Chapter 91: A Merchant’s Tale

5th day of the 12th month:…I’ve spent a lifetime watching the world’s economy. I’ve considered many things amazing in my time. So much so that I thought that nothing could ever top them, that my life as a merchant had been a fulfilling one… Was it all just fate’s way of apologizing for the horrible timing of my birth? Yesterday the Maou was “discovered” one kingdom away. Word of it reached here today as the first wave of survivors arrived. At the inauguration of Nect’s next queen he beheaded the entire royal family in front of thousands. He told people to “run and tell the world about what they saw” as his army went to kill half of the entire nation. That monster, he told them to run, but he slaughtered those that weren’t fast enough. He went through half a nation in a day… how long until he reaches here? Will my days as a merchant end as I’m forced to run ever faster from the horror those people faced?

6th day of the 12th month: The kingdom managed to get some more information out of the survivors. I have never regretted having an information network that ran so deep, but what I heard today will haunt me for the short days I have left. I previously assumed the Maou stopped his assault due to meeting resistance or running out of stamina, but what was his reason? He was bored. They say that there was no escape from him. Those that lived were only those lucky enough to survive until he grew bored of his destruction. He waved off the petty resistance that was left at the end as if they were children. The worst thing about it all though was that he was alone. There was never any army. That monster managed to kill half a nation in a day alone.

Day 3: I’ve decided to change the dating for my logs. The months and days have become unimportant after all. For those that manage to survive and read this, I’m sure that the emergence of the Maou would be a far more relevant point in history. With that said, there was of course news today. Nect has fallen. What remains of its citizens have all fled to other countries. There are whispers among people that the Maou did this to claim a nation for monsters. The more hopeful of them think that he might stop now that he’s taken Nect. If only for a time. Nobody thinks he will stay peaceful for long. He will establish a base, amass an army, and attack in time. That is the hope. To give us just a short while longer. How pathetic we have become so quickly. Fear has withered away humanity’s pride, but not our strength. The Yuusha is on his way.

Day 4: The Maou appeared today on our border. He had a message, but this time he asked for an official. He stood on our border for half a day without moving for the nearest ambassador that was stupid enough to accept his summons to arrive. His message was this: “I do not wish to be bothered. Ever. If a human ever enters my land I will not hesitate to end them and any associated with them. I am the ruler of this land, and until I require more I have no need to deal with you petty beings.” He said before walking away. Have our hopes come true? Was he really only after Nect? I am… was a merchant. I have grown to view things cynically.

“until I require more”

I don’t believe I can overlook those words.

Day 13: The Yuusha has arrived at the castle. He spoke with the king earlier about humanity’s counter-attack. They plan to launch an assault in a few days. Is this really wise? I agree that something has to be done about him, but why the haste? We still seem very unprepared. War is both where kings and warriors shine, and where they tend to fall. I use to relish in the idea of a poor war decision. Once the victor became apparent it was so easy to make money. Fear and unease would make people’s pockets loose. I always use to think them so foolish… I know their fear now. I would pay every penny I ever earned for even a flimsy hope for safety.

Day 16: The assault is today. If it goes to plan then we will have another 100 years of peace. Nect will have been the only sacrifice. I might have actually started to hope for the best. I always used to keep the worst in mind, but it’s become too painful. I’ve decided on a plan if things go wrong. I won’t think of it any further.

Day 17: The worst has happened. The Yuusha returned this morning, beaten and wounded. He claimed he left that monster in the same condition, but that it would only be several days before they are both healed. Not even the Yuusha could defeat him, and now he is antagonized. I leave tonight. I’m bound for Teslagr. I wish to see my family once more if I’m going to die.

Gero “That is the final entry.” Gero says as he closes the book

“Really? I was actually a little curious how that would end. What happened to the merchant after that I wonder?” I say aloud in disappointment

He must be fine right? The book made it to this library after all.

Gero gero gero “There is an excerpt on the last page with relevant information. Would Mano-sama like for me to read it?” Gero ask

Oh, he just meant that was the last entry about Azreal. I’m glad I can get some closure.

“Yes,” I say

In memory of my loving father, who wrote for the benefit of future merchants until his last moments. Please cherish his teachings that he lived and died to pass on.

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5 Responses to Chapter 91: A Merchant’s Tale

  1. Bea says:

    Good stuff. The last paragraph was as heavy as it was intended to be.

    Thanks for the chapter.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lorxekomy says:

    Thank you for the chapter


  3. Dragrath says:

    So the guy survived the first clash with the hero… It makes me curious if their is some thing worse out there for Mano… It unfortunately also shows strong hints as to why their isn’t much written about him… They simply didn’t survive to write much at all 0_o

    Definitely not a good role model for Mano, However his downfall might be important for finding a way to survive.


  4. Gege says:

    Ah,so its still not clear how the previous Maou lost.
    And,thank you for the chapter.


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