MTY: Chapter 115

The room goes silent as a well-adorned man walks into the room with an air of elegance, and sits upon the throne in front of us.

“My liege, to what do I owe the opportunity to be in your presence?” Juire asks with a wicked grin

“You know why you are here you worm. I wanted to see the fighter you seem to be so confident can defeat the Yuusha.” The king returns with an equally wicked grin

His grin disappears however as he looks me over. Something about his conceited look irks me.

It’s rather impressive that Juire’s intimidate doesn’t seem to work on him, I wonder if that thanks to a special skill or something?

Curious I whisper “status” under my breath aimed at the king.

Name: Enrich III Roan
Species: Human
Level: 20
High management
Royal disposition
Mana forming
Royal Mana
Fire Magic mastery
Lightning magic mastery
Ice Magic mastery
King of Teslgr
Loved by Mana
Due to high compatibility, you have acquired the following skills:
Royal Mana
Royal disposition

… I suppose I should have guessed that he would have high spec skills, but what is up with this “Due to high compatibility” nonsense? It only gave me the skills that seem to be unique to royalty. What do they even do?

Royal Mana: Naturally refines mana, and increases stat growth.
Royal disposition: Reduce the effects of skills that affect the psyche greatly

Ahhh, so that’s why he seems to be alright with Juire around.

As a test, I look towards Juire again. The intimidating air that usually surrounds him has all but vanished, though the look of confidence on his face remains unsettling.

Royalty really has it good, don’t they? Aside from having a useful skill like this, it seems they are also gifted with naturally powerful magic.

Aside from that, he seems to have a few “Titles” which are something I haven’t seen before. I suppose most people must not know of them though since one of his titles is “Incompetent”. I should make efforts in the future to avoid any embarrassing titles like that.

“Does your mind wander girl? You are in the audience of a king, and yet you do not bow, and worse you look away in disinterest?! It seems you must be taught a lesson!” The king yells out as he motions the guards towards me

Hm?! Was I too in my own world?

I ready myself to fight the oncoming enemies, but rather than a sudden assault I look around to see gradually approaching men with spears drawn.

Oh, right, they are still terrified by Juires “Intimidate” skill, aren’t they? Despite that, it seems like they are intent on approaching anyways even if it’s with extreme caution. I wonder if the effect stacks if I use it as well?

As I activate the skill the color on the soldier’s faces go from pale to blue in an instant. Some fall to the ground shaking in fear, while others drop their spears and flee. As I look at them trembling silently, I can’t help but feel bad and deactivate it… not before looking towards the king, however, to see that he has fallen out of his chair.

I hold back a chuckle as I deactivate the skill and look back towards the king.

“Now, now, now you aren’t trying to cheat your way out of our little bet now are you? I mean a king as great and courageous as you wouldn’t do something cowardly like summon us here to try and arrest us on some petty charge and disqualify us, right?” Juire asks with a smile that stretches from ear to ear

There is no doubt, he is elated to watch the king squirm. I should take care not to take too much pleasure in watching people squirm, shouldn’t I? I mean he really looks like a villain right now.

“S-so you’ve found another with that damned curse of yours, eh? No wonder you seem to be so sure she can defeat the Yuusha. It makes me wonder if you didn’t make this bet just to coax me into allowing you to test your fighter against our countries greatest strength?” The king let out with an accusatory tone

“Oh don’t go getting your overly expensive man-panties in a twist, I have no interest in taking over your country using my good friend here if that’s what you’re implying. After all, I would rather be a farmer in the peaceful countryside than some measly king.” Juire says plainly

The king begins to grit his teeth as he sits back down on the throne.

“Hmph! Why would I worry about such trifling matters as the ambition of a slum rat? It’s not like you would ever succeed even if you tried. After all the Yuusha is immune to your little trick.” The king says with a smug grin as if he plans to crush Juire with this statement alone

Ah, so the king is a sadist too? I worry for this country.

“Then I suppose this little bet is all but lost for me right? Oh then, might I be allowed to leave, and prepare my charitable donation to your little ‘Project’?” Juire asks with a snakes grin

“Every interaction with you is torture, get out of my sight before I have you executed.” The king scoffs as he waves us away

I can feel my irritation rising at the thought of being called and sent away with so little thought.

“Oh, I know you love it, otherwise why would you keep calling me?” Juire teases as he and I walk out the door

As we close the door behind us the sounds of yelling and things being thrown can be heard as the incompetent king accost his guards.

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  1. GonZ555 says:

    Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    Guard-sans finally noticed mano’s terifying aura..


  2. Dragrath says:

    Thanks for the chapters since I last checked Sorry about forgetting to check in… >_<

    As for the chapter this is an interesting development here. with that kings title it really paints a ugly picture of really both of those men. Juires especially given whatever he did or tried to do to Mano I have no doubt he is up to no good as you don't get skills like intimidate for nothing, well unless your the maou.

    She will probably need to ask others in order to get an idea about what the hell is going on. Maybe the princess can help with that well depending on how much she knows about her father (I presume he is her father given how royalty is typically passed on) That or a trusted and not shady informant if such a thing is possible.

    The random acquisition of royalty skills just for analyzing once again shows how this system is definitely rigged to try and make the Maou as fearsome of a threat as possible I'm betting gaining skills like that is probably unique to the Maou as well as maybe the Hero.

    Anyway glad to see this still going on I really worried once you went down the tournament arc as they are infamous for burn out but you have persevered so far and this is an interesting side development to pursue. Not sure how it will turn out but I'm really keen on seeing how Mano will beat the odds. 😉


  3. Belkar says:

    Thank you!


  4. Thanks for the chapter!


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