MTY: Chapter 136

Relax! I can’t let my panic get the better of me. This isn’t like the battles that came before this. He might be powerful but he has neither experience or strategy backing him up. If I go face to face with him in a battle of skills I will inevitably lose at this rate, so I just need to switch gears.

I don’t want to use my trump card right off the bat, so I need to find some other way to deal with those undead.

As a test I cast a barrier around one to see what it’s reaction would be. The undead simply continued walking until it hit the barrier, and then it seemed to stop where it was.

“What are you doing! Smash your way through that shield!” The Yuusha yelled out at it, but it continued to stand there motionless

On the other hand, surrounding undead turn towards the shield and start smashing their fist and heads into it.

So they respond to sound then? In that case, rather than deal with them I might have a better idea.

“Earth manipulation!” I purposefully yell out as I put up several stone walls around me

I’ve no doubt that these walls are worth less than paper to him, but it should break visibility between me and the crowd.

I press my finger on my palm, and the cheers of the crowd and the bright sun are swept away as if mere dust.

If I am going to fight the Yuusha, then I might as well take advantage of the few powers the Maou gets.

I immediately start work making an incredibly low-cost custom monster. With the idea of what I am wanting already in my head, it takes very little time to create, though it was surprisingly costly. Hopefully, it won’t be enough to turn the tide in his direction.

Done with my creation the world suddenly floods back into reality, and my creation, tiny as it is, wriggles in my open palm.

“A wall like that isn’t gonna stop me!” I hear the Yuusha yell, and I hurriedly toss the monster into my mouth

In a hurry, I smash the wall opposite that obnoxious voice and dash out of my stone sanctuary just as it crumbles into pieces. I turn to see the carnage and find the Yuusha standing on top of the ruined stone, with his undead climbing over after him. As I look at his smug face, that is so happy to be dominating the fight, I swallow.

“Hey! Attack me! Hold me down!” I yell out

The ugly smirk on his face fades instantly as I do. Perhaps more surprised than worried. That is until the undead started to turn and latch onto him of course.

As I thought, they respond to his voice rather than some kind of magical command. All I needed to do was change my voice to match his and they can’t seem to tell the difference. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any skills or magic that could do that, so I needed to improvise a bit. It seems my ability to make monsters is rather limitless, including monsters with abilities as specific as “Mimic the voice of Hark the Yuusha”. It is rather uncomfortable having it latch onto my throat like this. I hope I can remove it properly later… I think I would rather die here than spend the rest of my life with this idiots voice.

“Hey! What are you doing?! Why are you going after me?! I didn’t say that!” He yells in a panic as the undead start to latch onto him

“Where are you looking?” I snarkily ask as I point my sword towards him

His face turns pale as black lightening shoots from my sword, and turns the undead that was grasping him to ash as it envelops him. As a pale light begins to envelop him again, and my attack fades, I understand that my attack did little damage against him.

How is he doing that?! Are all attacks that use magic useless?!

I look up at the Yuusha, expecting his next bluster or annoying comment, but something is different. His expression is stiff, and he is hardly moving.

Did I do more damage than I thought? Where did his usually insufferable attitude go?

“Aresista-veritas-augemen Increase Speed” He says softly as he returns his blade to the scabbard

I ready my sword to prepare myself, but I’m left dazed as he disappears from sight.

“That really hurt you know?” He says in a chilling voice to my side

I try to turn to look at him, but before my head can so much as twitch the world twist as I am thrown forcefully into the arena wall with a shattering pain in my side.

“Augveritas trenava beri-Quadimos ela-Feiry ka Holy Slash!” I am left crippled in pain, desperately healing my ribs out of my lungs, as he begins a chant far longer than any I’d ever heard

For the first time in memory, someone was speaking a language that I couldn’t understand, and it filled me with utter dread. I might not know the meaning of the words, but it was clear what they would do.

My heart feels as if it falls out of my chest as light begins to gather around the Yuusha, and begins to take form in his hand. Taking none other than the shape of a sword it starts to grow rapidly in front of me.

My every instinct is to get away, but every fiber of me is telling me that it’s too late. This is it, this is where I die.

As the Yuusha raises the sword of lighting into the sky, and it begins to grow to a ridiculous proportion, breaching the limits of the very arena itself, I begin to pray. Not for protection, or salvation, but to curse the incompetent god that put me in this situation.

“This is it!” The Yuusha yells as he brings his hand down

“Hark no! Please!” I hear a desperate voice yell in the distance



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4 Responses to MTY: Chapter 136

  1. Dragrath says:

    Thanks for the chapter interesting solution I’m quite curious what this would have looked like from the other POV but that was certainly an interesting improvisation though if she can’t remove the effect it looses a lot of its advantages lol. Keep up the good work!


  2. Triger says:

    Seriously how did that one maou match the yuusha i understand most maou’s cant take full advantage of their peramiters due to lack of training which contributes to their deaths but seriously this is a idiot yuusha yeesh what a broken existence mano run for your life


  3. Belkar says:

    Thank you!


  4. GonZ555 says:

    Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    Hmm.. she cant copy the speed boost chant?

    Liked by 1 person

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