MTY: Chapter 140

As my creation fades from my arms, my legs give out beneath me and I fall to my knees.

My mind grows dull. I know that there is danger all around me and that I need to be doing something about the greater threat now that the whisp is taken care of, but my body simply won’t listen and remains in this defenseless position.

Ah, so this is why the Yuusha sat there as I tried to end his life.

I’ve broken one of the only principles that I had. I want to believe that I did it because she was in pain, or to accept her sins as my own, but I know that isn’t true.

The simple fact of the matter is that absorbing her was simply easier for me than killing her. Her existence had become inconvenient for me, so I ended it. Add to that the power boost I was sure to get from her and it’s hard to argue my selfish intentions.

So here we are, I created a monster that killed every creature in its wake and then absorbed it to get more powerful. I am exactly the disastrous creature that everybody is so scared of. I no longer have any excuses for when they try to end me. Fate has found its way despite my greatest efforts, and now all that’s left is the finale to the story. The part where the righteous hero defeats the dastardly villain.

You have gained power through the experience of others
Skill gained: Command undead
Skill gained: Life drain
Skill gained: Telepathy
Skill gained: Give life


As this message appears before me my attention is drawn back to the undead on all sides. They are now standing motionless as they watch me.

“Crumble,” I mutter with resolution and anger at their unwanted stares

As if marionettes with cut strings, the undead around me fall to the ground instantly at my command. Their flesh and bone seem to dry as they lay there, and before long I am surrounded by little more than rancid smelling dust.

As the scene settles around me, the moans and screams that had become a constant in the background begin to subtly fade into nothing. I am left in quiet to my thoughts.

Perhaps none of this truly hit me so hard as one simple realization. A feeling I had grown so used to as to forget it was even there, one that had been maddening me for so long, and yet faded slightly moments ago. Hunger. My body craved the power it had once lost.

I could feel it as she became a part of me again, the power inside me has been growing and swirling in a chaotic unreasonable fashion… but the power from her was matured, refined. Up until now, it was as if I was sipping from a vessel of boiling water, unable to take almost anything in before drawing back… but the power from the whisp was like a chunk of ice. Not only did it serve to fill the vessel further, but it calmed what threatened to boil over. I can easily draw more from it now.

My power feels as though it has multiplied several times over.

I should feel happy about that, shouldn’t I? With this, I might actually be able to stand up against the Yuusha right? Wrong on every account. I can feel the hunger now. The short relief has only made me aware of the pain that is sure to continue to grow, and the only way to make it fade further is to continue to commit the mistake I just made. To consume every creature after it has had a chance to live and grow… to become its own entity. A part of me knows that the strength the Yuusha showed back there… I still wouldn’t be able to handle him. The only way would be to take back every ounce of power I had used to date.

Perhaps if that’s the case then death would be a mercy?

“A-Are you alright?” I hear in a young boys voice behind me

Curious as I am to the origin, my body refuses my command. Even looking his way is out of my control.

“Hello?… H-Hey I think she might be injured!” The boy calls out

I hear voices and footsteps growing closer soon after, but my consciousness begins to fade.

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  1. GonZ555 says:

    Meatbun Delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    *makes a diet program for mano*


  2. Triger says:

    Thanks for the chapter
    How will mano deal with this and poor little whisp that’s probably gonna keep tormenting mano and now she has a noticeable hunger for power short chapter but important


  3. Belkar says:

    Thank you!


  4. VaanCruze says:

    Sorry for the short chapter, wanted to give you all something but I have very little writing time till this job transfer is sorted.

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