MTY: Chapter 104

I shuffle the imps off into a nearby alleyway, making sure to put some distance in earshot between us and any possible wandering eyes and ears.

“Is Maou… angry?”

“Did we do something wrong?”

Mak and Kay ask with sad and guilty expressions. After that puff of smoke, they reverted to their previous forms, leaving me looking at two familiar faces that seem to be on the verge of tears.

“Of course not. Just… what happened? Why did you look so different?” I ask as I try to take a deep breath and think

“We got… bigger?”

“Big and strong!” They answer

Well, that tells me nothing. Did they rank up or not? If so why do they look like they always have?

I decide to check their status in my party menu.

Name: Mak
Species: Lesser Demon
Level: 1
Att: 312
Def: 280
Int: 100
Wis: 88
Spd: 320
Dex: 350
Fighting instinct
Name: Kay
Species: Lesser Demon
Level: 1
Att: 312
Def: 280
Int: 100
Wis: 88
Spd: 320
Dex: 350
Fighting instinct

I still can never help but wonder why these two are always so identical to one another. Leaving that aside though, it does seem like they ranked up. So I guess that puff of smoke and them going back to their old appearances was due to this “Transform” skill.

“I think I understand what is going on now. I’m sure Kera will be happy to fill in the gaps.” I say as I close down my menu and motion for the imps to follow me

“Wow! Maou so smart!”

“Maou is awesome!”

Mak and Kay let out in amazement as they begin to follow

As we walk, I can’t help but wonder about their new species. Instead of becoming “Imps” like Bik, they became “Lesser Demons”. Bik grew to look more human, while they grew to look more monstrous. Does one’s personality influence what they become when the rank up? If so that may pose problems in the future.

When I looked through the archive of things I could create, I didn’t see anything about ranking up. What happens if something I created takes an unexpected trait when it ranks up? What if I made something with a hazardous trait like poison? Would it rank up into something that would start or spread plagues? With these kinds of dangers present, I’m glad I didn’t keep making monsters like Gero suggested. I could have accidentally started some serious disasters.

“Hey hey! I have good idea!”

Mak says suddenly breaking me out of my daze, but when I turn to look at him he is lunging at my face.

“WHA!” Is all I get out before he is latched onto my head and the world begins to churn

I feel nauseated and fall to the ground, which is significantly more grassy than I recall.

“Princess?” I hear from a short ways in front of me in Kera’s voice

As I peel my surprise imp mask off my head spins one more time as I’m greeted by the sight of a forest rather than the city.  Standing in front of me are Kera, Kiel, and Bik who are all standing in front of a rather large scaled beast.


“No fair! I wanted to move Maou!” Kay pouts as he appears out of thin air

“Before you say anything ju-” Kiel starts but I throw up my hand to stop him

“Just give me a sec, sensory overload.” I say as I close my eyes for a second and let the world stop spinning

sigh “That’s a bit better.” I say as my nausea fades

I motion for Mak to come closer with my hand, and he obediently comes forward.


“Do NOT do that again,” I say as I get back on my feet

I give Kay a glare to make sure he knows to do the same, and his look of swift fear lets me believe he understands. Mak hobbles over to Kays side holding his head.

“Now onto the next issue, why is there a giant lizard creature dead behind you?” I ask as I turn back to the principle offenders

“We… Killed it?” Kiel answers nervously

“Why?” I respond without anger in my voice

“Money?” Kera answers quickly


“Why?” I repeat in the same tone

“WHY ONLY ME?!” Kera yells out as she rolls on the floor nursing her new bump

“Nuh uh! Me too!” Mak pouts

Don’t be proud that I hit you.

I focus my attention back onto Kiel and wait for his answer.

He has been keeping something secret for a while now, and I think it’s about time I was let in on it. Seems like just about everybody else was.

“Um… I was…or rather we were training.” He finally answers after things grow silent

sigh “So that’s what it was. No wonder the Imps ranked up.” I say as I look at the giant lizard

Back in the goblin village, I saw them fighting a boar half this things size and struggle, but this thing looks like it went down without so much as a fight. They must have been getting really strong behind my back.

“I didn’t know that would happen! Kera told me it wouldn’t!” Kiel defends himself, mercilessly throwing Kera under the bus

“Of course I did! That should be common sense! Those two were nearly half the maturity of Bik! Even with your usual nonsense, it should have taken them at least a few years to rank up!” Kera lets out in frustration

If what she is saying is right, then I’m going to have to accept ranking up quickly as a fact of life. Others might not be so lucky as to have the transformation skill though… what should I do?

“So… you’re not angry?” Kiel ask breaking focus

“Hm? Why would I be? I never said that you guys couldn’t train.” I answer trying to understand the question

Maybe I hit Kera too much, I seem to be getting the reputation of someone who explodes about everything. Honestly, it’s kind of cathartic at this point, but maybe she could do without the extra brain damage.

