Chapter 98: An Unskilled Maou

As we begin walking towards the arena Tea gushes over the sword.

“So I noticed before that the core remained solid, but the edges were cracked pretty heavily. I guess I should have given you something better suited for slashing. To make up for that though I changed it’s form a tad. I extended the core using a rare metal and formed the blade a bit wider. That should help prevent it from chipping or cracking as much from slashing attacks. In addition I had a friend of mine enchant it for a good price with ‘Mana Bind’. For a spellcaster like yourself that should make whatever damage does show up disappear for a meager amount of Mana.” He rambles on excitedly

He seems so distracted with his talk about the sword that he stumbles and loses his balance a few times as we walk along the unevenly paved road. Not wanting to see him fall and get hurt I debate stopping him, but he seems so happy that I decide against it. He’s pretty well built so i’m sure I don’t have to worry about him hurting himself too badly.

“What about the sheath? It caught my eye pretty quickly.” I say as I hold out the well decorated sheath

Looking at it, it’s a fair amount larger than it was before. Even for how much the blade has widened it still seems disproportionate.

“Oh! I almost forgot about that one! Since adding in a shock stone to your sword seemed to work so well I thought I might add a few more magical stones to the mix, give you some variety. While I was paying around with them though this kept happening.” He explains as he slaps the sheath with his open hand


When he does a small crackling sound can be heard before his hand is flung away.

“What in the world was that?” I ask as I stare at the small static shocks still emanating from the stones

“For some reason when I put a few of these together they started acting really funny. You can really cast magic through them, and for some reason when you knock them too hard they let out a blast. After a while it started to give me an idea! If I made it a bit bigger you can use it like a shield! Watch this!” He excitedly says as he starts to fiddle with the shetah

He begins to pull on parts of the sheath that come loose for some reason. Still attached on a hinge however they rest in there final position making there purpose apparent.

“A handle?” I ask as I look at the very odd empty sheath before me

“Yup! This way you can block with you left hand and strike with your right! Isn’t that cool!” Tea ask me with practical stars in his eyes

This… looks a tad dumb. With it’s fancy decorated trim, and it’s mostly leather exterior it looks more like a toy sword than a magical sheath when you add the handle.

“I knew you would love it! You really seem to know your weapons lass!” Tea says without a response as he pats me hard on the back


Well, dumb or not it sounds functional at least. I haven’t had much of a need for a shield yet, but I suppose I can always find a use for something like this.

“Just how big is the bill going to be for all this. You mentioned quite a few improvements I can only imagine would be extremely expensive.” I say nervously as I look at the fancy weapon in my hand

If he’s counting on my winnings from the tournament then we might have an issue. I obviously plan on going for the win, but i’m not so delusional as to make bets on it before I even see the competition. At the very least the Yuusha will be competing, which will be a tough fight even if I win.

“Didn’t he tell you?” Tea ask cocking his head

“What? What are you talking about?” I ask

“The boss of that lending company told me to make improvements on your weapon for you. He even lent me a forge and materials so I didn’t have to go all the way back to my shop. I was told he would pick up the cost for whatever I did so I splurged a little.” Tea says with an embarrassed look

…Maybe it says something about how little I trust Juire, but I somehow doubt that he did that out of the kindness of his heart. Even if he did want me reasonably armed it seems odd to me that he would specifically ask Tea to do it. Even if i’m pretty confident in his skill, i’m sure Juire has some connections with famous blacksmiths that he would trust to do a better job. Perhaps it’s meant to be some kind of reminder that even though Tea’s contract is void that he’s still under Juires thumb.

“Well, at least you got an opportunity to go wild and make something using expensive materials.” I say aloud try to make myself feel better about accepting Juires help

“Ya… I just wish I could play with some reeeally rare materials.” Tea half mumbles in response

“Hm? Why didn’t you? Juires pockets are pretty deep from what I hear, you could have probably bought whatever you wanted.” I ask

“Lass… surely you don’t think me such a petty man that I would spend another mans coin with whimsy. Even if I did take the opportunity to play around with the more rare materials it wouldn’t be much use to you in the end.” He answers

“Why not?” I ask confused at his answer

I mean it’s not like weapons have level caps or something right? If so that would make raiding the previous Maou’s castle a lot less fruitful. The loot in there would be way too high level.

“My master always said ‘Never make a sword that doesn’t match it’s owner. A blade too dull with get it’s wielder killed, but one too sharp will do even more harm.’ No offense lass, but you have almost no experience with swords. I only made the improvements I did because I saw you were being taught by The Patient Blade. If you show me that you can handle a sword of a higher caliber than I will consider making you one… but you may have to pay next time.” Tea explains with a distant look

So i’m capped not by my level… but by my skill. As much as that makes sense, it’s still irritating. I suppose I’ll have to rely on that irritating old man if I want to wield stronger weapons.

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  1. GonZ555 says:

    Meatbun delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    *orders a weapon for meatbun*
    eeh?! why is meatbun given a tea spoon? meatbun wants a weapon!!


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