Since I finally got internet back I thought I would give  quick update. Some recent events have piled on in my normal life that has made finding time to write significantly harder, so i’m pretty behind on the third chapter of “Higeki no Hiro” but I do still plan on finishing the series. Unfortunately at this time I can’t really put a time on when the chapter will be coming out, but hopefully this will all blow over soon so I can go back to a normal schedule.

I’ve decided that once I finish Higeki no Hiro, which i’m hoping won’t take too many more chapters, I will go back to writing Maou the Yuusha. Thank you to anybody that has stuck around though all this chaos, hopefully I can get things together enough to get the next chapter out before the end of the week.


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6 Responses to Update

  1. It’s been a really long week…
    Hope to see you again soon, you do good work.


  2. Soap982 says:


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  3. GonZ555 says:

    *checks if the author came back or the site got forgotten because of RL matters*


  4. Dragrath says:

    Belated wishes of good luck! Life is good at finding ways to ruin your plans but hopefully once you paddle through you will be able to start moving on your own again…
    I think I failed at my metaphor sigh…


  5. No worries. Sometimes life is hard. 🙂

    Hope things go well for you, i’m having a bit of a hard time too. It’ll all work out with a little effort though. Probably a lot of effort but it’ll still work out.


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