Character stats

Trying to write this chapter has proven a pain because the first thing I need Mano to do is look at the stats on the Imps and I don’t remember any of their skills/stats. After spending about 2 hours looking through chapters to try and find it I decided that I am going to try and keep up a page with the last updated versions of characters stats and skills.

If any of you have a good enough memory or enough time on their hands to help me track down the current stats for all of the characters so I can get the list started the chapter will come out a LOT quicker.

Writing is going more fluidly than I expected it to though, so wait or not and I still think a good chapter is to come.


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2 Responses to Character stats

  1. Gege says:

    I think here is the last chapter you mention about the Imps Stats ;


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