MTY: Chapter 138

“What an incredible counter-attack by the Yuusha! This match has life in it yet!” The announcer excitedly comments as the undead flood into the arena

Even if the audience is fooled into thinking this is an attack by the Yuusha, there is no doubt in my mind that the light in the distance is the Wisp I made before. The damnable thing is openly broadcasting that it’s looking for the one that birthed it as well! The Yuusha is at my mercy, but if I don’t stop that thing soon then I will be outed for sure!

As I stand there looking between the two, my heart rate begins to skyrocket. I understand fully that I now have to choose between an inevitable death, and giving up the chance at having a life.

Either the wisp makes me into the enemy of all of humanity or I let the man that will one day kill me go, only to grow even stronger than he already is.

If I were to take care of the wisp here, my chances would be higher than 0%. I would at least have a time before I was outed to try and find a solution. Logically it is the better choice, but having only just witnessed the fearsomeness of this creature that lies helpless before me, it is hard to make the logical choice.

Would I really be able to live like that? Knowing that this nightmare was ever-looming, ever-growing closer? I don’t even know if I will live a year at this rate, the risk of being exposed seems to grow greater by the day.

…One attack, it would take only a moment.

As I look at the Yuusha I can only feel a combination of hatred and fear, something about even this weak appearance makes my very core shake. This feeling of vile disgust feels ready to overwhelm me. I draw back my weapon with resolution.

I will slit his throat with one slice, then rush to handle the wisp! That is the only way!

I grasp my sword hard enough I fear that either the handle or my hand itself might shatter under the pressure, and I swing the blade down with all my might.

BZZzt! “PRINCESS?! Where are you?! We need backup out here!”

As that familiar voice played over the com-stone in my inventory, it felt as though the fog cleared from my head. The sounds that I didn’t even notice going dull around me I could suddenly hear.

The cries of fear ringing out all around me.

“Everyone evacuate! This is not part of the fight, a high-level subjugation target has entered the city! I repeat-” The announcer was desperately trying to empty the arena

The people around me had long noticed that this wasn’t an attack by the Yuusha if I had followed through it would have been simple murder. My opportunity was already gone, the fight was over, and I hadn’t even noticed.

What was that? Was I really so scared of him that I could ignore all of this around me? It simply doesn’t feel…right.


Without another moment of hesitation, I dashed towards the horde at full speed. Why had I wasted so much time thinking about this? Screw being ousted, the others are on the other side of this fighting for their lives! This is my mess to clean up.

“W-what is this?! Contestant Mano is dashing straight into the heart of the storm! Perhaps she can hold them off!” The announcer joyously called out

“What are you cheering her on for you fool! The match is over! Focus on evacuating the citizens!” The king jeered in response

“S-sorry sire, just a habit.” The announcer said back in a small voice

Black lightening” I said calmly as I pointed my sword at the horde

The dark current shot from my sword into the undead, burning the closest ones to a crisp. At first, it seems to affect the entire lot, but as the first few rows fall to the ground in a cindered mass those behind them continue their march. Shambling slowly over the remains of those in front of them.

“W-wow, she really managed to take out quite a few of them there. Maybe she has a chance at winning?” The announcer says in a surprised tone

“So she is useful for something other than threatening to murder humanities only hope, fantastic. She should keep that up until we are all gone.” The king responds

This isn’t going to work, I don’t know how many there are, but my mana won’t last forever and I’ve only just finished fighting the Yuusha. Between restoring my wounds and my feeble attempts at damaging him I haven’t exactly got a full tank to burn.

“Kera, I need a report, how many of them are there? What exactly are we dealing with here?” I say over the comstone

“Oh, now you respond! I’ve been trying to get in touch with you since they broke through the outer wall! They have been pouring in non-stop ever since! Most of us are by the wall trying to slow them down, but the imps are headed your way!” Kera yelled through what sounded like combat

“How is the horde even here? I thought they were a few days out and wasn’t a subjugation squad meant to be handling them?” I ask

“No clue how or why they sped up, but the subjugation squad… well let’s just say there were some familiar faces when the first wave came smashing into the city.” Kera answers with a pained tone

So, I guess there is little chance of backup. Worse, my party seems to already be chipping away at them and yet we might as well be facing different hordes all together with how many there are.

I only have one idea… and I desperately don’t like it.


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9 Responses to MTY: Chapter 138

  1. Triger says:

    Vaancruze you alive?


  2. GonZ555 says:

    Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    It feels like a perfect excuse for mano to be “enslaved” or “cursed” by the unknown DemonLord~
    That way she could come back to human society(if she wanted) after the yuusha defeats the decoy demonlord


    • Gege says:

      Hmmm…. makes me remember about the Manga titled “Superior”.
      The MC is a Demon Lord, joining the Hero Party, and she even make a clone of herself to become the “Demon Lord” because she fall in love with the Hero or something…..

      Liked by 1 person

      • Dragrath says:

        I remember that series wasn’t that fond of the ending which seems a bit rushed but up until it went off the rails so to speak. She had a way different personality than Mano obviously but the means of creating monsters is similar.


  3. Triger says:

    Yay update thanks


  4. Belkar says:

    Thank you!


  5. VaanCruze says:

    Deeply apologize for how long this chapter took me. Some IRL health issues kind of compounded between these two chapters and delayed the last quarter of the chapter for weeks.

    Liked by 1 person

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