Quick update

I thought I would be able to get it fixed before too long passed so I didn’t say anything, but I got delayed because my pet turtle needed some care and it took some money. My laptop charger cable finally gave out, and I need to replace it to be able to use my laptop to write quickly. The next chapter is nearly complete as I’ve been typing it over my phone whenever I’m free, but it’s going to take quite a few passes to get rid of the spelling mistakes cause I have massive thumbs and a kinda tiny screen.

The money to replace it is coming in on the 5th from my Patreon (those that donate to it are really saving my hide here), but the chapter might be out before that if I can finish writing it and proofreading it before then.

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4 Responses to Quick update

  1. Rurin says:

    God luck, take your time.

    Ah, writing on a tiny screen, i’ve been there too. At least you don’t have autocorrect trying to change english into your mother tongue. Sigh~

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  2. Dragrath says:

    Thanks for the update good luck resolving the charger issue. Hopefully your Turtle is ok as well.


  3. Belkar says:

    Good luck with replacing the charger cable!


  4. Gege says:

    Hope the problem resolve quickly.
    Good Luck.


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