MTY: Chapter 134

“…I’m sorry. Can you repeat that?” The boy asks

The mood in the room has shifted. It was frantic and joyous just a second ago, and yet now I can feel the silence in the room as he waits for my answer.

“It can heal as well? It’s the main thing I use it for actually, though I always figured it would be useful for equipment repair.” I explain loosely in an attempt to lighten the mood

My attempts fail, however, as the mood only seems to grow more serious as the boy takes in my statement. Silence falls between us as he thinks it over. I’m almost relieved when he suddenly starts shifting around items on his desk in a brisk manner.

It’s hard to tell what exactly he is doing, however. He seems to be shifting around papers purposefully, but he doesn’t seem to be reading the contents at all.

“Bit-aqua-tu create water” He says as he steps away from the desk

As he cast the spell a spray of water covers the documents, and even from a small distance it is clear that the ink on them has begun to run and smudge beyond recognition.

I begin to slightly panic as I watch all of this. These items belong to him as far as I’m aware, but they are clearly valuable. To watch them suddenly get destroyed is a distressing sight, to say the least.

“Please… try to use the spell on these scrolls.” He says as he motions towards the destruction he just caused

“Aren’t these papers important to you, why use them for an experiment?” I ask, still confused by his actions

“If what you are saying is correct, then learning the elements of your spell is far more important.” He says without a shred of doubt

Clearly, he seems to have noticed something absurd about the spell… I may have made a mistake showing it to him.

I ponder for a moment about wether or not I should do as he ask, and before long I raise my hand towards the papers and prepare to cast the spell.

Whether or not this is a sign of me being the Maou, I still don’t know enough about the spell to understand what is so special about it. As my primary source of healing, I can’t simply seal the spell away forever, but it would be too much of a risk to use it and risk being exposed if I don’t fully understand what it is I need to be hiding. All the same… using this spell might expose me as the Maou. If it does I will need to deal with him before he can expose me.

As a precaution, I silently cast the spell to avoid him learning the words associated.

As I do the water slowly begins to separate itself from each sheet of paper, and the ink begins to return to its former place and form clear letters. As the water lifts off of the paper it floats towards the point the boy was standing before disappearing.

“What in the world?” I ask aloud as I watch the strange scene unfolding

The boy slowly goes over each paper, feeling it for dampness. After he seems satisfied with that he moves over towards where the water floated and touches the ground beneath it.

“It’s as I thought. This is far more amazing than just a functional version of repair magic… or even an advanced form of healing magic. This seems to be a spell that reverses time on the subject.” The boy explains utterly dumbfounded

“What?! Don’t you think that’s a little bit of a leap in logic?! All it did was move around some water and ink, right? Why would you think time was reversed?” I ask frantically, both in an attempt to get some answers and place doubt in case he is correct

“There was a reason why I used this test. If it was a repair spell, even an incredibly advanced one, the water would have remained in place or been displaced slightly away from the object. Instead, it not only removed the water, and restore the papers to how they were, but it moved the water to its point of origin. Even that would be possible with an incredibly high mana usage magic formula, but there is no way that any spell along those lines could possibly return the water to mana.” The boy explains as he takes a seat and holds his head

Could… could he be right? I will admit the spell never really did seem to function like what you would expect from a healing skill, and it would explain why Afeuro’s wounds wouldn’t heal no matter how much I used it. Her wounds were days old by that point.

“Have you… ever tried to use it on the dead before?” The boy let out amongst the silence

There was guilt and shame in his voice. It felt like a question he didn’t want to ask, but felt he had to.

“Yes, as a test I used it on some recently killed monsters. It restored their corpses to their forms before death, but they remained lifeless.” I explain

I can understand his wariness. When I thought it had the potential to restore the dead I deeply considered sealing the spell away for good. It felt wrong to even test it in the first place.

“Good, so it has limits. When it restored the water to mana it did so in the air where it was cast, rather than returning it to me. With those two test, I think we can conclude that it can’t affect lifeforce directly. If it could return the mana from a spell to the caster then it would be a catastrophic discovery. No doubt an even greater tool of war than even the Yuusha.”

A power greater than the Yuusha? That’s it!

“I figured out how I can win! I’ve got to go!” I say as I bolt out the door

“Wait! We need to test fu-” Was all I could hear the boy say before I was out of earshot

Sorry, usually I would take a more cautious approach, but this isn’t an opportunity I can miss… if this works I might just be able to kill the Yuusha entirely.

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11 Responses to MTY: Chapter 134

  1. Dragrath says:

    Oh dear this is going to go badly at least with the impatience and objective here. A partial test of magic is probably going to leave some major oversights in the nature of the magic. Furthermore the magic of both the Maou and Yuusha have been shown to some extents to be unique after all the Maou vs Yuusha conflict in this world is a center point of this world so the magic of the Yuusha might be exempt as otherwise previous Maou’s would almost certainly have exploited this. Occam’s Razor after all suggests if there was such a simple solution previous Maou would have won meaning whatever she is trying to do from the principal of getting rid of the Yuusha is largely doomed to failure.

    By trying to get rid of the Yuusha she is fighting as the Maou is intended by the rules of the universe which every previous Maou has played by a route that can only lead to defeat. *facepalm*


  2. Gege says:

    Reverse time power? Just like the power of Orihime from Bleach ?


  3. Triger says:

    The one thing i dislike about this novel is that it has to be written its like waiting for the next book in a series but chapter by chapter so a shorter wait but conversely it is high quality and always worth the wait so i don’t really mind to be honest this is one of my favorites


    • VaanCruze says:

      Its mostly due to my inability to set aside time to focus on and write it atm. I know how frustrating the wait can be though so ive been trying to figure out a solution. The best I can come up with right now though is just to go on hiatus again for a while and build up a backlog, and I personally just dont want to do that. Im about a month a pretty major change is going to happen that should allow me to schedule writting time a bit more consistently.


  4. GonZ555 says:

    Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    …is she going to use it to negate yuusha’s magic?


  5. Belkar says:

    Thank you!


  6. Triger says:

    Could you update the creature index for people like me who forgot the names of some of the characters please


    • VaanCruze says:

      I will most certainly do so, but that will be a big project so it might be a while. I stopped updating it when the notes i was keeping updated got destroyed in a computer failure. I know the details of all the characters by heart, but I dont really have a list of the characters to work with so I will probably need to go through the chapters again and make a list.


  7. VaanCruze says:

    Sorry for the massive delay on this chapter. I recently started a new job on the graveyard shift, and my days have been a cycle of waking up to go to work, and staying awake just long enough to get home and pass out. I wanted to make sure I could focus on this chapter since it was a pretty important one to me personally, and kept waiting for a time where I would be awake long enough to write it. Now that I’ve started getting a few more hours out of every day, and my sleep schedule is adjusting more to my new work, these kinds of delays should become less frequent.


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