Chapter 82: A Maou’s Second

The monster huffs as it prepares to defend itself. It looks like a creature that has gone completely rabid. It almost looks pathetic in an entirely different way, as it looks to already be suffering from straining itself so heavily.

“Hey Kera, since it’s your suggestion I suppose you intend to explain what exactly it’s weaknesses are?” I ask in a goading fashion as I retain a distance of the ratmol

“Oh, you shouldn’t need anything like that. Just throw some fire at it or something.” She says waving my request off entirely

I glare at her for a moment before my attention is drawn again by the strung-out creature huffing in front of me and slowly approaching. Its movements are similar to that of an animal preparing to pounce. Obvious in that its slow movement is just to throw off its opponent in some fashion.

I give a short shrug as I decide my next move.

“Fal-Su-Feir Fireball!” I say as I point towards the ratmol

It’s body tenses and it begins to run fervently before the fire even manifests above me. I feel pity for it as the fireballs give chase and immolate it.

“See? No sweat. Everybody here should be able to take these things on 1 on 1. Even Kiel should be able to squeeze in a couple kills.” Kera brags as the creature stops writhing

“Hey! What do you mean ‘Even Kiel’?! I can hold my own!” Kiel yells in his defense

“Well, ya, but you’re still the weakest one here.” Kera answered with a scoff

“Am not! I would say I was the second strongest!” He rebuts with irritation in his voice

Not even going for the #1 position, eh? Suppose you shouldn’t fight battles you can’t win.

I am second in command in the Maou’s army! That means I’m the strongest!” Bik spouts at Kiel’s claim

“No no! Mak strongest! Mak most cleverer!”
“No no no! Kay stronger! Kay move faster!” Mak and Kay inevitably speak up

At first, they were arguing together, but after hearing each other statements they have turned on each other as well.

“Okay, okay, we are on a timer here so no fighting. If you want to claim that your the strongest, then go for results. The one with most ratmol kills by the end of the eclipse gets the title of ‘Second strongest’” I say interrupting their feud

I try to fight a smirk on my face as I get to humbly state that nobody can compete with me.

“Ha! There is no competition! I’m going to win easily!” Kiel yells as he dashes away

“You’re on!” Bik yells as he blinks away as well

“Me win!”
“No me!” Mak and Kay quarrel as they wrestle

Even whilst grappling with each other however they still skillfully teleport around nearby branches and rocks slowly gaining distance from us.

“You’re not going to go as well?” I ask after a few moments pass and the remaining three haven’t moved

“Not really a fighter. Might hunt some small game in the meantime though. I’m interested in this “Boost” of yours. Everything around you is usually so exaggerated that its hard to imagine it will be something insignificant.” Kera explains with a shrug

“Mana wants to go with Mano!” Mana cheers out with a smile

“You’re the one I’m actually surprised about,” I say with a soft look towards Kurobe

I thought for sure when a competition came up that his pride would be hurt that nobody involved him.

“… I don’t like the ‘New moon’. Those of us that can speak tell stories about it. Tell of its great power. It’s become common sense that the day we fight back will be on a new moon. I won’t stoop to the level of such weaklings.” Kurobe explains through gritting teeth


“Hm? What are you talking about?” I ask with a worried tone

Whatever it is it really seems to bother him. “We” “Fight back” Is he talking about the monsters? Are they planning some kind of attack?

“Hmph! I’m done with this. I’m going to go take a nap somewhere warm. Don’t bother me.” Kurobe states with a standoffish tone before dashing away

“Whats got his undies in a twist? You feed him something bad?” Kera ask in a half-joking tone

Whatever is bothering Kurobe so much has something to do with the eclipse, there is no point in seeking him out until it ends. For the moment the EXP boost comes first.

“Don’t know… I’ll look into it later. For now, it’s time to hunt.” I say with conviction

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4 Responses to Chapter 82: A Maou’s Second

  1. ScavArmyGen says:

    nope think he is talking about his race as in the large dogs that are used to pull things them fighting back could be a good resin for people not wanting to do anything today on top of all the mobs getting a powerup.


  2. Oak says:

    Thanks for the chapter


  3. Dragrath says:

    Kurobe is saying something vague, Monsters fighting back(against whom?) If I am reading correctly then does that mean they will get more organized during the eclipse?
    I get the feeling of some confusing foreshadowing of something…


  4. GonZ555 says:

    Meatbun delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    Beast King premonition?! and i wonder how many will Mano-san kill~


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