“Well… we did it behind your back, and the Imps even ranked up! Isn’t that going to make things more difficult?” Kiel ask, searching my face for signs of disapproval

“You were trying to get stronger. That’s all there was to it. Right now is rather peaceful, but things are going to start getting hectic before long. I was so focused on my own training, that I forgot about making sure the rest of you were prepared for that danger as well. It seems Mak and Kay can do something about their appearance for now so we won’t worry about it, but it might be best for you guys to stop hunting until we can come up with a solution for Bik.” I explain as I start to ponder solutions again

Aside from Kiri who isn’t around often enough to worry about, we need something that can work for Bik and Kurobe. After the tournament ended I was considering going back into the dungeon to prepare to explore the previous Maou’s castle. If we don’t have a solution then it might be a bit risky to go.

“Since everybody has ranked up once already, should we be safe for a while? I imagine ranking up a second time should take longer than the first right?” I ask Kera

sigh “Yup, though it hardly ever happens cause of how long it takes. Even monsters with long lives that are passed down in a family or clan hardly ever live long enough to see a second rank. I would like to tell you that it was impossible for short-lived creatures like the ones you have, but you seem to love breaking common sense. A second rank imp is unheard of, so I can’t even give you an idea of what to expect.” Kera explains with an odd expression

If that’s the case then I’m going to be drawing countless eyes if anybody ranks up again. Maybe there is a spell that can change one’s appearance like the skill the imps have… If so I would like to have it myself. The stuff Kera smeared on my horns helps people not see them, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. They get caught on things constantly cause I keep forgetting they are there, and I have to check every morning to make sure they haven’t grown anymore.

“Maybe if I…” I mumble to myself

“Um… Mano?”

“Give it up Kiel, she’s in her own little world now.”

 sigh “I’m not even entirely sure why I was worried anymore.”

I hear some chatter behind me, but I choose to ignore it. I’ve got more important things to work out.

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12 Responses to MTY: Chapter 104

  1. carmenhoot says:

    Yassss im freee and can fianlly catch up. Welcome back bro im excited for. Future updates 🌟🌟🌟✌😎😂😍


  2. Dragrath says:

    Oh wonderful a chapter! I completely missed it last week I feel bad…
    Yeah it has been a while though by the looks the stopping point was one of the common traps a Tournament arc. (I think I had worried about that before) I don’t know why but a lot of series feel they get stuck up in them (i.e. chapter releases dropping during one). That said some of those original series that fell into the “apparent trap” have re emerged whether this is all erroneous correlation is unknown

    Well that out of the way her newly leveled little demons have come a long way huh Their path of development gives me the vibe of the bosses featuring a pair of identical twins. You know the battles often with opposing but complimentary elements/attack styles and even secondary forms.
    Twinrova is the first to jump into my mind by name but I can think of others.
    That example actually makes me wonder if they will get a secondary combined form down the road to take the boss theme more and more literally as after all Mano is the maou so as she creates as few monsters as possible naturally the ones she does create will become more and more OP as the number of monsters and the average power of them are effectively inversely proportional. 😉
    That at least is the most rational explanation why they could level so quickly as we recently saw Mano’s power naturally rises over time and was overloading her and she “resolved” it with a single wisp monster. I suspect that a good chunk of that i s actually going to her existing followers.

    Also how useful/rewarding are comments for you? I don’t know if my speculation actually helps you or not.
    Obligatory thanks for the chapter/return 🙂


    • VaanCruze says:

      I was struggling with keeping up my motivation for the series for quite some time before even the current arc. The honest reason why it continued as long as it did is how much I got inspired from the comments. How often you guys would guess correctly, or give me even more creative and wonderful ideas than what I HAD come up with always tickled me.


      • Dragrath says:

        Alright I will do my best to keep commenting thanks for answering my question. As for the daunting challenge of getting/maintaining motivation I know how hard it can be to have especially when life throws some unfriendly scenarios at you.
        Good luck and may you persevere! I hope to see this series one day become complete 😀


  3. Àkane says:

    There truly is a god! For he has answered my prayers


  4. Is Kiera’s last line a lampshade hanging?


  5. GonZ555 says:

    Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter and Welcome back~ ( ●w●)

    Hmm.. mano seems a bit more violent than i remembered.. maybe i just remembered wrong..


  6. VaanCruze says:

    I lost the files that had a lot of my notes on the series, so I can’t remember the format I was using for the chapter names (It was some rotation between 3 different formats). It was a bit of a pain overall to follow it, or even just name the chapters in General so I think I’m just gonna drop the chapter titles from this chapter on. I might start adding MTY at the begging of each chapter name so people don’t get confused on their feeds.


    • Torgr says:

      Looking at the title list it seems to go, something happens to or the maou does something, a trait describing the maou or her situation, and a possessive statement about something the maou is associated with as far as I can tell.


  7. Belkar says:

    Thank you and welcome back!

    Liked by 1 person

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