Small Hiatus

Let me start off by apologizing, I genuinely wanted to join the creators around the world that I am so proud of at the moment that is making an effort to put out extra content as of late for those stuck in their homes bored. Unfortunately, I will have to go in the opposite direction. As of about a week ago my wisdom tooth made contact with the nearest tooth it could find, and since has been slowly pushing into and cracking said tooth. Due to dentist offices only taking emergency patients at the moment I have been stuck with a rather unbearable pain. I simply cannot focus for long enough to write anything decent at the moment. I hope you all understand. April 1st is when my tooth is set to be removed and is when I will continue my writing.


P.S: All of you please stay safe out there, do everything you can not to touch your face, wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, and practice social distancing.

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7 Responses to Small Hiatus

  1. Dragrath says:

    Take care yeah that was a nasty experience for me and I can’t imagine having this come up within the crisis of a Pandemic. From an evolutionary perspective the Wisdom Teeth really are a strange paradox of sorts an article I just read in Scientific American discusses the research on teeth in mammals and eventually primates. One of the more intriguing things is that it may be an issue of our modern diets no longer stimulating enough chewing action to drive jaw growth. Alas for us it might be too late but perhaps we will be able to find a way to spare future generations the suffering.
    Wish you the best of luck! You might be a bit out of it after getting them removed so I wouldn’t count on writing right away but I appreciate the sentiments in this time.


    • VaanCruze says:

      You weren’t wrong. I have had teeth removed before, but never surgically. It’s left me hurting just about as much as it did at it’s worst. With the painkillers they gave me though I can at least start brainstorming chapter ideas and dialogue. Full on quarantine here now, so I really want to get some writing in while I can. At least make some good come out of all this.


  2. Triger says:

    Hope its not too painful and hope its all good after you get it removed


  3. Belkar says:

    Sounds painful, are you sure you don’t qualify as an dental emergency?
    In general, any dental problem that needs immediate treatment to stop bleeding, alleviate severe pain, or save a tooth is considered an emergency.
    I think you fall in those last 2 categories, severe pain and saving a tooth.

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    • VaanCruze says:

      They told me that if at any point that if I felt like I couldn’t stand it that I should go in immidietly, but I am doing what I can to make sure I don’t take away from somebody else getting crucial treatment. The pain is bad, but the teeth are already beyond saving. It’s a manner of when not if they get pulled. If it does hit a point I don’t feel like I can stand it, or if the tooth does shatter on me, I will be going in immidietly.


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