MTY: Chapter 135


It’s loud, I know it is because of the pain resonating in my ears, but I can hardly hear a thing. My heartbeat is the only thing resonating in my mind as I stare across the arena at the dangerous creature standing in front of me, standing there with a dopey expression.

This is my chance, if I miss it I may never get another. At the same time, as soon as I put my plan into motion to finish him off there is no going back. Even if the chance presents itself the repercussions for following through might be fatal.

“I must admit, the challenger Mano was hardly even on my radar when the Tournament first started. I think everybody expected this dark horse to fall in the first round, but round after round she managed to surprise everybody. Again, she faces a foe that we all assume she has no chance against. Will she manage to surprise everybody yet again? Let’s ask our extra special guest, that we are honored to have with us today, KING ULRICH!” the announcer shouted out

You’ve got to be kidding me…

It’s almost as if they try to kill the tension.

“If you ask me, you all give her far too much credit. Her strength up until this point has clearly been a fluke, and even if it was genuine it cannot be compared to the Yuusha.” The shady king prattles off in a condescending tone

“Ahh, you certainly called out the elephant in the room didn’t you sire? I’m sure quite a few of our viewing audience feels the same way today. Isn’t this exactly what the tournament is about though! Anything can happen, anyone can win, someone will emerge the new champion!” The announcer responds as if trying to revive the excitement of the arena again

Wait, was it a taboo to mention the fact that the Yuusha won’t lose? It’s not like I don’t understand why most people would think that, but I didn’t expect them to avoid mentioning it just to keep the buzz going.

On the other hand, the dope standing across from me seems more excited than ever.

Taking advantage of the deafening sound, I use Status on the Yuusha.

Name: Hark
Species: Yuusha
Level: 62
Sword Arts 2
Magic Formula Construction
EX elemental compatibility
Shield Arts 1
Raise Undead
Devine Protection
Life detection
Superhuman Strengthening
Magic Augmentation
Poison resistance 3
EXP gain boost
Dryads blessing
Summon Familiar
Knowledge from this individual is incompatible.


And again, we have information that draws up more questions than answers. First off, why is his species set as “Yuusha” rather than “Human”? I could understand if my species read something different, but shouldn’t the Yuusha be a full-blooded human? Second, where in the world did he acquire all of these odd skills from? I don’t actually know how the Yuusha acquires his skills, but it doesn’t feel like there is any consistency to these? Is he a swordsman, a mage? Heck, I could make a pretty good case for him being a lich if I looked at these skills the right way. I mean, why does the Yuusha even have the summon undead skill?

“Why are we still delaying this farce? Can we start already, I’m quite looking forward to the feast we prepared for the winner.” The king says dismissively

If I do decide to destroy humanity, I’m starting with him.

“You heard the king! Let’s get this party started everybody! Let the final round… BEGIN!” The announcer says quite suddenly

As soon as he gives his signal, both me and the Yuusha dash towards each other.

I can see the joy in his eyes as he rushes wholeheartedly towards me, fortunately, he seems a bit too focused.

“WHAa-! What in the…” Suddenly he trips and tumbles forward before we reach one another

Along with the golem that I summoned beneath his feet to trip him, I summon nearly a dozen more to grab and pile on top of him.

Just as I think that they have a proper grip on him, they all begin to crumble into dirt again. A light seems to be flowing from them into the Yuusha.

So directly attacking him with the golems is out then? Not that that really matters, I have plenty more ways I can use them.

I begin setting up my next attack when a clump of earth comes hurtling towards my face. With my concentration interrupted several of the casted golems that had yet to crumble fall to pieces releasing the Yuusha.

“Let’s see how you like fighting adds! Raise Undead! Attack!” He yells out as he brings his hand to his chest and a light begins to emanate from him

Chills ran down my spine as several boney hands begin to grasp at my legs. As I look down in a hurry I see dozens of corpses clawing their way up from underneath me. Almost on instinct I sever the hands with my sword and jump high into the air.

The hands left still on my legs still refuse to let go, and continue to squeeze as hard as they can.

“Where are you looking?” I hear suddenly from much closer than I had expected, and when I look up the Yuusha is high up in the air with me preparing a strike

“Yara-Jikanjigan-Fecilico Blazing Fist!” He begins to chant out of nowhere

As he chants his fist is covered in a blue flame.

Unable to react or dodge up in the air, all I can do is block.


I can hear the bones in my arm breaking as it intercepts the strike, if not for the pain I might have been happy that the strike threw my back to the ground.

I cast Restore on my broken arm and jump backward to create some distance between me and the Yuusha.

My mind is racing, trying to think of how to counter his skills, as he returns to the ground himself. He enthusiastically brandishes his sword as his undead army continues to surface.


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5 Responses to MTY: Chapter 135

  1. Dragrath says:

    A hero using necromancy XD certainly an unexpected touch compared to normal cliches but perfectly in line for this story, well this looks will be a fun fight to watch for us not for poor Mano. Seems I had missed this chapter with my last check in whoops.


  2. Gege says:

    Speculation ;
    1. Mano manage to kill the Yuusha. The story end. The End.
    2. Mano manage to kill the Yuusha. But the story still continue.
    3. Mano manage to kill the Yuusha. Another Yuusha are gonna be summoned again. The story continue.
    4. Yuusha manage to kill Mano. The story end. The End.
    5. Yuusha lost but not dead. The story continue.
    6. Mano lost but not dead. The story continue.
    I’m guessing the probability is higher for 5 and 6.


  3. Triger says:

    Yay thanks and i was half expecting him to be a complete failure at combat given his idea of incredible sword skills


  4. GonZ555 says:

    Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)


  5. Belkar says:

    Thank you!


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