Just a quick update on the new chapter. I’ve been trying to do something special with this chapter for weeks now and kept starting over because I felt like I wasn’t doing it well enough so it’s been dragging out quite a bit. Finally just accepted the fact that I don’t think my writing skills are quite up to the task of what I was trying to do with this chapter though and needed to restart again. I apologize for so many delays, especially of late, but since changing track I’ve made pretty significant progress on the chapter so it shouldn’t be too much longer now.

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5 Responses to Update

  1. Triger says:

    Take your time its always worth the wait in my opinion

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  2. VaanCruze says:

    The special thing I was trying to do btw was writing this chapter from the Yuusha’s point of view, but since the writing style of the series narrates through the thought process of the character I had a lot of trouble with this. It was hard to write someone simple-minded without making the scenes hard to understand, and balancing between him being annoying as a character and making the chapter annoying to read. I know with more skill I probably could have managed this, but after weeks of trying, I’m definitely not up to the task at the moment. The main thing I wanted to accomplish with this switch I figured out a pretty easy and good alternative anyway, so now I feel a bit silly for going so hard on it too.

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    • Belkar says:

      You’ll get there, in the future this will be nothing but a fond memory of your budding style.


    • Gege says:

      Why not try to make 2 version of from different POV of view?
      Maybe that way you could try to explore Yuusha POV based on the usual/regular/Mano/MC POV.
      So you could try to make first the normal POV, after that, next one is make the other/Yuusha POV, that way you could try to relate based on the already established POV.
      Just a suggestion though.

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