Just wanted to let you guys know that the chapter should be up soon-ish. I had to go on a trip for a week, got back to a near house fire which cut my power for a few days, and somehow as soon as all that chaos was over I got roped into planning and setting up a wedding for a friend of mine. As far as I know, the chaos has ended though so I’ll have a chance to write now.

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9 Responses to Update

  1. Rurin says:

    Hello! Just found this ‘Maou the Yuusha’ yesterday and I’m now caught up. It’s really interesting. I took so much information in one go that now my head is full of theories…
    It’s interesting how the Yuushas might not even be human, but because they look like a human, they and humans flock together (humans only accept the Kollossal because it speaks and can’t destroy a country, I’m guessing). I wonder how this all began…
    Also not liking the Maou just because it has horns (and the power to kill them all) even though it’s so cute!… Such bad taste, humph!
    You can ignore that last part.

    It’s good you have some time to relax now, so many events must have been stressfull.


  2. Dragrath says:

    Oh wow sounds like you have been busy lots of tasks hope your friend and their significant other will turn out well.
    Also near house fire? Does that mean nearby house fire(as in a neighbor’s house burning ) or your house almost burning down because of something such as a stove toaster etc.?
    Well from the sounds of it at least it seems the worst case disaster was adverted.
    thanks for the status update 🙂


  3. carmenhoot says:

    I can’t with weddings… Its just to stressfull.. But i go for the food 😂 hopefully you were able to enjoy yourself even with the heavy workload.


  4. GonZ555 says:

    Wedding? Show us a picture of the cake please~
    And tell the lucky couple an anonymous meatbun said congratulations~


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