorry for them because they clearly picked the wrong side to bet on.


  3. GonZ555 says:

    Meatbun delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    Uhh.. when did she say shishou out loud? Or could Tea hear the narator? lol..
    *re-reads the ending of last chapter* oh.. nvm..


  4. carmenhoot says:

    Time skip to a week and POW!!!!! Monster str


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