Maou the Yuusha hiatus

For a while Maou the Yuusha is going to have a small break. Don’t worry too much, the series certainly isn’t dead, I’ve just hit a bit of a rut where writing for it is difficult. In the first place I had always intended to have other series run alongside Maou the Yuusha, and to pepper in the occasional one-shot for the sake of practice. However with work and other responsibilities taking up most of my time I never had the opportunity to. that’s why for the period that Maou the Yuusha is on break i’m going to be doing just that.

I have a short series called “Higeki no hīrō” that is going to have it’s first chapter released later today that I plan to be running for a while. This story is going to be much shorter, but will have a much more encapsulated story with longer chapters. Hopefully you will all enjoy it as much as I have.

I will also be throwing out the occasional pilot chapter or one-shot for your enjoyment, of which I have a few planned. Not every one will be gold for sure, but I would love your feedback on all of them so I can get an idea of what it is that those of you that already read my stuff enjoy.

Maou the Yuusha will continue as soon as my motivation for writing it returns, but in the mean time I will make sure that at least every Wednesday there is a release of something whether that is a chapter of “Higeki no hīrō” or on of the more one-off works I have planned.

I hope that you will all continue reading during this hiatus, and I promise that Maou the Yuusha will continue before too long.

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9 Responses to Maou the Yuusha hiatus

  1. Dragrath says:

    As others said if you run into difficulty writing because you have written yourself into a wall… I will miss this series
    Is the issue involve the tournament? Tournament arcs have been the deaths of many hopeful series… 😦
    Regardless I hope you can get past the writers block


    • VaanCruze says:

      My idea well has just run rather dry after 2 years. Playing it by ear worked to some level, but i have no time to rewrite the chapters so often i was left with something i wasnt satisfied with thay i didnt have time to fix because i went in without an idea of what i was doing. The hiatus is truely just a break to recharge my batteries for the series while i work on a few new projects for practice.

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  2. GonZ555 says:

    Mano: Phew~ i finally have some real break from all the training and fighting.
    Yuusha: Mano-san, let’s go hiking~
    *after pestering for a few hours and a day of journey*
    Yuusha: Snowball fight! *throws at kiel*
    Kiel: ?! Why you.. *throws back*
    Yuusha: hahaha! missed me~
    Kiel: *throws another snowball*
    Bik: childish
    Mak&Kay: “that looked fun!” “Super fun!” *throws at bik and gero*
    *kera got hit by a stray snowball*
    Kera: ! Kiel! *summons a water squirting frog*
    *kiel and mano got sprayed and partially frozen*
    Mano: … kera.. *summons a giant fire ball*
    Kera: hii!! It was an accident!! *runs away*
    Boom! *everybody got burried in the scattered snow*


  3. Alex Bond says:

    No worries. A new story seems cool. I’ll read it. 🙂

    Thanks for writing!


  4. fanobody says:

    It has been long that the plot is slow. Can’t you just skip to the start of the tournament?


    • VaanCruze says:

      Likely the chapter aftet the next is going to be the strart of the tournament and there will be few delays after that. There are a few points i have to take care of before the tournament goes into full blast.


      • fanobody says:

        Thanks and sory for what i said, i know you whant to develop the universe and want to make it realist. But many story i read(that are superb) that are slow, go nowhere and finish by being dropped(for lack of passion or others).

        Like Reincarnation Flower in royal road

        So don’t fear to bring an event that break the stand or the plan you have about your story.
        If you don’t like to write your story, change it to be something you would like to write.

        In hope i was of help, but you are the author so you decide what you do.


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