Chapter 86: A Maou Stagnates

As we walk through the dark forest on the way back to the inn I enjoy the sounds of the wildlife and the moist cold air. It feels perfect in contrast to the warm fur that I’ve buried myself in.

gero “Mano-sama, I think we need to have a discussion.” Gero says out of nowhere

“Nwah! I told you to stop doing that! Seriously you’re going to give me a heart attack before the Yuusha ever takes his first swing at me!” I yell in surprise while jumping into a sitting position

Where did he even come from?! There was no noise at all! For that matter how long has he been there?!


“Ow! What was that for?!” I yell at Kurobe that just dumped me off of his back

“It’s annoying to have you squirming around back there. Walk.” He says with an upturned nose

“See what you did Gero?!” I yell with a glare at Gero

“No, that was entirely your own fault,” Kurobe interjects

“Didn’t I tell you and the rest to go back to the inn in the first place? Why are you even here?” I ask ignoring him

gero gero “I understand Mano-sama, but this matter was rather urgent. I felt that Mano-sama would want to hear about it as soon as possible.” Gero says with a bow

“You mean you intentionally disobeyed me?… You have my attention.” I say in disbelief

Gero is not the type to disobey an order. I didn’t even know he was capable of doing so, not on purpose anyway.

“Please direct your attention to the menu pertaining to your current status.” He says as he raises his head

I do as i’m told and open my stats window.

“What?! What is this?!” I ask in surprise at what I see

ManoLevel: ???       Self:110   [Warning!]          

Attack:3500      Ailments: None

Defense:3500      Occupation: Party leader





Aren’t there too many things wrong with this?! Why is my level unknown? Why did all of my stats even out? Does it all have to do with that ‘warning’ thing that showed up? In the first place wasn’t that self-number supposed to be a percentage? How did it go over 100?

gero gero gero “Mano-sama is meant to grow enough for both herself and a continuous stream of minions. By refusing to summon anything your power has begun to grow faster than your vessel. You are bursting at the seams with power that you are not meant to handle, and unless you remedy this your body will no longer be able to purpose this power. Worse yet, if you continue to gather strength from fallen monsters despite your condition your power will consume your vessel and you will most likely perish.” Gero explains in a calm tone that pairs badly with his message

I’m going to die if I keep killing monsters? What kind of unfair rule is that?!

“…What would you suggest?” I ask after pondering for a few moments

I don’t know as much about this condition as he does it seems, so I should follow his discretion on this one.

gero gero “Mano-sama is determined not to summon a horde of minions?” He asks after thinking to himself for a few moments

“If I did something like that it would both announce my presence far too early, and make it a lot harder to convince people I mean them no harm,” I explain

If the solution was that easy I wouldn’t have asked.

“Mano-sama must summon something to alleviate this condition, so the only thing Mano-sama must think about is the number of minions and how much power to grant them.” Gero replies with what feels like a stock answer

My party is already big enough as is, so I need to make something that I can leave behind without it destroying the ecosystem…I need to use a significant amount in whatever I make. Last time I used 20 percent and that seems like too little for shedding excess power. Maybe somewhere closer to 40 percent… but what would that make? What kind of monster would it be if I used all 40 on just one? It would be something that would quickly surpass the Orc from before. Considering how much trouble it gave the town I’m not sure that would be the best idea. What if I split it into hundreds of tiny creatures? Things with so little power in them that they would be harmless… but what if they turned into a swarm of locust or something?

gero “Mano-sama seems quite troubled by something. Is there anything I can assist with?” Gero ask tilting his head

“Hm? Oh right, you should know more about this. Is there any way to determine what monster I will create when I portion off my power?” I ask

gero “The Maou has the ability to create any creature they can imagine. You are not limited to creatures that currently exist either. Your will can manifest a creature of your own design if you so desire.” Gero explains with a bow

Anything? In that case, I may have an idea.

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9 Responses to Chapter 86: A Maou Stagnates

  1. Dragrath says:

    So a creature that will not disrupt the local ecosystem…

    Potential guesses. I can’t imagine anything completely benign not even a flying bed(Imagine how many people would want that?
    1)An immobile organism such as a plant (or maybe even a fungi if it is limited enough to a specific food source) like an herb or tree that focuses its power into benign or helpful traits like pretty flowers, tasty fruit, or benevolent effects including say healing powers or other medicinal properties. If summoned far away in the woods or as a sapling/young plant it could be pushed off as a discovery to reduce the risk of it being seen as a new threat…
    Could fail horribly if she failed to make sure it was 100% not poisonous… or it turned out to be invasive enough to take over the local ecosystem or could gain the ability to move or eat anything it wasn’t supposed to if at all… (Why fungi would be a very bad idea as they eat things… )

    2) Living artifact-create a monstrous(possibly sentient) treasure that’s power can keep growing practically anything is possible as long as the worlds laws enable it and she can think of it. (i.e. flying beds,living weapons, flying storage bags, magical self improving/repairing/cleaning equipment/jewelry/clothing/armor?

    3)Create a creature or maybe robot meant to be inconspicuous cute or harmless that hopefully serves a useful role and will not backfire? Mobility makes these seem a bit too unpredictable especially if they gain self mobility…

    4)create something to store excess power or possibly augment an existing minion/follower to handle some of the load? Could she pass on power to others even through indirect means such as an item if so they wouldn’t have to necessarily be her friends/followers thus letting her separate herself from the risk of association with the empowered individual/creature…


  2. Gege says:

    Summon Super Robot. Or Spaceship. That way,she would have a very nice transport carrier.
    Maybe she could summon a weapon for herself? Sword or something? Gun? Tank? Etc. Lol


  3. Oak says:

    Thanks for the chapter,
    This will be interesting.


  4. GonZ555 says:

    Meatbun delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    Time to see Mano’s imagination?!
    …why do i suddenly think that Mano will summon a couch or a bed?


  5. Belkar says:

    Thank you!


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