MTY: Chapter 105

Although I told them to try to cut back on leveling, they still insisted on gathering a few more large monster corpses before leaving. It seems Kera has been using their training efforts to restock her stand in the market. I consent to a few more, with the condition that she give me a cut.

After they promise me that they will stop after gathering what they need, I decide to part ways with them. I have only a short time before my fight with the giant and I would like to be prepared for it. I was told to think up a strategy, but what exactly should I do?

I ponder strategies as I walk through the town.

“Heeeeey! Mano-san! Over here!” The princess calls out from not too far off

When I look up I see the princess waving at me with the Yuusha and one other surprising guest. Standing with them is the small girl that was getting threatened by thugs the other day.

“Princess, Perfect timing! I was hoping you could help me with something.” I say trying to look friendly

For some reason, It’s hard not to scowl with the Yuusha so close by.

“Hm? You need my help?” The princess asks in response cocking her head to the side

“I was wondering if you had any strategies for fighting against that Kolossaal? Without magic, I don’t know how to take down someone that size.” I explain

“Ah… well… good luck?” She responds with a troubled expression

You’re fighting against a Kolossaal in the first round? You must have some horrible luck.” The young girl comments from behind the Yuusha

She flinches as I look in her direction. I promise the scowl isn’t pointed at you.

“Haha! Even I wouldn’t want to go up against someone like that without any weapons or skills! Better luck next time!” The Yuusha blurts out in laughter

I feel my scowl deepen as my irritation grows, but I know that he has a point. As far as possible first opponents go I probably got the worst. In a fight without tricks, he is clearly superior. I don’t even know if I can damage him with my bare fist.

“Hm? So the Yuusha would give up so easily?” I taunt in an attempt to mellow my irritation

“Wha?! Of course not! If it were me I would totally win!” He retaliates in a childish tone

“Oh? How’s that? Can your punches move mountains?” I continue to taunt

Maybe if I can get him riled up enough I can get an insight into his battle strategies. It might be helpful in the future to make sure I don’t get outwitted.

“No, but if I winged it I’m sure it would turn out okay.” He explains leisurely

…Or not.

Is this guy really my arch nemesis?  Somehow I keep feeling a sense of shame that I’m so worried about him. Did the humans pull a dud this time around? No, I can’t afford to think like that. Even if he seems like a complete idiot I must remain vigilant. After all, he might be some kind of idiot savant.


“Oh! I almost forgot! Let me introduce the newest member of our party! This is Lul our mage!” The princess says after a few moments of silence pass between us

So she joined their party? Is this one of those “Thank you for saving me, let me repay you by becoming your companion!” type events? Well, he didn’t really do anything anyways.

“Are you sure about letting her join as your mage? Wasn’t the entire reason she was in that mess before because she failed to get into the magic academy?” I comment as I get a better look at the young girl

She has short red hair and a very passive demeanor. Honestly, the entire scene just looks like they kidnapped a child. Is it just me, or is she glaring at me? Oh, she is turning red.


“I’M NOT A GIRL!” She yells out angrily with her both her fist clenched

… What?

“PWAHAHAHA! Don’t worry, I guessed wrong too! He’s got such a pretty face!” The Yuusha doubles over in laughter

“Y-You guys are so rude! I, of course, knew he was a boy” The Princess says with a guilty look as she avoids eye contact

I suppose I can sleep a bit more soundly knowing that the princess isn’t a very good liar.

“Tetra-Ka-Fier Endless Burn!” The young girl yells as she throws her clenched fist towards the sky

I’m immediately thrown into a panic as I recognize why.

Above her is a mass of fire, quickly growing as it swirls into itself furiously. Before long it is easily the size of a small building.

I jump into a fighting stance as my brain races to try and think of a solution. Even with my fire resistance, I doubt I will come away from that in one piece.


And yet, with the sound of a small thud, it begins to dissipate.

When I look down to see why I see the child unconscious and being held up by the Yuusha.

“Sorry about that, he’s really sensitive when it comes to his appearance.” The Yuusha apologizes as he adjusts for a better grip to carry the young boy

“How did someone who could do that fail to get in the academy?!” I let out in surprise

Don’t tell me that the mages of this world are of such a high level that that is considered insufficient!

“Apparently he only knows very high tier spells. The exam is to cast a simple fireball spell. When they asked him to do so he destroyed the practice building he was assigned to, and they automatically failed him.” The princess explains with a relieved look on her face

“…Is he an idiot?” I let out stunned by her answer

Again the princess averts her eyes.

I’m not the only one who has it rough I guess.


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  1. Bea says:

    Yo, not sure if you noticed, but the chapters starting from this one are missing from the chapter list.

    Thanks for the chapter as usual! These are always an enjoyable read.


  2. carmenhoot says:

    Idiot mage joins idiot Yusha…. Even the princess is unconsciously absorbing idiot nature 😂😂😂


  3. Dragrath says:

    XD poor Princess now has another weirdo to deal with. Makes it quite obvious why she wants Mano to join not knowing that Mano is the maou.
    Sorry for the delayed reply I guess I missed this update. Still glad to see this series back to life 🙂


  4. Gege says:

    Kolossaal is Dutch word for Colossal?


  5. GonZ555 says:

    Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    Hmm.. couldn’t mano copy the chant from the little mage? I wonder what other chant that she*cough* i mean he have~


  6. gianoria7 says:

    “. Honestly, the entire seen just looks like they kidnapped a child”
    -> the entire scene

    So, this is shota megumi?
    Thanks for the chapter 🙂


  7. VaanCruze says:

    This one took a bit long to write because I had a lot going on IRL between these two chapters, but future chapters should come out a bit faster.


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