MTY: Chapter 98

Tea and I managed to pass the time talking about various subjects as he showed me around the city. He has actually been here a fair few times in the past so I took advantage of the opportunity to learn my way around. It’s pretty obvious that the city was built without any kind of system in mind, so buildings are all over the place in random configurations making it difficult to learn.

“It’s a bit heavier, but it swings faster so I really want to try my hand at making one. I’ve had a few requests for it, but it’s so expensive that people do-

“Tea? We should head towards the Stadium now, shouldn’t we? It’s getting close to nighttime.”  I interject

I actually think we still have plenty of time, but in the hours that we have been walking around, he has managed to go on super long rants about weapons like this nine times already. I’m still physically and mentally worn out after that devil of a geezer’s training from hell, and these rants are beginning to wear on my sanity.

“Oh, right! I’ve been slowly circling it for a while, but now is the perfect time! Let’s go!” He excitedly changes gear before sprinting away beckoning me to follow

Questioning, but not objecting I follow after him. After passing through several dark alleys, many of which I questioned our safety in, we come to a large clearing.

“…Wow…” I let out as I stare ahead

Standing in the center of a massive clearing is the stadium, sitting atop a grey and brown canvas of stone with a vibrant and warm orange sky at its back, the sun poking through one of the upper arches. The stadium itself is made of a marble-like white stone, detailed needlessly in a way that makes it look absolutely stunning. The distance between it and the surrounding buildings makes it feel as though nothing would dare go near it. Imposing and beautiful are the only two words that come to mind when looking at it.

“Pretty great right? I love coming here to watch the sunset.” Tea says as he stares on as well

I let a smile creep across my face as I say nothing and spend a few more moments taking in the sight.


Amidst the quiet admiration of the stadium, an odd sound can be heard growing louder. As it grows louder and louder a faint murmur can be felt in the ground… growing and growing, until it becomes difficult to stand without anything to hold on to.


I turn to Tea to ask what the noise could be, but when I do I am startled by what I see. Past Tea there is a man the size of a bus is squeezing through an alley way in the distance.

“Wha?! What’s up with him?!” I let out in my surprise

“Woah! It’s a Kolossaal! A massive one at that!” Tea lets out in admiration as we watch the giant

“… Is he alright?” I ask as we continue to stare on

The large man is only about halfway out of the alley and seems to be struggling to free his second half from the clutches of the buildings.

CHA Kon! crichshsh

Shortly after I ask however the building gives way and a large chunk falls from one of the buildings freeing the giant.

“AH! Not again!” He lets out as his face turns blue and he attempts to reattach the fallen pieces

After failing for several moments he puts the pieces down carefully on the ground and bows towards the building.

CHOCK! Chachrishsh

Hitting his head on the building when he does and causing more debris to fall.

“Ohh… I really hope I have enough to pay for that…” The defeated giant says as he turns to walk towards the stadium.

I continue to stare in awe as the scene goes on. Not sure to be more amazed by his size, or the complete disconnect in his stature and behavior.

“First time seeing a Kolossaal?” Tea ask

“Yes…” I say unable to gather my thoughts enough to ask a proper question

There is so much to retort to I have no idea where to start.

“Don’t worry, they usually aren’t that big. I’ve never actually seen one that large before. Usually, they are only about as big as about two men… though some are a lot smaller as well.” Tea explains

“Don’t take this the wrong way… but are they human?” I ask in a tenuous voice

It’s such a dangerous question. To question something’s humanity could be the ultimate insult after all.

“Don’t look so nervous, it’s a natural question for someone that’s never seen one before. Yes, they are human… though many don’t consider them to be. There are hundreds of rumors and stories about how they came to be, but most involve them being the descendants of giants. That answer tends to lead to more questions than answers, but many believe it all the same. The Kolossaal find a lot of animosity in other kingdoms.” Tea explains in a gentle tone

As we speak the Kolossaal has sat down leaning against the wall of the stadium.

“…That’s horrible.” Is all I can let out as I imagine the colored history the kind looking giant in front of me has had

“I’m glad you feel the same lass… We should head on in, it seems everybody else is arriving.” Tea says as he points out several other people making their way towards the entrance.

I nod my head and we make our way inside. I can’t help but wonder what this grand building has in store for me.

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6 Responses to MTY: Chapter 98

  1. Silent Rain says:

    Woah, I got caught up in one day hehe. Hurray for binge reading 93 chapters!!! Woohoo!!! Loved the story so far!! Great work and I can’t wait to read more!!

    I tried to keep my commenting to a minimum >~< didn't know if it would be annoying or not but thanks again for making this amazing work!!


  2. GonZ555 says:

    Meatbun delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    I wonder if the kolossaal has an unexpectedly rich background..? If his only response to breaking a wall was ‘i wonder if i have enough money to pay that’ then isn’t he really good at getting money? Since it certainly wasn’t his first broken wall..


  3. Dragrath says:

    Giants… I can’t imagine how one could afford any repairs if they can’t fit on city streets.. how would they get work to get paid?


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