Patreon reminders

Don’t worry, not shilling out my patreon twice in the same day. Just an update on what i’m doing with this.

Since I launched my patreon I’ve been constantly advised by people to push it, but being a socially incapable person I never did. I don’t like the idea of going “So forget that story for a moment. Give me money.” but whenever I mention it that’s exactly what it feels like. For a while now however i’ve been getting people telling me that they didn’t know that I had one, or that I should mention it more from the reader side, so I decided on a way I could do so without being intrusive.

Starting from chapter 80, I’m going to put a short reminder at the bottom of every 10th chapter about my patreon. Hopefully that won’t be too bad.

As always hope everybody continues to enjoy the series. I certainly enjoy making it.

P.S: Should I go back and add the reminders to every tenth chapter before 80? I considered it, but thought it might be excessive. What do you guys think?

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7 Responses to Patreon reminders

  1. logros13 says:

    if anything i would say that you are being overly self conscious about this, as long as it is nothing more intrusive than “hey guys i have a patreon” like the note in ch 80 i really see no reason not to put it in every chapter.


    • VaanCruze says:

      I just feel guilty whenever I interrupt the story. Like I want people to be able to read the story from start to finish unhindered if they want ad free. That freedom is one of the perks of free content. Of course I would rather they turned their adblocker off to help support me, but I want the option to be there. I feel like i’m kinda working against that when i’m inserting my own ads in the chapters. If anything I don’t think i’m comfortable putting reminders in any more often than this.


      • slayer6950 says:

        Why not just make an image/link on the right hand side, below Recent Posts and above Recent Comments. This will put the Patreon on every page without being intrusive to the story posts. Which, by the way, you have the right hand side list repeated twice.


      • VaanCruze says:

        Admitedly i have no idea how to modify that list. It is populated automatically by the format wordpress uses. Ill look into figuring it out though cause that is a good idea.


  2. caby202 says:

    Every Tenth chapter sounds like a great idea, so yes, go back to the older chapters and place it at the bottom!


  3. Gege says:

    Yes, it’s not excessive. So I also suggest to add it starting at chapter 10. That way, you only need to add/edit 7 chapter only. (10,20,….,70)


  4. gregluck says:

    Nah it’s not that excessive, I personally agree you gave reminder every ten chapter. Some other people even gave it on every chapter, while you only on 10th chapter, so it’s not excessive.


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