Chapter 92: A Maou’s Seal

I had Gero repeat the sections of the books that had anything to do with Azreal to me several times to make sure I gathered every detail. Unfortunately, these two books simply don’t have that much information. After I was convinced I had learned everything I could I decided on my next target.

“Excuse me, where can I find the librarian?” I ask an attendant passing by as I wander through the library

For some reason rather than answering with words, the attendant simply gives a pained expression and points towards a small girl crouched in front of a stack of books.

“Hello? Are you the-”

“Do you see what they did! It’s like they don’t care at all! GAH! Look at this rip, and this stain! This is a limited print! Only six exiiiiist~” The girl turns to me in tears suddenly when I attempt to confront her

“H-huh?” I can’t help but make an odd sound as I was caught off guard by her sudden outburst

“How do they intend to pay for this! Money won’t solve it! The poor author~” She continues ignoring me

I just stand there dumbfounded attempting to think of some kind of response. Honestly, I can’t even see the things she is pointing at. If there really is damage to the books than I can’t imagine it’s worth crying over.

“Mon! You’re scaring the poor girl! Greet her properly!” A male attendant says as he walks over and bops the girl on the head

“Hm? Ah! I’m so sorry! I get a bit caught up when I’m reviewing book damages!” The girl says as she seems to have finally noticed me

“It’s okay, I had a few questions about some books you mentioned to my friend,” I say to try to calm her down

Maybe I’m just bad with people. Every new person I meet manages to throw me off in some way or another, or maybe I’m just not bothering to remember anybody that doesn’t make this kind of impact. Is weird becoming my standard for judging people?

“About books? Ask away! I have every book in this library memorized! What did you have in mind?” She boasts confidently

“I’m doing research on the Maou Azreal. I’ve already read the books that are available in the main library, but I was told that there was a number in the royal library too.” I explain

“Who told you that?!” The male attendant yells in anger

“Wha?! My friend said that he received that information from the librarian.” I answer in confusion from the sudden outburst

“Mon!” The attendant yells at the girl who is avoiding his gaze with a guilty look

“I’ve told you a hundred times that you can’t tell people about the contents of the royal library!” He scolds

“But! But I can’t help it! When I start telling people information about books I can’t help but finish! He hardly talks too, I didn’t think he would blab!” She protests

“That’s not the point!” The attendant angrily yells as he flicks the girl’s forehead hard enough to leave a mark

“Is it really meant to be such a secret? What does it take to get into the royal library anyways?” I ask

“It’s just like it sounds. It’s a section of the library containing a selection reserved for the eyes of the current royalty. All those not currently in the royal family cannot enter.” The attendant explains in a more mild tone

“So even this won’t get me in?” I ask as I show them the royal seal

“Wha? Isn’t that princess Anata’s counterseal? I figured the Yuusha would end up with it after they set off on a journey together. Unfortunately, even if you are engaged to the princess it won’t be enough. The only members of the royal family that can enter without an accompanying written notice from the king is the king and his advisor.” The attendant explains suppressing an obvious surprise upon seeing the ring

“Engaged?! Who said anything about being engaged?!” I ask in surprise and embarrassment at his assumption

He hardly batted an eyelash despite us both being girls… Wait, that’s not the issue here!

“Why do you seem so surprised? That’s what the seal is for. It’s a proof for any official in the country that the royal family has promised you a place in high royalty. Aside from the occasional estranged child it’s almost solely been used as an engagement ring until this point. Considering her age, you’re not going to convince me that you’re some long-lost kid of hers.” He continues with a skeptical look

Does that mean that she was proposing to me? Does that mean that by accepting it I agreed?! Is Anata that kind of passionate person that would propose after one meeting?


No… she seems like the kind of airhead that wouldn’t know better. That must be it.

“So you’re telling me that I’m not getting in without a letter from the king?” I ask attempting to calm myself

“Yes… but I can find anything in the normal library for you!” The girl says with renewed confidence

“Thanks, but for the moment that’s the only subject I’m interested in. I’ll keep your offer in mind when I return though.” I say disappointed

So my research on Azreal ends here for now… Well, I found something interesting all the same. Time for my next goal. Food! Azreal’s Bane might be a real benefit to me. Even if it doesn’t manage to satiate me, it can be used as a cheap ration should we choose to journey far in the future. There is also something else that I want to experiment with, but I will leave that for now.


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7 Responses to Chapter 92: A Maou’s Seal

  1. Bea says:


    Oh come on, you set up the yuri flag, I’m going to be mad if Mano x Anata doesn’t turn out to be at least half a thing… especially considering how Mano has spent a few moments just absentmindedly *staring* at her before!

    …that, and now that I think of it, the princess’s name does mean “dear”.

    Oh well, I’m hopeful, but I understand if that’s not what you intended. Thanks for the chapter.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dragrath says:

    So she needs a letter from the king eh? I guess she needs to boost her relationship with the princess and have her convince her father. That seems to be the only way I can think of her getting the information…


  3. Lorxekomy says:

    Thank you


  4. Gege says:

    Oh,its a different kind of seal. I thought the previous Maou is still sealed somewhere.


  5. Inuzuka says:

    I wonder if Mano could butter up the librarians by casting Restora on all the damaged books?


    • ScavArmyGen says:

      that would not work too well mostly because it only works on short spans of time and the books are 1 old and 2 ben damaged slowly over a long time.


  6. Belkar says:

    Thank you!


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