MTY: Chapter 113

Since the next fight wouldn’t start for a while I decided to descend my large friend, and see if I couldn’t find the man I met at the inauguration ceremony. Hopefully, he remembers the bracket well enough to tell me who my next opponent is.

With how powerful she is, I feel as if I will eventually end up fighting Afeuro, but I can’t figure out whether I would be luckier to face her early or in the later rounds? Magic and skills are about 90% of my current fighting power, so facing her with everything I have might be my best shot. On the other hand, if she has a skill more powerful than those I’ve managed to pick up in just a few weeks then facing her next round might be my only hope of defeating her.

I think deeply on this as I walk back to the waiting area. Even if I can’t find him there, someone might be able to tell me where he went.

Before I reach the waiting area, however, I receive a tap on my shoulder from behind.

“Looking for me?” I hear in a familiar if not slightly sinister voice

“Ah! There you are! How did you know I was looking for you?” I ask delighted to have found him

It would have been bad if he decided to leave already. Though I suppose I haven’t seen him fight either, maybe his is one of the upcoming matches.

“…Pardon?” He asks with an utterly confused expression

“I was hoping to ask you who my next opponent was. Although I know some of the people that have won, I don’t know how the brackets were set up so I don’t know who I’m fighting next.” I explain

I was too focused on fighting Riese, that I completely forgot about the rest of the competition. If I was smart I would have had Shishou help me translate a bracket so I could keep track myself.

sigh “Right… I completely forgot that you can’t read. And here I thought you were hunting me down.” He says with a mixture of relief and disappointment

“Wait… does that mean?” I ask

“Indeed, your next opponent in the tournament is me.” He answers giving a wicked grin

“That’s… amazing! You won your first round fight! Congratulations!” I cheer as I give him a pat on the back

I was a bit worried about him honestly. He seemed a bit lanky, and he didn’t exactly give off a “dangerous” vibe. I didn’t honestly think he’d make it to the second round.

“Pfft!” He lets out as he starts to visibly hold back laughter

“…What? Did I have a weird look on my face or something?” I ask self-consciously trying to remember my expression from moments ago

I’m not often elated, so maybe I have a really weird smile or something. I really wish this world had more mirrors.

“No, no, it’s nothing like that. I’m just glad you’re my next opponent.” He says as he chokes down laughter

“I’m super curious now, how exactly do you fight? From your build I expected you to be a spellcaster or something. I wish I didn’t miss your fight.” I ask

I was definitely too focused on my fight with Riese. Gathering intel is an important part of fighting monsters like those participating in this tournament. I can’t afford to make the same mistake in the third round.

“You didn’t miss much honestly. My opponent never showed up for his fight, and I won by default. I hope nothing bad happened to the poor guy.” He says as he places his hand on his chin in a thinking position

Aaaah, so he got through by luck it seems. Perhaps that can be in my favor. I would like to avoid revealing that evil looking weapon if at all possible, so being able to clear the second round without using it might be some incredible luck. If I can make it to the third round then I can probably rely on my magic and skills to get me through it without the need of my weapon.

“I don’t really think I have a chance of winning the whole tournament with monsters like you and that Afeuro girl walking around, but I’m going to give it my all so don’t hold back!” He says with determination as he holds his hand out for a handshake

“Hey, you made it this far right?” I joke as I grab his hand

Ow? Did he have a ring or something, it feels like my thumb was pricked when I grabbed it. I inspect it as I draw it back, but there doesn’t seem to be any visible mark so it might have been in my head.

“I never did get your name last time we met. Though you probably already know this, I’m Mano.” I say

“Oh, my apologies, I often forget to introduce myself. My name is Incha, it’s a pleasure to formally meet you.” He says with a small bow

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  1. GonZ555 says:

    Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    So incha is a poison user.. too bad he pricked the wrong person to use poison..

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  2. Belkar says:

    Thank you!


  3. Vedran Jordanov says:

    *GASP* He just did something to her! I hope she’s immune…

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  4. Mano… you’re way too trusting…
    Thanks for the chapter!

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