Chapter 85: A Maou’s Companion

Sigh “That was fun and all, but i’m really tired now.” Kiel says as he begins to stretch

“Guess we should head back then.” Kera says with a nod

“…You guys go ahead. I still have something I need to do.” I say

“As expected of Maou-sama! So diligent!” Bik cheers with a look of admiration

I’m going to feel guilty if you assume something like that.

I give Kera a look asking her to cooperate, and she seems to pick up on it.

“You heard her, lets go.” She says as she begins pushing everybody in the direction of the town

Now that the eclipse is over I need to see to Kurobe. What was he talking about when he said “The day we fight back”? Aside from sounding over all ominous, it also implies that he has been speaking with other powerful monsters. If such monsters exist I need to make meeting with them a priority. Depending on the circumstance it might even be more important than the tournament.

I wander through the forest for a while, keeping a look out for Kurobe. I slowly move towards an area I think he might be, while enjoying the gentle sounds of the forest. Before long I found him napping under a ray of sun in a small clearing.

“So you came looking for me after all?” He says lifting his head and looking my way

“Is that a bad thing?” I ask as I walk over and posture myself to take a nap as well

“What are you doing?” He ask giving me a judging look

“You make this spot look comfortable, I thought that maybe a nap wasn’t such a bad idea.” I say laying my head on his fluffy back

For a wild wolf that has never been groomed his fur is incredibly soft and silky. I need to remember this for the future.

“Didn’t you come to hear more about what I was talking about earlier? I thought one such as yourself would be more curious.” He says skeptically

“I’m curious and your diligent, and yet both of us know how to appreciate a good nap. Sure I want to know more about what  you were talking about, but that can wait can’t it?” I say as I close my eyes and relax

“Hmph… For you to love food and naps so much, I would almost think you were my kin. Fine then, it’s rare for one to find such a good spot for a nap, no use wasting it.”

A fairly long time passes with neither of us saying a word. We simply enjoyed where we were. The soft grass forming a perfect bed, and the sun basking us with warmth like the most perfect blanket. The wind rustling the trees in a rhythmic pattern, almost like a lullaby. An environment that invites you to sleep so strongly that you fear you may never wake. No word better describes it than bliss.

…”You know, there is a saying among the Inaba. ‘Nothing more is necessary in life than good food, good drink, a soft bed, and good company.’ It’s an idea engraved in us from when we are not but pups. It’s a phrase i’m fond of, almost a creed of mine even. You help fulfill the good company part pretty well I must say.” Kurobe says breaking the silence

He sounds so pleased despite sounding so relaxed as well.

“That’s a good way of looking at things. It can seem so hard to get those things, and even harder to keep ahold of them, but in the end that’s really our only goal.” I respond thinking hard on the phrase

With my power I could easily take any of those things for myself, but it wouldn’t mean anything. In the end the Yuusha would just come and rob me of it all.

“If we stumbled upon some good booze we would be set wouldn’t we?” He ask in a joyful voice

“I think Juire had some pretty good stuff, want me to get some for you? He probably still owes me a favor or two anyways.” I ask

“Pfft! To talk of asking a criminal of your race so easily… It would seem we view the world very differently still. When you get the booze you better drink it together with me. Drinking alone is a hobby of one without good company. I see no reason to partake in it any longer.” He responds in a soft tone

“When” not “If” huh? No reason for subtly I suppose.

“I don’t know that I’ll make the best drinking partner, but if you can find a good place like this then I think I could drink myself silly once or twice.” I say looking back at him with a smile

“I’ve tried to drink with quite a few in the past. Men as well as monsters. I used to play a game where I would test which one had the bigger ego. Men would speak all day of the great beast they slayed, and the women they bedded. Monsters would speak of the revenge they took, and the treasures they won. Both fought with one philosophy “To thwart evil, and protect what is precious to me!” Hmph! Ridiculous. You slay women and children for your safety? You thwart evil by smashing a dragons eggs? Finding humor in their ego was the only way to stop myself from hating them.” He continues, the joy slowly fading into anger

He pauses, and another silence falls for an uncomfortably long time.

“Is that “The day we fight back” then? Some grand revenge from the monsters?” I ask

“It’s nothing more than a legend that those with a foolish ego pass around when they feel defeated. It’s the day were we band together to annihilate the humans for good. They call it ‘The retribution’.” Kurobe explains

“Wait, that’s it? Monsters teaming up? Surely you must have tried that already.” I ask in disbelief

“Never underestimate the pride of old foolish defeated monsters. Inevitably there is always some kind of problem. A clan dispute, a raid, a disagreement in leadership. Monsters don’t respect one another. Just because we have a common enemy doesn’t mean we will magically learn to co-operate.” Kurobe continues

“So that’s why… I was wondering why it is that monsters continue to lose when some are so much more powerful than humans. They all stand alone.” I say in realization

“That’s why humans fear you. Your the entity that changes that. A monster so powerful that others have no choice but to follow you.” Kurobe says before pausing again

Honestly I wish this surprised me more… but I somewhat knew that this is where the conversation was going.

“Neither the humans nor the monsters decide that. I do. There is still far too much about this world I do not know for me to decide the fate of it.” I say resolutely

I don’t know if I can answer him like this, but it’s the best I can do. Honestly i’m too afraid to know whether he wants “The retribution” to happen or not in the first place.

“I chose to follow you for a reason. I will be your guide if you need one, and come the day you make your decision I will stand by it.” Kurobe says as he stands

“I thought you didn’t want to waste a good spot talking about this kind of thing?” I ask sarcastically as I stand as well

“Hm? Have you not realized yet? The sun has already set, and the air has begun to chill. The inn would be more comfortable surely.” He says giving me a snobby look

“Your right, it is cold.” I say as I walk up and wrap my arms around him

“What are you doing?!” He ask thrashing about

“I got all nice and warm resting in your fur, and when you got up suddenly I got cold. Take responsibility.” I say jumping on his back and digging myself into his fur

It really is just too soft and warm to resist.

“Most certainly not! Get off this instant!” He yells

“Not gonna happen. The sooner you get us to the inn the sooner I get off.” I explain as I grab ahold of his fur to make sure he cant throw me off

Sigh “Someone as pompous as you is going to decide the fate of the world?… I suppose it will be interesting to watch at least” He lets out with a sigh as he reluctantly begins to walk forward



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  1. Namorax says:

    I don’t post very often, but I wanted to tell you that I really liked this chapter. I think it is one of your best so far.

    (Now all you need to do is keep the same level (or better) and you can become a professional writer! ;D)


  2. lordekomy says:

    Thanks for the chapter


  3. GonZ555 says:

    Meatbun delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    i want a good nap now..


  4. Oak says:

    Thanks for the chapter
    Really liked this one!


  5. DemonCooler says:

    Sigh “Someone as pompous as you is going to decide the fate of the world?… I suppose it will be interesting to watch at least



  6. Belkar says:

    Thank you!


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