Chapter 90: A Distrusting Maou

Gero gero gero “Understood. Based on previous conversations is there information that Mano-sama would like me to omit and or summarize?” Gero says after several seconds of his gears turning

“No, this time I want excruciating detail… I can think of a place I want you to start, however.” I answer as I look at him suspiciously

There is still one thing I need to confirm before I continue.

“I will fulfill your request to the best of my ability,” Gero says with a bow

“Tell me what you already knew about Azreal before coming to this library,” I command with authority

I trust Gero, he is one of the first people to ever help me, but I need to know his past.

“Very well, Azreal was born 135 years ago with elegant long brown hair and red eyes. His appearance was a human male in his mid 20’s with a long black detailed overcoat and formal wear.” Gero states simply

Why did he specify a “human male”? Can Maou be born with appearances other than ones similar to humans?

Gero “Is there any other preference or would you like me to move on to what is recorded in this library?” He continues after a short time

“What, that’s it? That’s all you know about him?” I ask in disbelief as a feeling of fear creeps into me

I’ve never known Gero to lie, but I have a tough time believing that he would know nothing else. The idea of him betraying me, or working against my best interest is something I don’t think I have truly considered before. I don’t think I want to consider it either.

“He said this whilst I was attempting to give him a proper introduction; ‘I don’t need you then. I’ve already got the gist of it, and I don’t want my kingdom built on the work of the failures before me.’” Gero plays the recording of a strong-willed male voice

Something about the voice commands power. His is the kind of voice that you would instantly associate with someone important.

“I removed myself for a long period as to follow his wishes. I only emerged recently upon seeing the signs that a new Maou would be born soon.” He continues

“So you don’t know anything about Azreal because you were hiding the entire time?” I ask

I suppose it would make sense if that were the case. Gero is something of a bookworm, so why did he know so little about the surrounding cities until recently? If he was simply waiting for me after the death of his previous master then surely he would be more informed by this point.

“Yes, Maou instructed me to follow the orders of Maou no matter what they were. If Maou wishes for me to disappear than I will gladly do so.” Gero elaborates

Hmm, I wish he could distinguish between those a bit better. I have no idea which Maou he is even talking about anymore.

At least I can put my suspicions of Gero being created by Azreal to rest, but I should learn more about him all the same.

“Now tell me what you have learned since coming here.” I command

Gero gero “There are a total of 21 books with information pertaining to Azreal, 18 of which are currently stored in the royal section. I have been unable to locate 2 of the books in the public section. The other two are located in stack B-C2/1.” Gero says pointing to a stack of book in the far side of the room

I am going to choose to ignore the fact that he seems to have made some sort of organizational system, and stay on subject.

“So few? I thought there would be far more considering the impact he seems to have had. Even if literacy was at an extreme low there should be more shouldn’t there?” I say to myself

There were 3 times as many nobles out there reading books than there are books on Azreal total. What could these shelves possibly be filled with if important events like that aren’t recorded?

“Are you sure that’s all of them?” I ask thinking back on the huge shelves

I can’t imagine he’s combed the whole library already.

Gero “This information comes directly from the Librarian. While I can not prove the accuracy of said information, I have yet to find conflicting data. Her accuracy as of now is currently 100% in regards to the contents of this library.” Gero explains

“The librarian? I’ll have to talk to her later. For now, give me the books on Azreal” I command

Gero hands me two books, one that is colorful and well maintained and another that is dull with faded text on the front.

“Does the Maou have any skill that allows them to read written language?” I ask as I stare at the intricate letters on each book

Is this really how this languages letters are supposed to look? Some characters seem plain enough, but a few look as if they are nothing but scribbles.

gero gero “Unfortunately not. The Maous natural ability to understand spoken language is based on an interpretation of the speaker’s magical energy. Much like body language, ones magical energy takes form when they attempt to convey a message. The Maou has the capability of translating this form into a language understandable to them.” Gero explains

“Hmm… in that case I should probably learn the written language of this country. For now, I will have to do with you reading it aloud. Start with this one.” I say as I hand Gero the well-maintained book

“‘Cooking: Teslagrs’ secret to survival, by Cuis Nien. Index: 1. Recipes of the last generation 2. Modern changes 3. Roy-”

“Skip to the parts about Azreal,” I command as I rub my head

Today is going to be a headache, isn’t it?

“As you wish.

‘Azreal’s Bane:
A cheap sweet created by the Yuusha Odin to help in the relief efforts following Azreal’s destruction. The power of its satiation and taste were so powerful that many joked that it was the Yuusha’s most powerful weapon.

-Two ground geralt roots
-Three pinches of salt
-Purification powder to taste

Mix all ingredients into a bowl and mix thoroughly. It will turn pink once the purification powder has properly mixed. Once all ingredients are mixed simply ball it up into bite-sized treats and enjoy. Each serving makes six balls and feeds three people. It is suggested that children eat no more than one at a time as they are deceptively filling.'” Gero reads out before closing the book

“Is that it? Just a recipe with his name in it?” I ask disappointed

“Yes, Mano-sama,” Gero answers with a bow


At least I found an interesting snack. If it’s as satisfying as this book says then maybe I can prevent myself from going into an eating frenzy again. I’ve been having to eat everything in my room at the inn just to stop myself from eating everything in sight. My wallet can’t take another ramen incident.

Gero “The other book has an entire chapter pertaining to Azreal. Would Mano-sama like me to read the related section aloud?” Gero ask



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  1. Gege says:

    Thanks for the chapter. But Isn’t Mano couldn’t read? What chapter does she become able to read? I forgot. I only remember the time when she got into one of the library only to realize she cannot read,and then she sleep,and when someone came,she hide/using stealth ability and then escape/run away.


  2. Dragrath says:

    Sigh I guess that a time of severe oppressive war isn’t necessarily the best place to find reading material before the introduction of the printing press… Hopefully at least one proper historian wrote on the topic. Their is decent odds that their could be at least one scholar/historian who has done some study on past Moau… Though Mano would have to be careful with such a person if the example is still alive…


  3. Lorxekomy says:

    Thank you


  4. GonZ555 says:

    Meatbun delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    Can meatbun have azareal’s bane too?


  5. Belkar says:

    Thank you!


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