Neither I nor the series is dead, I just didn’t have any time to write since the last chapter. Hiring on a new editor soon, so hopefully things will start going a bit smoother after that, but for now please be patient as chapters will resume shortly.

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4 Responses to Update

  1. Gege says:

    Thanks for the update.
    How about also post the un-edited chapter, and then post the edited chapter later on.
    Because I don’t really mind unedited version. Sometimes I even like it since we could also learn to see the difference between edited and unedited.
    But still, its up to you though.


  2. Dragrath says:

    Thanks for the update on your situation no worries real life should be your priority. Now not sure how lack of time to write would be effected by an editor unless it is revisions that is the largest time factor good luck!


    • VaanCruze says:

      When I have less time to write I have to break up chapters into like a dozen writing sessions. I’m never quite in the same headspace as the last time I was writing, and it shows in the way the vibe is all over the place. Just having someone to look it over and make sure I haven’t made a Frankenstein’s monster of a chapter will speed things up a lot. I also tend to scrap chapters when I feel like the quality just isn’t up to my standards, so having her on board should help lower the number of total revisions I do.


  3. Triger says:

    Glad your not dead and looking forward to the chapters


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