Chapter 97: A Maou Dashes

Swoosh Shwa! Fuu!

Time after time my attacks wiz by my target. Growing faster and stronger. The distance between us has become apparent, and I can see it growing less distant by the moment… but not fast enough.

“Hahaha! I’ve not felt so alive in forever! Since you woke up this morning you really perked up! I can’t wait to see how you’ll fare tommorow!” The old cockroach sneers as he evades every attack

“Too bad for you, after I win our little bet i’m going to take a day off. Rest before the big event.” I sneer in return

“Your still on about that? You have minutes! The sun will hit it’s zenith in minutes, and when the bell chimes and the cerimony starts you will be disqualified.” He says with disbelief as he points towards the sky

He still hides his fatigue flawlessly, but I’ve begun to notice small changes. He is having more and more trouble keeping up. He claims to know the suns position, but he hasn’t taken his eyes off me in hours. When I begin to chant he quickly closes the distance to prevent me from using magic. He even counters on occasion when I get too close. I’m just on the brink of landing a blow… but he’s right. Sure I can probably land one by the end of the day, but it would take a miracle to land one before noon sets in. The bells will ring any moment, I have to do something!

“OIIII! LASS! I fixed the sword!” Suddenly someone yells

Even the wind and the birds had gone silent in my concentration. I lose my barings for a moment as the sudden scream enters the world that had formed around our duel. I wasn’t the only one caught off gaurd by the sudden noise though. Shishou turns his head to look at the source

“An opening! Tei-Meta-Eir Dash!” I yell quickly as I activate my new magic

In a flash the world moves beneath me. The distance between me and Shishou in has disappeared in mere moments. With as much desperate speed as I can manage I throw my drawn back fist towards him.

“! No you don’t!” He yells out upon noticing my assault

He disappears. I would think he teleported away if not for the gust of wind that followed his rapid movement. Wind so powerful in fact that I get pulled into it, falling to the ground.

“You nearly gave me a heart attack. I’ve never seen that one before, just how long have you been holding on to that move?” He ask with a cocky grin as he walks up to me lying on the ground

“For a while now. Whats with that stupidly fast speed? Have you been going easy on me this whole time?” I ask looking up at him

To be honest I only received that magic this morning. It seemed like the only one useful for this situation so I was saving it for a good opportunity.

“Of course I can’t keep up that kind of speed all the time. I might be amazing, but that would just be rediculous. It’s a skill, one I was born with.I can’t use it more that a few times a day.” He brags as he gets back into stance

“What are you doing? Get these things off of me, I have a cerimony to get to.” I say as I stand up and hold my arm out towards him

He stares at me in confusion for a moment. As the realization dons on him he begins to pat himself looking for something.

“AH! Cheeky little!” He yells out when he finds the hole in his sleeve from my desperate attack

“Your not going to say something immature like ‘My clothes don’t count!’ or something right? A loss is a loss now pay up.” I say shaking the braclet on my wrist at him with a smile

“Um… Did I interupt something?” I hear from our side in an apologetic tone

When I turn to see the source a smile breaks out on my face. Tea is back with my sword, and to boot it has a rather flashy looking sheath on it now.

“Gah! Of course you did! Look at her, her head is starting to grow already! By sundown her ego will be so big that there wont be anymore room in this city for the people! You’ve doomed us all!” Shishou angrily rants in half seriousness

“Don’t listen to him, your timing couldn’t have been better. Want to come with me to the tournament inaguration cerimony? You can show me the sword on the way.” I say jubiously as I trot over to him to get a close look at the sword

“Really?! That would be great! The tickets to the braket drawing are super expensive, and usually I only hear about the match ups the next day!… but, won’t we be getting there a little early?” He tilts his head and ask

“Hm? I thought I was cutting it rather close actually.” I answer in equal parts confusion

“Lass… you do know that it isn’t until tonight right? We still have nearly half the day to go.” Tea explains


I feel something in my head snap as I realize what has happened.

“Shishou!” I yell out in anger turning to meet the smug smile i’m sure i’ll find on the old mans face

I’m met only with the shattered park we used as our battlefield. Not a trace of the snake tounged demon that tourmented me only minutes ago.

“Tch! He ran… Wait! Take off these before you go at least!” I yell out with renewed anger as I search again for him

“You should really calm down lass. Anger really doesn’t suit you.” Tea says as he motions for me to calm myself

I turn to glare at him for interupting my search, and when I do he seems to stiffen and fall silent.

Siiiigh~ “How about you show me that sword…” I say defeated at the scared puppy dog eyes Tea has plastered on his face

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6 Responses to Chapter 97: A Maou Dashes

  1. Alex Bond says:




  2. Inuzuka says:

    So she still hasn’t checked Shishou’s status despite the daily training.
    She would have been able to get a clear picture of just how high his physical abilities are compared to her own, and how much of his combat ability is using martial arts to compensate.
    She also would have known about the skill he claimed to have been born with, and by virtue of her Maou OP-ness, possibly leaning how to it use herself.


  3. Dragrath says:

    Haha he tricked her not the first time and certainly not the last the interaction between those two is great 🙂


  4. GonZ555 says:

    Meatbun delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    Using puppy dog eye is cheating!!


  5. Belkar says:

    Thank you!


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