MTY: Chapter 112

Trying to run away from reality I quickly sheath my new weapon and hang it on my side.

This looks totally evil… is it going to be okay to use this in public? It might make people suspicious.

As thoughts such as these go through my head I hear a sudden burst of cheering from the arena. I can faintly hear the sound of the announcer going nuts about something or another, but I can’t make out what exactly he is saying.

“Is the next round going on already?” I ask as I try to understand the announcers muffled words

Upon me asking Riese stands to look through the upper archways. Through the cheers, I can hear a few distinct screams from the people sitting near his peephole. He only looks for a few moments before sitting back down next to me.

“Yup, though they already finished up it looks like.” He answers in a disappointed tone

Already?! I was surprised that they already managed to fix up the arena, but to think someone managed to finish up their fight already. It must have been a one-way slaughter.

“Ah! In that case, I better get going! Mister Juire was nice enough to get me a ticket to watch the fights! Next up is that weapons master from overseas. I can’t even consider missing her fight, even if it’s still the hand to hand combat round!” Tea says excitedly as he practically bounces away

A weapons master? I wonder if that’s the girl I met in the woods with the huge sword?

“Hey Riese, mind lifting me up so I can see who’s fighting next?” I ask

I don’t know if there is a viewing area for fighters, but if I waste time looking for it I might miss the chance to scout out another potential opponent.

Riese lets down his hand, and I quickly climb on. He sets me on top of his head which is surprisingly comfortable. Do all Kollossal have hair this soft?

After I get comfortable I confirm my suspicions about the fighter Tea was referring to. The small girl from the forest is standing in the ring together with a man that looks quite similar to a gorilla. The amount of hair on his exposed arms makes you question whether he is some kind of beast-man.

My heart begins to pump a bit, and I realize my apparent excitement. For the first time since I got here, I get to watch other people fight. I can’t help but wonder how the two before me fight, and who will win.

“Are you all ready for our last match of the day?! Don’t worry, we saved you an exciting one! Standing before you are two favorites for the competition!” The Announcer yells out with excitement

As if to match his excitement the crowd cheers out.

“This is bound to be a clash for the ages. Our first competitor is known as one of the greatest demon slayers in history. Her strength boggles the imagination, especially coming out of her small frame. In this end, we have Afeuro the weapons master!” The announcer yells out with almost too much enthusiasm

Trying not to get distracted by the announcer I stare intently at the small girl. The last time we met I couldn’t so much as see her movements as she slew a beast that easily defeated me. I don’t intend to miss how she fights again.

“Our next competitor is a monster in human form! Whether it be his strength, his appearance… or his hygiene for that matter, he is considered to be a beast in every capacity! In the other end we have Joak!” The announcer continues in a less than flattering tone

As he introduces the man standing across from Afeuro I squint my eyes to try to make out the details of his distant figure better. Before long I recognize him to be the annoying man that tried to scare me away earlier. Though his skin has a significantly more red hue than I remember. Is he yelling something at Afeuro? It looks like he is but I can’t hear a thing from here.

“It’s the human beast, against the greatest beast slayer… who will win? What do you think- Wait, where did you go?… Sorry about that folks! It looks like our guest host has disappeared! I suppose with nothing else to be said we should get things rolling then! FIGHT!” The announcer yells as he attempts to quickly bounce back from his confusion

My eyes remain trained on Afeuro, I refuse to miss even a single movement… but to my surprise, she doesn’t move. Instead, her opponent flings himself at her at an extremely high speed as she stands there motionless.

Despite the man’s large build, he is exceptionally agile. He begins to circle the small girl quickly enough to kick up a cloud of dust beneath him. Its difficult to tell, but he hardly ever touches the ground. As soon as he makes contact he throws himself with exceptional force, gaining speed each time.

Before long, however, both fighters were cloaked in a giant cloud of dust. A horrible thud resounds from the cloud, the kind that makes you not want to see behind the veil. The groans of the crowd indicate that many came to a gruesome conclusion.

As a silence falls over the stadium as everybody waits for the dust to settle, and for the announcer to reveal the winner, Afeuro casually walks out of the cloud.

Moments later the cloud disperses to reveal the annoying man’s body lying still at the center. Upon further inspection, a small dent can be seen in his head.

“I…IT’S OVER!! With one resounding blow, Afeuro has managed to down her opponent!  Although there wasn’t much to see, this is an astounding victory!” The announcer cheers out

Great… All I managed to gather from that fight is what I already knew. That she is someone who is dangerous to underestimate.

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5 Responses to MTY: Chapter 112

  1. GonZ555 says:

    Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    I came back~


  2. Lowlightt says:

    Love this story, can’t wait for more chapters to be honest. Tournament arcs can really empty your soul when writing. Try writing a side story or two possibly from the goblin chieftains point of view ect to break up the Tournament arc for yourself.


  3. Belkar says:

    Thank you!


  4. VaanCruze says:

    This took an annoyingly long time to complete. Struggled with serious writers block on this one.


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